Latest News Week 10

Parent Survey

You will have received a separate email inviting you to participate on a short 4 minute survey regarding the CoVid measures that were put into place for Term 2.|
We would encourage you to complete the survey as it will give us valuable information to consider. The survey is now open and will be accessible until 6pm, 3rd July.
You can access the survey via the following link.

Crazy Hair Day

On behalf of the Student Councillors we would like to thank everyone who participated in and donated to our Crazy Hair Day fundraiser. We raised over $492.00. All of the proceeds went to the Go Foundation. This organisation empowers and creates opportunities for Indigenous youth through education. The Go Foundation also upholds similar values to those Kapinara hopes to instil in its students, one being integrity.

We wish all families a happy, healthy and safe holiday. We are looking forward to another successful semester.
From the Student Councillors.

From the Student Councillors

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

On behalf of the Student Councillors we would like to thank everyone who participated and donated to our crazy hair day. We raised over $492. All of the proceeds went to the Go Foundation. This organisation empowers and creates opportunities for Indigenous youth through education.
We wish all families a happy, healthy and safe holidays. We are looking forward to another successful semester.

From the Student Councillors.

Latest News Week 9

Faction Cross Country Event

The 2020 Faction Cross Country event was held last Friday 19th June. Students produced fantastic performances demonstrating determination and persistence. One of the most exciting races was the Year 5 boys race which was very fiercely contested. Our Year 6 faction and tech leaders did a fantastic job of assisting us on the day making sure the event ran smoothly. We would like to thank staff and parents for their support this year, and let’s hope we are able to hold the carnival under more ‘normal’ conditions next year. 


1st 2nd 3rd
Strickland 960 Elliott 1065 Winter 1156


  1st 2nd
YEAR 1 GIRLS Sienna L Scarlett M
YEAR 1 BOYS Kurt V Archie W
YEAR 2 GIRLS Billie M Annabel T
YEAR 2 BOYS Nixon G David M
YEAR 3 BOYS Xavier M Elliot M
YEAR 3 GIRLS Harper T Clara B
YEAR 4 BOYS Arki E Max B
YEAR 5 GIRLS Chelsea H Milla T
YEAR 5 BOYS Christopher D Jeremy F
YEAR 6 GIRLS Stephanie W Bronte B
YEAR 6 BOYS Eita S Xavier P

Miss Burrows & Mr Hodgson 

2021 Kindy & PrePrimary enrolments

The closing date for Applications to be received for Kindy and Pre-Primary positions for 2021 is 24th July 2020. If your child is currently attending our Kapinara Kindy you are required to submit a Pre-Primary application for 2021 before this date. Please visit our enrolment page for more information and the application form. 

Latest News Week 8


Due to the weather forecast this event has been rescheduled to Friday 19th June. As previously advised, unfortunately we are unable to invite parents to watch, however the ribbon presentations will be posted to seesaw during the day. 

CHURCHLANDS SHS 2021 Enrolments

Please enrol online via
Closing date 24th July, 2020








Glockenspiel Handyperson?

Miss Li is looking for a parent who may be able to make some new wooden containers for the little xylophones in the Music room. They are very old and in need of new housings.
If you would like more information from Miss Li, please contact her at 

Picture Products Fundraiser

Dear Kapinara families

Due to popular demand, we’ve been able to increase the choice of products available to parents of students in Years 3-6. Kids will now have the choice of designing EITHER A PICTURE PLATE OR  600ml WATER BOTTLE in art class with Anna Trovarelli. This change is based on parent feedback and we are happy to oblige. 

All other details of this fundraising opportunity stay the same, including the option to choose to design an alternative item from the PictureProducts menu at home – see below for details. 

**The deadline for orders and payment remains Friday 26 June.**


We are running a PictureProducts fundraising activity to benefit the school and we’d love you to join in. Your child’s artwork is transformed into a melamine picture plate or water bottle that will last a lifetime.Your child can use photos, markers, paints or handprints to create their artworks, and you can purchase as many items as you’d like, so it’s a fantastic gift idea for grandparents and other family members. 

Students will be completing their designs in class AT SCHOOL:

  • Kindy and Pre Primary students will design a PICTURE PLATE with their teachers in class.
  • Year 1-2 students will design a PICTURE PLATE in their art class with Anna Trovarelli.
  • Year 3-6 students will design a 600ml WATER BOTTLE OR A PICTURE PLATE in art class with Anna Trovarelli. 
  • Year 6 students will also have the option to order a PICTURE PLATE with the Kapinara school logo and graduation drawing on it as a memento of their final year.

