The Department of Education WA provides a framework for public school dress codes by way of its Dress Codes for Students in Public Schools Policy and Dress Codes for Students in Public Schools Procedures publications.

These establish that the Principal will work with the School Board to develop and regularly review, in consultation with the school community, a dress code that:

  • is similar for all students, as far as is practicable;
  • takes into account religious and cultural requirements;
  • includes gender neutral options such as shorts and pants;
  • provides suitable clothing for sport or physical education, including supporting informal and incidental physical activity;
  • does not include clothing made from denim, (refer to 3.2.2 Exemptions from the Requirement to Exclude Denim); and
  • includes procedures to change the school’s dress code.

Please refer to our dress code in the Policy section of the website.

Our on-site Uniform Shop is run by the P&C with volunteer parents coordinating the purchase and sale of a wide range of summer and winter uniforms, school bags and hats at reasonable prices. Second hand items are also sold.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop open Tuesday mornings 8:30-9am + online ordering

For 2023, the Uniform Shop is open on Tuesday mornings from 8:30-9am for in-person purchases, as well as online 24/7 by emailing your order to kapinara.uniform@gmail.com Orders will be packed by our volunteers and sent home with students via classroom teachers by the end of the week wherever possible. You can send queries to the same email address if you have any queries, and our uniform shop managers will be happy to help however they can.


One purpose of the faction competition is to promote pastoral care.  Another is to facilitate intra-school sporting programs. There are three factions, each named after a prominent Western Australian Olympian. The factions are:

Elliott (Blue)
Named after Herb Elliott, an Olympic gold medallist who won the men’s 1500 metre event in Rome in 1960 and was amongst the first in the world to break the four-minute barrier for a mile.

Strickland (Green)
Named after Mrs Shirley de la Hunty (nee Strickland), who won seven Olympic medals;  gold medals in the 80 metre hurdles in 1952 and 1956 as well as the 4×100 metre relay, a silver medal in the 4×100 metre relay in 1948 and Bronze medals in the 1948 80 metre hurdles, 1948 and 1952 100 metres.

Winter (Red)
Named after John Winter, an Olympic Gold medallist for the men’s high jump in 1948.

If students would like to wear their faction shirts outside school sports events, they may wear them on a Friday. This is optional, normal school shirts are fine to wear on a Friday also.

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