Latest News 14.9.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Author Visit Incursion $4.50 Payment – PP-6 Students
Wellbeing Survey $5.00 Payment – Years 4-6
Year 6 Camp $186 Payment and Permission Due now
PEAC Round 3 Payment – Year 5/6
Floreat Beach Walk Permission – 3H, 3D and Year 6 Leaders
Filmbites Payment – Years PP-5
Interschool Athletics Payment and Permission – Selected Year 3-6 Students
Instrumental Music Program EOI – Years 2-4 Due by Friday17 September

Acting Principal’s Message

The motto of Kapinara Primary School is Kindness, Consideration and Service to others.  Over the last couple of weeks I have seen these characteristics displayed by our students in many ways.  I have been impressed as I spend time in classrooms and see the respectful communication that so many of our students show to their friends, students, teachers and staff every day. These small but meaningful interactions make Kapinara Primary School such a great learning community.

Assembly Year 1T & 1C

Kindness, Consideration and Service to others were captured beautifully in the bright and colourful year 1T & 1C assembly on Friday 10 September.
The children’s book, “Room on my Broom” by Julia Donaldson was performed  by Year 1T and 1C students. The messages of kindness and  inclusivity were emphasised by the Year 1 students.
Thank you to Mrs Chipps and Mrs Tombides for their work getting their classes ready for this assembly.   A big shout out to parents and caregivers who helped with the costumes, hair and make-up.

PP – Year 2 Tabloid Sports
A big congratulations to the PP, Year 1 and Year 2 students on their participation in our Tabloid Morning on Friday 10 September.  Mr Hodgson had set up stations that the students moved through during the morning. These activities encouraged skill development, problem solving, fitness, perseverance and co-operation using normal and modified equipment.
Congratulations to our Year 6 students who showed their leadership skills as they supported their group of students through each station.  Thanks to our PP,  Year 1 and Year 2 teachers for their support and assistance to make such a great morning. A big thanks to Mr Hodgson whose preparation and organisation ensured that the Tabloid morning was such a big success.

Year 5 Design and Technology

As part of the Year 5 Design and Technology Unit.  The Year 5 students have designed and produced temporary homes for WA Wildlife.  This has involved researching fire affected areas and fire affected animals. The Year 5 students had to plan, select appropriate materials and research the size and dimensions of pouches of WA marsupials such as koalas. A big thanks to the Year 5 “special” volunteers who have mentored the year 5 students in sewing the pouches with amazing results. We will keep you posted on the journey of the temporary homes we have created that will now go to the Wildlife sanctuary.

Take care
Melinda Harris


Interschool Carnival – Selected 3-6 Students

West Leederville have advised us today that the Interschool Athletics Carnival has been postponed as there is possible lightning forecast creating a potential safety risk. It has been rescheduled to be held this Friday 17 September.  Parent/guardian permission has mostly been received for this excursion. This permission will apply for the rescheduled time unless the school is otherwise advised. Athletics Club will not run on Wednesday afternoon for the same reason.

Instrumental Music Program EOI

Expressions of Interest for students currently in Years 2-4 to be considered for the 2022 Instrumental Program is due by Friday 17 September. Parents have been sent an email confirming that the EOI has been received. If you have sent one in with your child and have not received an email confirmation, please contact the office.

Orchestra Rehearsal

As the Interschool Carnival has been postponed, orchestra rehearsal will go ahead as normal this Wednesday.

Canteen Updates

Continuing to  open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Term 4

There are 2x shifts available each opening day – 8:45am-10:45am, and 10:45am-1pm, and need 2x volunteers per shift. If you can do one shift, your kids will get a free recess; if you do both shifts on one day, your kids will get a free lunch.