For the items your child is doing in class, please complete the order form and payment for the relevant item (plate or water bottle). You are not required to purchase any item if you do not want to – it is purely optional if you would like to support this P&C fundraiser.  

PictureProducts also offers a range of other products decorated with your child’s artwork, such as clocks, plastic or ceramic mugs, tote bags, pencil cases and calendars. If you wish to order one of these alternatives instead of or in addition to the one your child is designing at school (for example a water bottle for year 1, calendar or mug etc), you will need to complete the designs at home, and return the design via this email by 26 June.


  1. Look at the attached Leaflet and choose which products, and how many of each, you’d like to order. Fill out the order form at the end of this letter and return it to **BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE PRODUCT YOUR CHILD WILL DESIGN IN THE SUBJECT LINE**
  2. Pay for your order online at Please note a $1 payment processing surcharge will be applied.  ALL ORDERS AND PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY 26 JUNE 2020.
  3. If you have chosen the item specified for your year group above, children  will complete their artworks in class. 
  4. If you have opted to purchase an item other than a plate or water bottle you will need to download and print at home the drawing template for the desired products from The template should be printed at A3 size. If you don’t have an A3 printer, print shops or Officeworks can do this for you. If you print at A4, your products can still be made but the drawings will be scaled up. If you don’t have access to a printer, artworks can be photographed/scanned and uploaded via smartphone. Please contact Kym Szwedzicki on 0407 384 538 or reply to this email for instructions or to arrange for the appropriate template to be given to your child at school to bring home. Art work for any of these alternatives should be returned to the school by 26 June 2020.

Once your order is completed at the PictureProducts factory, it will be posted back to the school. We will let you know when your order is ready for collection.


  • Picture plate: $30
  • 600ml water bottle or tote bag: $30
  • Picture clock: $32
  • Small clock, 600ml water bottle or tote bag: $30
  • Ceramic mug, plastic mug, 400ml water bottle or pencil case: $24
  • Calendar: $20

Please return the completed details to

Child Name Class Product Qty Price Each

Orders, payments and art work are due by 26 June 2020.

Thank you for your support with this fundraiser. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the P&C have been very limited with what fundraising we have been able to run in 2020. The school relies heavily on our fundraising efforts and money raised is used to support the student learning and development across all aspects of the school. Money raised from these PictureProducts will go towards completing extra playground works, upgrading the school siren, and carpeting the undercover area.

We hope that you will enjoy seeing your child’s gorgeous artwork preserved forever on these gorgeous plates and bottles.

Kapinara Primary School P&C Association

Download Flyer

Faction Cross Country

Postponed from Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th June due to weather

Our students have been working towards the Faction Cross Country competition which will take place on Wednesday 19th June. This will include students in PP to Year 6. The event will look a little different this year and will take place as part of the normal school day. Unfortunately we are unable to invite parents to watch, however the ribbon presentations will be posted to seesaw during the day. Students are encouraged to wear their faction t-shirts. Year groups will complete the following distances:

PP, Year 1 and Year 2 – 800m
Y3 – 1km
Y4 – 1.5km
Y5 and Year 6 -1.8km

If for any reason your child has a medical reason which means they cannot participate please contact the Phys Ed staff directly and

Latest News Week 7

School Development Days 

The School Board has approved the following dates for our School Development Days. Students do not attend. 
Friday 3rd July (Last day of Term 2)
Monday 12th October (First day of Term 4) and
Friday 27th November

Our Children’s Safety

Thank you to families who are working with us to streamline current drop-off and pick-up arrangements.






This applies to the staff car park driveways and those of our neighbours
We have witnessed too many near-misses!




Our children’s safety is in your hands

Kiss ‘n’ Drive

Many families may be new to Kiss and Drive, so please see below. Following these simple rules maximises both the safety and efficiency of the Kiss and Drive process.

  1. Please always join the end of the queue
  2. Continuously move your car forward until you reach the loading area, ensuring gaps don’t open up between your car and the car in front of you
  3. Adults are to remain inside vehicles during drop off and pick up
  4. Children should exit the car on the side of the path (never on the road)
  5. Please have children travel with their bags in easy reach to speed up loading and unloading – For example, at their feet or on the front seat if children are sitting in the back (not in the boot or out of reach so that the driver needs to get out of the car)
  6. Please exit the Kiss and Drive zone promptly
  7. If your child is delayed, please go around the block and queue again.

If you have other family members accessing Kiss and Drive, please explain how this is intended to work, particularly the importance of joining the end of the queue and adults remaining in the car

Thank you 🙂