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Forms and Payments Due

2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications – applications close 23/7/21

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop has advised that due to popular demand, they are sold out of size 8 and size 10 long sleeve polo’ shirts. They are expecting more to arrive on the 19th July.

Community News

YMCA School Holiday Program
Please click here for the Y’s Kapinara OSHC Vacation Care flyer. Did you know that our fee of $82 per day, include all incursion and excursion costs.
Details on how to enrol and book is on the flyer. If you require any assistance with enrolling your child/ren please contact


Latest News 22.6.21

Forms and Payments Due

2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications
Arbor Day Permission – Year 4 (and Year 6 Sustainability Leaders)

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

While most of us have been rugged-up, I’ve been surprised by the number of children arriving in short sleeves –seemingly quite happy and comfortable. If your child isn’t among them and feels the cold, remember that the Uniform Shop now has long sleeved polo shirts in stock. They are proving very popular!

Free Dress Day

Our Year 6 Student Councillors have been busy negotiating and organising a free dress day to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. You can read their message here

Student Reports

Also available from this link is some information about student reports which will be emailed home next week. This provides an overview about things like expected levels of achievement, how grades are determined and why these might change from one semester to another and/or from year to another.

One of the important things about levels of achievement or grades, is that these are based on multiple sources of evidence, in different contexts and over time. That is, judgements about whether students have mastered skills, demonstrated knowledge and understandings and demonstrated personal and social qualities, work habits etc are not determined on the basis of a few ‘tests’ at the end of a term or semester. Teachers collect information over weeks and months and this is collated, and then ‘moderated’ with year level colleagues. I hope you find the overview helpful.

Interschool Cross Country

Best wishes to those students who will represent Kapinara in tomorrow’s interschool cross country event. I hope the weather is reasonably kind to you, and that you will be able to say at the end of that event, that you are proud of your performance and that you did your best. Thank you for training hard and for representing your school.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

Reporting to Parents – Supporting Information 22.06.21

Reporting to Parents

Supporting Information

Next week you will receive your child’s 2021 Semester 1 report. The reports you receive as parents/carers are summative reports. They provide information about your child’s learning and over almost two terms of school.  They are intended to provide you with valuable information about your child – achievement levels, effort invested, progress made, work habits and attendance.

Through the comments made under each learning area heading (Science, English, Maths etc) teachers aim to provide you with a context for the ‘grade’ allocated.  Teachers use the WA Curriculum to plan educational programs in Maths, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS), Health and Physical Education, The Arts (Music and Visual Arts), Technologies (Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies) and Languages.

Each year level from Pre-Primary to Year 6 has an Achievement Standard for each learning area. This captures the knowledge, understandings and skills deemed essential for students to master at their year level. The Achievement Standard embodies an entire year of learning. At the end of each semester, teachers make judgements about the extent to which each child has demonstrated learning in each area. The Semester 1 report includes judgements based only on what has been taught in Semester 1. For example, the conversion of decimals to fractions might be included in an Achievement Standard, but teachers will only assess this if it has been explicitly taught that semester.

Levels of achievement, also known as ‘grades’, are determined through careful consideration and review of multiple assessment opportunities.  While a ‘C’ grade is described as a ‘satisfactory’ level of achievement; it is perhaps more accurate to say that it is the EXPECTED level of achievement for that year level. Teachers refer to resources developed by School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA)*, to assist them in determining the extent to which a child has demonstrated learning. They have points of reference for what ‘expected achievement’ (C grade) looks like, what ‘good achievement’ (B grade) looks like etc.  Teachers also work collaboratively with colleagues who teach the same year level so that they can be confident that there is consistency among the levels or grades they assign.

Why Might My Child’s Grades Change?

Children’s learning and development also doesn’t occur in neat segments of a year or progress at the same rate over time. Learning may occur in bursts; more progress may be made in a given year than in the previous or following year. What matters most is that each child is moving forward. If a child is achieving at the expected level in Semester 1 and again in Semester 2, he/she has continued to make progress, as they have mastered another six months of learning … at the expected level.