The Canteen Sign-Up for Term 4 is available at

Term 4 Roster

Week 1 – 3F – 13/14/15th October
Week 2- 5ZW – 20/21/22 October
Week 3 – 1C – 27/28/29 October
Week 4 – 1/2 T – 3/4/5th November
Week 5 – 3H – 10/11/12th November
Week 6 – 6L – 17/18/19th November
Week 7 – 5P – 24/25/26th November
Week 8 – 4BH – 1/2/3 December
Week 9 – 2JJ – 8/9/10 December

Community News

Carine Calisthenics Club invites you to take advantage of our Term 4 Free offer (the only cost $15 for Affiliation)!  Calisthenics is a versatile team sport and is perfect for all ages. Everything is taught in one class, learning skills such as dancing, gymnastics, simplified ballet, club swinging, marching and rod twisting. We are about having fun and meeting lots of new friends!
For more information contact Sandra 0403 078 009 or email us at

From the School Nurse

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It can be detected by a simple examination of the back.

The normal spine has three curves – one in the neck, on in the upper back and one in the lower back. These curves can be seen from the side, but when you look from behind the spine should appear straight. If the spine has a sideways curve, this is scoliosis.
An information leaflet about Scoliosis will be distributed to all Year 6 students. Please read through the information provided and check your child for scoliosis as described in the leaflet. Any other interested parents can download the attached Scoliosis brochure.

If you have any concerns, please contact your General Practitioner or Community Health Nurse, Alice Fern on 0404 823 678.

Instrumental Music Program 2022

Students In Years 2, 3 and 4 will be undertaking the initial stage of the Instrumental Music selection process for 2022. They will complete a musical aptitude assessment with Mrs Davey in the upcoming weeks. This takes place within their regular class music session and includes all children in Years 2-4.

At Kapinara, we are offering the following instruments for 2022:

8 spots for violin                     Year 3 (current year 2s)
3 spots for cello                      Year 4 (current year 3s)
2 spots for double bass           Year 5 (current year 4s)
5 spots for guitar                      Year 5 (current year 4s)

If your child already learns an instrument at school, they are not able to swap to a different instrument next year.

Please discuss the above opportunities, and expectations, with your child. If you would like your child to be considered for one of the above places in the instrumental music program, please complete the Expression of Interest Form Instrumental Music Program form and return it to the ’Music’ drawer in the front office by the Friday 17 September 2021.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Davey directly on

Latest News 7.9.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Author Visit Incursion $4.50 Payment – PP-6 Students
Wellbeing Survey $5.00 Payment – Years 4-6
Year 6 Camp $186 Payment and Permission
Kylie Howarth Book Order FormYears 1-3
PEAC Round 3 Payment – Year 5/6
Floreat Beach Walk Permission – 3H, 3D and Year 6 Leaders
Filmbites Payment – Years PP-5

Faction Athletics Carnival

Our beautiful Western Australian weather set the scene for a very successful Faction Carnival last Friday.
The focus of the carnival was participation, belonging (teamwork and cooperation), possibilities (trying your best) and enjoyment. Positive feedback was received from staff and parents about the exemplary teamwork, encouragement and behaviour displayed by our students.

Special thanks to our Physical Education Teacher and Athletics Carnival Coordinator, Elizabeth Burrows, ably supported by Dean Hodgson.  Their preparation resulted in a wonderful carnival that ran smoothly and to time. Congratulations to all the students for their effort and commitment and a special congratulations to our champions and runners up.

Champion Runner Up
Year 3 Girls Billie M Annabelle T
Year 3 Boys Nixon G Reuben S
Year 4 Girls Harper T Sophie T
Year 4 Boys Xavier M Nate S
Year 5 Girls Meg W Victoria V
Year 5 Boys Arata S Casey E
Year 6 Girls Milla G Chelsea H
Year 6 Boys Chris D Jeremy F

The winning faction was Winter!

Winter 2332
Strickland 2066
Elliott 1671

Thank you to our P&C and parents for who turned up to cheer the students on, it was fantastic to have so many families back on site this year. A special thanks to those parents who came early and left late to assist staff with setting up the oval on the day. Your help is greatly appreciated. We now look forward to the interschool carnival for selected students in Years 3-6 which will be held on Wednesday 15th September at the Bob Hawke Oval in Subiaco.

Tabloid Games  PP – Year 2 – Friday, 10th September – following assembly

PP, Year 1 and Year 2 classes will participate in a Tabloid morning scheduled for Friday 10th September (after assembly) until recess 10.25am.
The intent of the morning is to engage children in physical activities through a positive social experience, promoting participation and enjoyment.

