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Payments and Reminders

Overdue Term One accounts
Year 6 Perth Hills excursion – Permission & Payment Due 6/4/22

Pirate Day has been rescheduled from May 6 to May 20

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for supporting a smooth start to term.

I’d like to particularly thank families for advising us of children who tested positive for COVID over the vacation period, and those who have tested positive since then. Our students continue to test positive to COVID-19 at a rate of about 2-3 per day. They are spread quite evenly across the year levels – although interestingly no Year 6s in these few days that we are aware of.  Something else that continues to be very helpful, particularly when children have symptoms consistent with COVID, is when parents note that RATs have been negative. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. Please continue to do so.

COVID Protocols

The most recent COVID isolation protocols are so much easier to follow. Protocols for those who test positive remain the same – isolate for seven days (7 x 24 hours) from the date and time of the test. Exit isolation after seven days (no test required) provided symptoms have gone. Those who have symptoms need to wait until they are asymptomatic. The definitions of close contacts are also quite simple, and for most will be that they are HOUSEHOLD contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID. Children who are close contacts can come to school provided they are well, asymptomatic, and return a negative RAT each day. The protocol for adults and adolescents also includes the wearing of masks, and not visiting high risk settings such as hospitals and aged-care facilities, during the isolation period of the positive case. As has always been the case, if a close contact tests positive for COVID, that person commences the 7-day isolation period from the date and time of their test. To support students who are deemed close contacts and therefore need to complete a RAT each day in order to leave ‘isolation’ and come to school, we are expected to receive a finite number of RATS. While we are yet to receive our allocation, we currently have access to a moderate number at school, which we can make available to you on request ( Alternatively, free RATs can be collected from several venues listed at COVID-19 coronavirus: WA free RAT program (  Remember to wear a mask if you are close contact and to register any positive RATs via Rapid antigen test (RAT) (

School and P & C Working Together

The easing of restrictions related to COVID-19 has made school life so much simpler! We have returned to shared lunchtimes and play areas, Choir and Orchestra have resumed, and we have started to plan for some of the activities and events that have been on hold. It is also enabling the P & C to more easily plan events to bring people together and to raise funds to support our 400 students. I’d like to acknowledge the significant contribution that the P & C has already made this year. Last term over $1000 was spent on the purchase of equipment to support the Physical Education program, including the purchase of (strung) tennis racquets, soft cricket balls, bounce balls and court balls. The P & C also paid for the fence that runs along a section of Styne Road, to increase the level of safety offered to the young children playing on the lower playground. The other substantial commitment has been funding a school chaplain for one day each week. Despite the nomenclature, chaplaincy in schools is not based on religion. It is focused on supporting the emotional wellbeing of students, and in some circumstances, our students’ families and school staff. While we are hoping to access funding from the Australian Government for school chaplaincy in 2023, we are very grateful to the P & C and to families for their voluntary P & C contributions and support of fundraisers. It is incredibly helpful to have another listening ear for students, and our chaplain Mel also provides access to a range of ‘quiet’ activities for interested children on Wednesday at lunchtimes. We are hoping to increase Mel’s time to two days in the not to distant future. Keep an eye out for more P & C fundraisers!


Sincere thanks to our Year 3 students under the guidance of their teachers, for the special commemorative service they presented for ANZAC Day at the very end of last term. I hope that you were able to eventually watch the service via the video link. I would also like to extend my thank to parents Michelle C, Lisa H, Genevieve S with the additional help of a community member Julia H.

Interschool Swimming 

Congratulations to all students who represented Kapinara so brilliantly at the Interschool Swimming Carnival in the final week of term. Second place overall was an outstanding result, particularly given that the school which placed first has over 900 students. I’d like to acknowledge the efforts invested by students who attended either our Swim Squad and/or another. I would also like to thank Ms Burrows, Mrs Carruthers and the team of parents who supported students throughout Term 1 and at the swimming events. What a fabulous job everyone!

Coming Up

Friday 20 May is both P & C Day, and a ‘Dress as a Pirate’ fundraiser for children’s brain cancer research, being organised by the Year 6 Student Councillors. Information to follow. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

Best wishes

Interschool Swimming Report

The Interschool Swimming carnival was held on Wednesday 6th April at HBF Stadium hosted by School Sports WA.

We saw some incredible swimming from our students, including FIRST place for the very exciting Yr4 Girls 4x50m freestyle relay team race made up of: Billie M, Ruby H, Mollie E, Molly B. Also FIRST place for the Yr6 4x50m freestyle relay team made up of: Bianca B, Hope M, Alice P and Victoria V.

We also gained first place results in the following events:

  • Y6 Freestyle: Alice P, Victoria V, Hope M
  • Y4 Freestyle: Ruby H, Adam S, Molly B, Mollie E
  • Y4 Breaststroke: Molly B, Mollie E, Billie M
  • Y6 Breaststroke: Chloe B, Arata S, Meg W, Casey E
  • Y4 Backstroke Mollie E, Billie M
  • Y6 Backstroke Bianca B

We gained second place in the following events:

  • Y4 Freestyle: Billie M, Bianca B
  • Y5 Breaststroke: Nate S, Sana L, Jed P, Hope M
  • Y4 Backstroke: Ruby H
  • Y5 Backstroke: Jayden Ho
  • Y6 Backstroke: Victoria V

Our third place winners were:

  • Y6 Freestyle: Cooper W, Bianca B
  • Y5 Freestyle: Connor B, Rayne V
  • Y4 Freestyle: Quinn V
  • Y5 Breaststroke: Elliot M
  • Y6 Backstroke: Cooper W, Hope M, Arata S
  • Y5 Backstroke: Nate S
  • Y6 Freestyle Relay: Arki E, Cooper W, Arata S, Casey Eaton

The day was extremely exciting and the staff are very proud of all our students. Their effort, behaviour and sportsmanship at the competition was exemplary. The Faction Leaders: Chloe B, Alice P, ­­­Victoria V, Luc H, Arki E certainly rose to the occasion and lived up to leadership title. They diligently prepared and packed the equipment prior to the day and swiftly organised the competitors ready for their races. The Kapinara PE staff would like to say a huge well done to students for their commitment to training throughout Term 1 and their fantastic performances at the carnival. Thank you to our wonderful, supportive parents, who I think were congratulated on the race day as being the loudest supporters! Also to those who have helped both at training and officiated at the carnival, we couldn’t have done it without you! Go Kapinara!

Mrs Blackwell is looking forward to giving out first, second and third place certificates at a date to be confirmed shortly.

All of the results from the competition are available on line using the following link:

Jen Carruthers
PE Specialist

Running Club 2022

Running Club has commenced and will take place every Monday and Thursday mornings between 7.40am and 8.40am. The last day for training will be Thursday, 30 June 2022 (Week 10 of Term 2). The club is intended to help students improve their running technique and fitness in preparation for the upcoming cross-country carnivals.

We would like to invite students from Years 3-6 who are keen to practise their running to come along. We would recommend students bring snacks for after training and a second set of shoes and socks for days when the grass is wet. Mrs Burrows, Mrs Carruthers and Mr Watson will be coaching. Any questions please contact Mrs Burrows

2023 Enrolment Applications

Applications are now open for Kindy and Pre-Primary for 2023. Closing date 22 July, 2022.

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