Another reason children’s levels of achievement might change from one year to the next, or from one semester to the next, is that the content or context may be quite different. A child might grasp the concept of ‘forces’ in Science but struggle with a different topic focused on ‘life cycles’. Another child might be very good at measuring ‘length’ and ‘mass’ in Maths – Measurement and Geometry, but find the measurement of ‘time’ more abstract and difficult.

Children also often ‘behave’ differently in different contexts. It makes sense that a child will be able demonstrate learning more easily when working one-on-one with a teacher or tutor than he/she will in a small group or a large group. Sometimes this means that what you see your child do at home or with a tutor, may differ from what they demonstrate at school. If something in your child’s report seems at odds with what you believe your child knows and can do, please mention this to your child’s teacher. He /she will be able to provide you with some more detailed information about the school-based assessments.

Finally, the teaching and learning process typically passes through different phases. When new learning is introduced, teachers help students identify what they already know, so students can connect something new to something they already know. They will be introduced to the new learning in a variety of ways and contexts. Students will then have an opportunity for ‘guided’ practice, or practice with fairly close supervision. From there they develop independence and fluency, and then apply the new learning in different contexts. This is why consistent attendance is so important. If a child misses any element of the process above this can impact learning significantly. If you have concerns about aspects of your child’s learning it may have been impacted by missed days or a missed week.

As always, I invite you to discuss any matters about your child’s learning and development with your child’s teacher(s). If you have questions or concerns of a more general nature, you are always welcome to contact me.

Elizabeth Blackwell

June 2021



* School Curriculum and Standards Authority

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is responsible for Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum, assessment, standards and reporting for all Western Australian schools.


Student Council Message 22.6.21

Dear the Kapinara Community

This year our aims as Student Councillors are:

  • To create an environment where everyone is connected and feels safe.
  • To make a difference by raising awareness and contributing to those who are less fortunate than ourselves – to be of service to others

We have initiated ‘Friendly Fridays’ to help with our first aim and we have registered with Telethon to help us achieve our second aim.

We chose Telethon as it helps fund research, medicines and equipment for children in need. Telethon has raised $395 million since it was founded 54 years ago. This money has gone to many children and made a positive difference to their lives.

To help raise money for Telethon we have organised a Free Dress Day on Thursday 1 July. The theme is ‘what you want to be when you are older’. We would like all students who dress up to bring a gold coin donation for Telethon.

We want Kapinara students to contribute to a better life for children now and in the future. That is why we have chosen to dress as our future ‘working’ selves. There are so many jobs out there, would your child like to be a… gardener, chef, astronaut, artist, vet, lifesaver, ballerina, anaesthetist, builder, entrepreneur, police officer, pilot, farmer, firefighter, therapist, race car driver … or something else?

Please make sure that your child brings a gold coin donation for this very worthwhile cause.

Thank you.

Audrey L, Cassie C, Zoe B and Chris Y

The 2021 Student Councillors







Latest News 15/6/21

Forms and Payments Due

2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications
Mary Poppins Excursion Payment and Permission – Years 1-3
Interschool Cross Country Payment and Permission – Selected Year 3-6

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

This morning I spoke to one of our close neighbours who had been distressed when she was unable to get out of her driveway, because someone had parked in it during school drop-off. In addition to the practice being unsafe, because it necessitates reversing onto Catesby St when it is so busy, it prevented someone leaving their home this morning. We are grateful that we have neighbours who keep an eye on the perimeter of our school, both during and outside regular school hours, and they are part of our broader community. Please work with us to ensure these families and their properties are treated with consideration and respect. Thank you.

Further to this, we are doing everything we can to ensure the ‘Kiss and Drive’ process works smoothly and efficiently before and after school. Please do everything in your power to support this. There are two paths leading from Catesby St to the school – one that is no longer used, and is lesser known, leads to some stairs that in turn lead to the original ‘school office’. Please consider this path a cut-off point for children getting into cars at the end of the school day. Mrs Dixon is usually standing at about this point directing students to where the first six or seven cars are located in ‘Kiss and Drive’! This will help keep traffic flowing.