Students will be grouped in year group and faction and move through a series of activities that encourage skill development, problem solving, fitness, perseverance and co-operation using normal and modified equipment.  Year 6 students will support the PP-Year 2 classes as they move through the activities as part of their leadership experiences.

Students in PP- Year 2  are encouraged to wear their faction shirt on Friday.
PP-Year 2 parents and caregivers are welcome to enjoy morning recess with their child on the lower oval. A normal routine will be in place for all other students.

If the Tabloid morning needs to rescheduled due to poor weather, we will notify parents on Thursday 9th September before 3.00pm.
We look forward to a fun filled morning!

Floreat Beach Walk 3H, 3D and Leaders

Unfortunately, the ‘Adopt a Group’ organisation that were attending the beach excursion with us has requested that the excursion be postponed until 19th October.  This is due to a poor weather forecast on Thursday.
Parent/guardian permission has been mostly been received for this excursion. This permission will apply for the rescheduled time unless the school is otherwise advised.

Year 6 Fair

The Year 6 fair will be held on Thursday the 23 September (Week 10).  The Year 6 students have been working on the design of goods and services for the Year 6 Fair.  This integrated unit of work  draws upon concepts and skills across Maths, Economics (HaSS) and Technologies.

Goods and services will be on sale to PP – Year 5 students for $1-$2 each. The Year 6 students are very excited about this event and we ask that students support the Fair by bringing some money (up to $10) to spend on the day.  All funds raised go back to the school.

NAPLAN – Individual student reports

Individual Year 3 and Year 5 student NAPLAN reports were sent home this week. NAPLAN is in a period of transition, and 2021 was the third year where students completed either a paper test or an online test. The objective of moving NAPLAN online is to deliver better, more precise and more engaging assessments for schools and students.  The NAPLAN information is part of a student’s overall assessment and complements teacher judgements. Please keep this document in a safe place as it is often required in future enrolment processes.

Book week author visit payments

We hope your child enjoyed the author visits for Book week. We have quite a few outstanding payments from families for this incursion. It would be appreciated if you could forward payment if you have not already done so. If you are unsure, you can check ‘My Receipts’ in the Qkr menu for past payments. Thank you.

Community News

YMCA School Holiday Program – September 2021 School Holiday Program

Triple P Positive Parenting Program – Term 4 2021

Floreat Surf Life Saving Club – Open Day Sunday 19 September 

Latest News 31.8.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Author Visit Incursion $4.50 Payment – PP-6 Students
Wellbeing Survey $5.00 Payment – Years 4-6
Year 6 Camp $186 Payment and Permission
Kylie Howarth Book Order Form
Years 1-3
PEAC Round 3 Payment – Year 5/6
Floreat Beach Walk Permission – 3H, 3D and Year 6 Leaders
Filmbites Payment – Years PP-5

Kylie Howarth Book Orders

Our Year 1-3 students enjoyed a Book Week workshop with Illustrator Kylie Howarth last week. Kylie’s books are available for purchase if you would like to. All order forms to be returned to your class teacher.

Music Assembly

A reminder that due to the Faction Carnival being now held on Friday, the planned Music Assembly for that day has been rescheduled. It will now be held on the last day of term, Friday 24 September.

School Gardener

We are looking for someone who may be interested in a 6 month contract for gardening duties. The position would involve flexible hours of 19 hours per week. Please see Linda Wayman in the office if you are interested or would like more information.


Sadly our grounds and buildings are being continually damaged by youths outside school hours. If you notice any suspicious behaviour please call School Watch on 1800 177 777
or in the event of a dangerous activity, please call the Police on 131 444.


A/Principal Message

Message from the Acting Principal

Book week
Last week we celebrated book week at Kapinara Primary School with flair!!!  During the week we had the opportunity to listen and work with Western Australian authors and illustrators including Aska Aska, Kitty Black and Kylie Howarth.

Book Week Assembly by 5P 
Congratulations to Mrs Kylie Powell and her amazing 5P class for their engaging and creative assembly based on the 2021 Book Week theme “New Worlds, Old Worlds, Other Worlds.”  We were transported to literary worlds and reminded how a book can take you anywhere. Congratulations on an awesome assembly!

Book week Parade

On Friday 27th August, staff and students dressed up as a book character and classes paraded around the Basketball courts.  It was fantastic to see the variety of costumes and listen to the children proudly talk about their favourite book and the character they had chosen to dress up as. It’s great to hear children speak passionately about books and reading. After the parade, parents and guests were invited into the library to see the Book week displays by each class.
Special thanks to Kylie Powell for coordinating the  Book week events and Joanne Moore, our Library Officer for organising book week events.
Please click here to enjoy some photos from the day.

Faction Athletics Carnival – Friday 3 September

Our school faction athletics carnival is on Friday. Please note the following :

  • All students will be involved in a range of individual and team events
  • Students have been taught specific throwing and jumping skills during Physical Education lessons
  • Students qualified for jumps and throws based on their measured jumps and throws during Physical Education lessons
  • Students nominated for additional distance races (200m, 400m,  800m)

It is a great community day, so bring your picnic rug and your loudest cheering voice and come and enjoy the day! More information about the carnival has been sent via email today.

Tabloid Games  PP – Year 2 – Friday, 10th September – following assembly
PP, Year 1 and Year 2 classes will participate in a Tabloid PP – Year 2 morning scheduled for Friday 10th September  (after assembly) for approx. 1.5 hours.
The intent of the morning is to engage children in physical activities through a positive social experience, promoting success and enjoyment. It is a sports event that invites children to experience a variety of fun activities that encourage skill development, problem solving, fitness, perseverance and co-operation using normal and modified equipment. Parents are welcome.

Filmbites’ Drama program

The ‘Filmbites’ Group are currently providing a series of drama lessons for PP to Year 5 over the rest of Term 3. These sessions will take place in the Music room.
‘Filmbites’ Drama program is aligned with the WA curriculum.  The program gives students from PP to Year 5 a fun and solid grounding in Voice, Movement, Role, Situation, Space, Character, Time, Tension, Mood and Relationship, through 45-55 minute modules for each element.
These elements serve not only as building blocks for future drama training but also enhance literacy, communication, confidence, creativity and life skills.

Design an Ad’  Kapinara Winner announced- Adam R Year 5 

The West Australian’s Newspapers in Education team recently ran their annual ‘Design an Ad’ competition.
Almost one thousand advertisements were entered into the competition this year and were judged by representatives from each company. The winning ads were chosen based on their visual appeal, originality and creative concepts. All winning entries were published in the 22nd August edition of ED! Magazine in The West Australian.
A big congratulations to Adam.  He was awarded prize money and a certificate for his winning advertisement.










Take care
Dr Melinda Harris
Acting Principal


Latest News 26.8.21

Book Week Parade, Friday 27th August 2021

A reminder that our Book Week Parade will be held tomorrow during the Year 5PM assembly.

We would love our students to dress up for the day as something inspired by this year’s Book Week theme, “New Worlds, Old Worlds, Other Worlds” or their favourite book character. This is not a competition and students are encouraged to create their own imaginative costume.

Students are welcome to stay in their costume for the day or may change into their school uniform if they would be more comfortable.

Parents and caregivers are welcome to come along and see your child/ren in this special parade.  Please be mindful of social distancing and COVID protocols.

Weather permitting, classes will parade around the quadrangle.

Warm regards

Dr Melinda Harris

Latest News 24.8.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Author Visit Incursion $4.50 Payment – PP-6 Students
Wellbeing Survey $5.00 Payment – Years 4-6
Year 6 Camp $186 Payment and Permission
Kylie Howarth Book Order Form –
Years 1-3

Message from the Acting Principal – Dr Melinda Harris

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Kapinara Primary School and I am looking forward to getting into the classes and working with the students over this term.
I have been in education for the past 25 years and have been fortunate to work across many levels of education including setting up a small school in Ellenbrook  (which now has over 750 enrolments) through to working with PhD students at University.
For the past 9 years,  I have been the Deputy principal and Acting principal at Subiaco Primary School and I feel very fortunate to be able to spend some time at Kapinara Primary School.
Please say hello if you see me around the school.
Dr Melinda Harris