Family Survey

Thanks once again for completing the family survey. You’ll recall that we were wanting to capture characteristics of our demographic, and gain family perspectives on matters such as the dress code, homework and school-home communication. The School Board was pleased to be able to consider information families had provided about specific items of our school uniform; and to be able to liaise with the P & C’s Uniform Shop in this regard. It is great to see a number of our students already wearing their long-sleeved polo shirts.

We have made the survey data available on our website if you would like to see the responses pertaining to Kapinara’s demographic and to the other matters explored in the survey.

KPS Family Survey 2021

School Board

At last night’s School Board meeting, one of the items we discussed was the nature of information we would like to gather from the community to inform our next Business Plan (2022-2024), and how we might go about doing this. We also briefly considered a small trial of a couple of ‘out of hours’ activities (in addition to the sporting ones we currently have) on site after school. Watch this space for more information 🙂


We are planning to provide children in Years 2-6 with the opportunity to participate in ICAS again this year. Please see next week’s newsfeed for information about this if you are interested.

Mary Poppins

We hope students in Year 6 will gain a lot from their excursion to Perth Hills tomorrow and students in Years 1-3 will have a wonderful time at Mary Poppins on Friday. I look forward to hearing about each and sharing that with you all next week.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

Uniform Shop Update

Long sleeve tops have arrived and look amazing! Rain Jackets and Fleece Jackets are plentiful and our order form has been updated by the amazing Zara. The updated order form is always available under Parent Information on the website or you can download it here











Community News

The Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre will be reopening in July (after being closed for over a year!) and we have some great programs on offer for families.
From the 5th to the 16th of July, children of all ages can participate in a variety of fun nature-based school holiday programs including: a carnivorous plant botanical drawing workshop, special NAIDOC-themed sessions, threatened species art workshop, nest box making workshop, terrarium building, campfire cooking, and a collagraph printmaking workshop!
One program that is very limited is our 1 day Nest Box Making Workshop with the Re-Cyc-Ology Project. This is a special family event, where each family will work together to create an amazing nest box that they can either take home or donate to the centre for a long-term monitoring program. This session is only open to 10 families or groups and is expected to book out quickly.

Latest News 8/6/21

Forms and Payments Due

Protective Behaviours Incursion Payment 
2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications
Year 6 Perth Hills Payment and Permission
Years 1-3 Mary Poppins Excursion – Payment and Permission

Brownes Dairy Incursion

A reminder to families that the Brownes Incursion has been cancelled. Permission is no longer available to submit on Qkr.


Found – Blue Tiffany Glasses


Latest News 1/6/21

Reminder Friday 4 June is a School Development Day – Students do not attend

Permissions and Payments Due

Perth Hills Excursion Year 6
Scribblers Festival Years 3-5 (Payment)

National Reconciliation Week 2021 – 27 May to 3 June

Reconciliation is a journey for all Australians – as individuals, families, communities, organisations and importantly as a nation. At the heart of this journey are relationships between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

At Kapinara, we have been celebrating National Reconciliation Week. Students have been experimenting with native ingredients in cooking activities as well as designing posters to promote reconciliation. Come and take a look at our developing display up in the library.


Brownes Dairy – Year 5 and 6 Incursion

We have received correspondence from Brownes Dairy this afternoon that they are unable to visit us for the planned incursion on the 17th June. They are reviewing their availability and will contact us should they be able to reschedule.

Cross Country

Congratulations Strickland for winning today’s Faction Cross Country Carnival in such beautiful weather!
Year 3 champions were Billie M and David M, Year 4 champions were Harper T and Xavier M, Year 5 champions were Meg. W and Arki A and Year 6 champions were Milla T and Chris D.
The first eight finishers in each race from Years 3-6 will be invited to represent the school at the upcoming interschool cross-country carnival. This event will take place on Wednesday 23rd June at the Fred Burton Oval, City Beach. Further information to follow.
Well done to all students who took part in our faction carnival and thank you to all the parents who came to support.


Following the communication already sent by the P&C, a reminder that as the Canteen was closed today, it will be open on Wednesday and Thursday for this week only.

Community News

The Y – July School Holiday Program

Latest News 25/05/21

Permissions and Payment Due

Year 6 Perth Hills Excursion
Year 6 Parliament House Excursion
Scribblers Festival

Year 3/4 Assembly

Ms De Brass’ 3/4 class will be hosting an assembly this coming Friday 28 May. In line with the continuing COVID guidelines, we invite only those parents who have children in Ms De Brass’ class and those parents who have been contacted by their teacher to advise that their child will be receiving a merit certificate. Thank you for your understanding.

New faces!

Mrs Blackwell is currently on leave until Monday 31 May. Ms Erica Salt will be our acting Principal during her absence. Please feel free to contact either Erica ( or Joanne Dixon, acting Deputy Principal during this time.










As sad as it was to farewell our School Officer, Mrs Sarah Bengough, we are now delighted to welcome Mrs Tehani Dellar-Pratt (Mrs ‘Dee’) to our admin team. You will find Tehani in the front office on Thursdays and Fridays. Please make her welcome. We are all looking forward to working with her and she is looking forward to meeting our Kapinara families in the coming weeks. 



Playing our part to build a national picture of child health

In early 2021, our school, along with thousands of others across the country, will begin preparations for the fifth Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).
The AEDC gives us a national picture of the development, health and wellbeing of children in their first year of full-time school. Since 2009, the census results have helped communities, schools and governments plan services and develop better policies to target support for children and families.
Children don’t miss any class time, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information for the census. The AEDC gives us data at a school and community level – it isn’t an assessment of individual children.

Some teachers have also noticed that completing the assessments made them more aware of the needs of individual children and the class as a whole and that the census results are useful in planning for transitions to Year 1 and developing class programs.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census.
To find out more about the census and how communities are using the data to help children and families visit the AEDC website:
If you have any questions, please ask your child’s teacher, or contact

Helper Request

Four helpers to dig holes!
Can we please get 4 people to help us dig the holes (with a post hole digger) and put up our newly painted football goals? The task will take about two hours. Our resident gardener Simon will supervise. We are planning for 9-11am this Thursday or Friday if possible. Please let the office know if you are available to help.
Dean Hodgson

Faction Cross Country

The Cross-Country Faction Carnival will take place on Tuesday 1 June on the top oval at Kapinara Primary School between 9.30am and 1:40pm with the Results Presentation to be held in the undercover area at 2.45pm. It will include students from Pre-Primary though to Year 6. Students are encouraged to wear their faction tops for the day.
We are inviting parents to come and join us this year. There will be clearly marked areas on the top oval for spectating. The dais will be positioned next to the start/finish line for those of you who would like to take pictures.
Just a reminder to seek permission from the parents of another child clearly visible in the photo IF you wish to make the image available online. We ask that you observe the 1.5m social distancing rule and please do not bring any dogs on site.

Dogs on Oval

Mrs Burrows spends time each day picking up after dogs on the oval. We would hope the culprits don’t belong to our Kapinara community. If you see an offender, please direct them to the bags provided on the perimeter of the oval.

Community News

The Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club will be hosting a Junior Sailing Program aimed at 7-12 year olds during the July School Holidays. Tackers presented by SunSmart is a prefect opportunity to give sailing a go in a fun, safe and affordable environment. Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience or club membership to participate. All the equipment, including the boats is provided. For more information please contact Emily on 9386 6437 or To register please click here.

P&C Patch Busy Bee

We are so close to planting out the veggie patch, last step to prep is soil and mulch. We will be shifting soil and mulch Sat and Sun (30th & 31st May) this weekend after 10am, if you have time or know someone who would like to help please come down, please BYO shovel, gloves and wheelbarrow.

Latest News 18/5/21

Forms and Payments Due

Scribblers Festival Payment and Permission
Protective Behaviours Payment 
2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications
Year 6 Parliament House Payment and Permission

Disco this Friday!