Public Speaking

Our Year 6 students have recently completed several weeks of planning, practice and presentation of individual speeches on a topic of their choice. The students spoke on a wide range of topics, such as mental health, online bullying, and the Olympic spirit, with twelve students selected for a school final. Of the twelve students who spoke at the final, two were selected to represent Kapinara at the Cambridge Rotary Club’s Public Speaking Competition for primary school age students last Wednesday evening. Five other primary schools were represented including Floreat, Churchlands, Wembley, West Leederville and City Beach. All the students spoke to an extremely high standard.  I would particularly like to acknowledge our representatives, Jeremy F, who spoke on the perils of overfishing, and Cassie C, who spoke on the benefits of recycling soft plastics, for their hard work and efforts to improve prior to the competition. We are delighted for Cassie who won the competition and will soon represent Kapinara and Cambridge Rotary in Rotary’s district final on 15 September. Thank you to the Cambridge Rotary Club for their organisation and magnificent hosting of the event last Wednesday.



School Sport WA Primary School Cross Country Championships

Several of our students chose to compete in the recent School Sport WA Primary School Cross Country championships. Our students really enjoyed the competition and we had three students finishing in the Top 20 for their respective year group competitions. Billie M delivered an amazing performance winning the Year 3 girls race over 2km. Meg W finished in an impressive 6th in the Year 5 girls race over a 2.5km course. Xavier M finished in a commendable 14th place in the Year 4 boys’ competition over 2.5km. We would like to congratulate all students on their performances and their commitment to training.  Well done! Liz Burrows

Kylie Howarth Book Orders

Our Year 1-3 students enjoyed a Book Week workshop with Illustrator Kylie Howarth yesterday. Kylie’s books are available for purchase if you would like to. You can access the order form here. All order forms to be returned to your class teacher.

Community News

Child’s watch found after the soirée, please contact the office.

Better Health Program – The WA Department of Health is funding the Better Health Program in the Perth metropolitan region.
The Better Health Program is a free, healthy lifestyle program for families. The program is evidence-based and is developed and delivered by qualified health professionals to support families with making sustainable health changes. Children (and their families) are eligible to participate in the program if they are:

  • Aged 7-13 years
  • Above a healthy weight

The ten-week program is available to families both face-to-face and online. We are currently accepting registrations for Term 4 2021. Click here for more information.

Principal’s Message 17.8.21

Dear Parents and Carers

The Sound of Music

Last week our annual music evening (dubbed the Soiree in recent years) was held at Loretto Nedlands. Music specialist Mrs Sarina Davey teaches at Loretto as well as Kapinara, and we decided to trial Loretto’s auditorium this year. It is considerably smaller, but also more cost effective than hiring the auditorium at Churchlands SHS. As with most things, there are pros and cons associated with whatever one does, and we will be interested to receive feedback about the venue. I anticipate that we will do this via a brief survey as there are some other things we would value your feedback on.  The venue aside, we were incredibly proud of the performances by the orchestra, choir, and Year 6 instrumental music students. I’d like to also acknowledge the valued contribution of our instrumental music teachers – Ms Therese Arnold, violin and viola; Ms Alexandra Bak, cello and orchestra conductor; Ms Anna Person, double bass; and Ms Sabina Ibrahimbegovic, guitar; and also our choir and musical director Ms Sarina Davey. It was a fabulous evening.









A couple of months ago, we hosted a music assembly with the dual purpose of providing an audience for instrumental music students and providing all students with an opportunity to see and hear the instruments that are taught within our instrumental music program. We have another planned for Friday, 3 September …. all being well. This will primarily feature the Year 5 cello, double bass and guitar students and the Year 5 and 6 violin students. We also hope to provide an opportunity for children and parents who don’t have a child in the choir and/or orchestra to hear both. Watch this space!