Dress up in your fav PJ’s or onesies..or anything you like.
There will be a NEON light too!!
Don’t forget to bring your spare coins for

School (and P&C) Voluntary Contributions

Thank you to all of our families that have paid their voluntary contributions for 2021. These voluntary contributions add valuable resources to your child’s classroom and outdoor areas and enable us to upgrade digital devices for students on a regular basis. Your contributions are very much appreciated and highly valued. If you are unsure whether you have paid your contributions for this year, please contact the office who can advise. Both School and P&C contributions are available to pay through Qkr. 

P&C Bunning’s Fundraiser

Thanks to those who have already donated items and time to support this Saturday’s Kapinara P&C Bunnings Innaloo sausage sizzle fundraiser.
We still require a few more volunteers, on the BBQ and sales, in the afternoon shifts. Please deliver donated goods to the school office or see sign up for home address. Hope to see you there on Saturday for your Bunnings sausage after or between weekend sports. Sign up link

Community News

Newman Churchlands Swim Club – Winter Squads
Registrations are now open for our Winter Squads. NCSC offers 3 days of squad training (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays) with multi-day or single day memberships available.
Junior squad times are 4-5pm and Inters/Seniors starting at 4.30pm to 6pm (note – earlier start time compared to the summer squad times)
Click on this link to register –
Please contact if you have any queries or visit our website

Latest News 11/5/21

Forms and Payments Due

Student Update Forms
Disco Orders
Scribblers Festival Payment and Permission
Protective Behaviours Payment and Permission
2022 Kindy and Pre-Primary Applications

Principals Message

Dear Families

School Dress Code

Thank you once again for your contribution to the recent family survey. The information obtained from the survey was very helpful in that it provided us with a level of detail regarding the nature of our school community (percentages of parents in full-time versus part-time paid employment, the capacity of families to access support outside the immediate family unit, parents’ availability before and after school etc). It also offered us a measure of different views and perspectives about matters such as homework, school uniform, and communication between home and school. We will make this information available to families in the following week or two.

At last night’s School Board meeting, the survey data enabled us to finalise a review of our School Dress Code. You can view the updated policy document and the survey data pertaining to the Dress Code by clicking on the relevant link. Thank you again for contributing to this process, and thank you to the P & C for the amazing service they provide through the Uniform Shop.

Instrumental Music

Congratulations to some of our more experienced instrumental music students, who performed for the students in Years 1-6, and the musicians’ parents last Friday. These included the Year 6 double bass students who have been learning their instrument for little more than a year. Similarly, our Year 6 guitar students. We were also entertained by the Year 6 cellists and the Year 5 violin/viola students. It can be more stress-inducing to perform in front of peers rather than a darkened concert hall where the audience isn’t visible – so for those who had to overcome nerves to perform – well done! We look forward to hearing from some of our other students later in the year.


Today our Year 3 and Year 5 students completed NAPLAN Writing, and over the next few days will also complete assessments in Reading, Spelling/Grammar and Punctuation and Maths. The national assessment program provides a measurement of some of the knowledge, skills and understandings that are part of the Maths and English curricula. We need to maintain the perspective that there are six other learning areas, two of them that contain two separate subjects (Health and Physical Education; and Technologies – Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies). They are also completed by primary school students in only Year 3 and Year 5, and are similar to assessments done throughout all their years at school. This assessment program just happens to be highly publicised … and sometimes politicised. To all our Year 3 and 5 students, the message is the same irrespective of the context – simply do your best.

Best wishes
Elizabeth 🙂

Elizabeth Blackwell

Last minute Disco Sales!

A reminder that the school disco has been postponed to Friday May 21. All other details including running times will remain the same. We can’t wait to see you there! Please put the correct money and order form in an envelope to the front office. EFT sales will be available out the front of the school on Wednesday 12 May before school from 8.15am.
The Disco Team

Found Items

Items sitting in our lost property for some time are two pandora (or similar) bracelets, a gold bangle, 2 fitbits, a bike lock and Specsaver glasses in a Collette Dinnigan case. Please see the office.