In the next few weeks, students in Years 2, 3 and 4 will complete a small music assessment as a preliminary component of the Department’s instrumental music selection process.  Parents will also be asked to complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ if their child in one of these year levels would like to be considered for the program in 2022. Please keep an eye out for this via the newsfeed if interested.

Assembly by 5ZT

Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Zaltsman, Miss Trandos and the very talented students in 5ZT. We all thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?‘ assembly which also included a news segment and a tribute to Space Jam! Well done, and thanks for making us laugh and smile.

Coming Up

We are looking forward to our Book Week activities next week, particularly the author visits, a special Book Week assembly by 5PM and the Book Week parade. We hope to have some photos to share with you via the gallery the following week. The children in each class have produced some thoughtful, creative work in response to the Book Week texts (those nominated for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards). These have been displayed in the library, and we invite you to pop in to view the display immediately before and after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and each afternoon in the week following Book Week (Week 7). We will include a reminder in the newsfeed next week.

Lower Oval and Upper Oval

We are delighted that so many families enjoy the play spaces that the lower and upper playgrounds have to offer – an example of great teamwork and collaboration between the school and P & C. However, we ask that families using the lower oval refrain from allowing children to play on the slope between the lower and upper ovals. Our newer families may not know this, but maintaining the slope was also a significant focus for the school and P & C over a number of years. We were delighted to finally put a plan in place a couple of years ago – that is the limestone wall, matting and additional plants that form what we hope is a sustainable solution to containing the erosion that had been occurring. Please help us protect it!

For those enjoying the upper playground and the wonderful open space on our oval, we would be grateful if you could please remind any friends and neighbours who walk their dogs, to ensure they take any ‘poop’ with them when they leave. It’s really disappointing when our Phys Ed specialists have to pick-up not one, but three or four lots of mess before your children can do athletics. ? Thank you.


We have continued to offer students in Years 2-6 opportunities to participate in ICAS again this year. You would probably be surprised to learn that it takes days of coordination and planning to do this (particularly as the assessment tasks are now competed on digital devices). We need to start before-school assessments at 8:00am to ensure devices (and students!) are returned to classes for morning learning sessions. Please help by ensuring children arrive between 7:40 and 7:50 am so they can access a laptop, be seated and logged on ready to start at 8:00am. Thank you again.

Just a reminder that we have a School Development Day on Friday. I hope some families can take the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend.

Take care.



Lastest News 17.8.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Next School Development Day – Friday 20 August – Students do not attend
Author Visit Incursion $4.50 Payment – PP-6 Students

2021 Planning

Just a reminder to please let us know if your child may not be returning to Kapinara next year, even if at this point it is just a possibility. While it seems fairly early, it is important information for our planning, particularly in terms of budgeting, and structuring classes. Thanks for your understanding in this regard.

ICAS Assessment Schedule

ICAS Assessment Sitting Date Years 4 – 6 Sitting Date Years 2 and 3
English Tues 17 August 2021

8 am

Thurs 19 August 2021

8 am

Science Mon 23 August 2021

in class time

Tues 24 August 2021

in class time

Spelling Bee Thurs 26 August 2021

in class time

Wed 25 August 2021

in class time not before recess

Mathematics Tues 31 August 2021

8 am

Thurs 2 Sept 2021

8 am

Head Lice

Nits (Head lice) are common in the community and in schools. We are aware of an outbreak at the moment in the Year 4 group and would encourage you to check your child’s hair for any signs.
The school and department policy on affected students is that they are sent home to be treated and may return once treatment has begun. Teachers or another officer at the school may examine a student’s for the purpose of ascertaining whether head lice are present.  Health Dept Head Lice information

Community News

The ‘Y’

In the last few weeks at YMCA Kapinara OSHC we have been setting up a new environment with the children’s input. We have added a tree for the quiet/rest corner. Which the children have thoroughly enjoyed!
We have incorporated a habitat for the animals and dinosaurs that we have here, with the help of the children in our Before School Care Session.
In addition to this we have created our very own YMCA leaf vine with all the children’s names on their leaf. This is near the parent table as you walk into the room.
There is a Nature Exploration Table set up in our room for the children to see, touch and explore!