Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

I must confess, I am wondering where the last ten weeks has gone. Thank you for continuing to work with us throughout this time to keep our school community safe … and to ensure that the learning and wellbeing of Kapinara students has remained our collective priority. Like you, I am incredibly grateful to be living in Western Australia!

Family Survey

This afternoon you will have received an email from me, seeking your perspectives on the impact on your family, of some measures put in place in response to COVID-19. This was followed by an email containing a survey link. The survey should only take a few minutes, and will available until Thursday afternoon.

Semester Reports

As you will be aware from my message in Week 8, the Australian Government, in response to school disruptions, advised that Semester 1 student reports would not require ‘grades’ as they normally would. We have however, for two out of three strands of English and Maths, indicated whether each child is currently achieving at the expected standard, above or below. This is the case for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6. Most other learning areas contain a description of the key learning focuses for Semester 1. Please be assured that while this semester’s reports don’t contain ‘grades’ or indicate levels of achievement on a five point scale as they normally would, teachers have continued to gather and record information pertaining each child’s learning. This information, combined with information that will be gathered throughout Semester 2, will inform the grades your child will receive at the end of the year.

Kindergarten students receive a report based on key outcomes within the Early Years Learning Framework. This is an Australian framework developed for children up to the age of eight years, although most of our schools ‘shift’ to the WA Curriculum to guide teaching and learning when children start Pre-Primary.

It is the intention that semester reports will (under ‘normal‘ circumstances) provide parents with information about their child’s levels of achievement, their efforts and work habits, and their strengths and interests, at two key points in time each year. Please be aware however, that you can seek information about your child and ‘how he/she is going‘ at any point throughout the year. There are several ways to do this – you might simply send a brief email to check in; request a phone call or request a meeting with your child’s teacher. 

The survey sent today also contains a couple of questions about preferred times, if we were to arrange an afternoon/evening visit to classrooms and/or schedule parent-teacher meetings. It would be great to receive a response on behalf of most, if not all families.

My best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday … close to home? 🙂 

Elizabeth Blackwell

Principal’s Message Week 8

Dear Parents and Carers

Assemblies, Incursions and Excursions

Assemblies, incursions and excursions are able to resume, but must adhere to a maximum of 100 people indoor (which would include the undercover area) and 300 in outdoor settings. However it also remains the case that only 100 parents/carers can be on the school grounds at one time. The one person per 2 square metres also applies. We are currently considering how we might proceed from the beginning of Term 3.

School Board

The School Board met on site last night and have scheduled an open meeting for Monday 17 August 2020 (Week 5). The meeting will be held in the school library at 6:00pm. One of the key focuses will be looking at student performance and wellbeing data from 2019, and On-Entry Assessment data from early 2020. You will receive a reminder about this next term.

P & C

The P & C have continued to work hard, primarily via ZOOM, and are currently running a special fundraiser. You will have seen the notifications in a variety of forums, including the P & C Facebook page. We receive wonderful support from families via the P & C. This year we have been able to purchase the gymnastics equipment used by children from Pre-Primary to Year 6, some Lego to be used in conjunction with robotics, and some furniture that can be used flexibly in the Technologies Room (Room 10) – courtesy of our P & C.

The P & C also contributed $30 000 toward the establishment of the new nature playground on the lower oval … and then another $11 000 to install the slide and tepee components! Most of you will have experienced the wonder of the new playground. The plan for the future is to add some hammocks (for chilling out) and some swings. For those of you who are relatively new to Kapinara, research and planning for the playground included significant input from our students. They identified what sorts of features they wanted; viewed and discussed different images and representations of these features; recorded their preferences etc. It was very much a team effort and an example of what we call ‘student voice’.

It has also been lovely to see families again using the playground on the upper oval after school (please just be mindful that this playground was designed for children in Years 3-6).

The P & C will also return to meeting on the school site when they reconvene next term. They are keen to welcome new faces, even if only for one or two meetings.

Third Parties On Site

Netball, basketball, hockey and tennis training has resumed before/after school. Those responsible are aware of the need for enhanced hygiene practices and physical distancing among adults, who can once again watch their child train.

Semester 1 Reports

The Department of Education recently determined that while the regular Reporting to Parents template will be used for Semester 1 reports, public schools would not be required to report student achievement on a five-point scale (or using A-E grades). This followed a temporary amendment made to legislation by the Australian Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers at Kapinara will indicate whether students are currently achieving at the expected standard, above or below, in English and Maths. They will also provide a statement about the focuses for learning throughout Semester 1 in the other learning areas, indicate the level of students’ ‘effort’ in each area, and provide a general comment. I will provide some more information about assessment and reporting in the next two weeks.

Finally, thank you for your extra care and attention at pick-up time each afternoon. Things aren’t perfect but they are certainly a lot better.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

Principal’s Message Week 5

Dear Parents and Carers

We enjoyed an incredibly smooth, productive and positive start to Term 2. With a few exceptions – increased cleaning and handwashing; children entering school and managing bags, jumpers and water bottles independently; and delineated play areas at recess and lunchtime –  school almost seems like business as usual. Despite the practical changes, things are certainly more calm and predictable than they were in March and April. For this, and for the cooperation and restraint shown by the Western Australian community throughout the last couple of months, we are all extremely grateful. I wish to sincerely thank you and all members of our dedicated staff for working together to maintain a sense of calm and stability; which is exactly what the children needed everyone to do.

For some children and some families as a whole, the opportunity to be together without the pressures of what had been our ‘normal’ lives, prompted considerable reflection and a commitment to doing some things differently in the future. Families reported playing board games, going for walks and bike rides as a family, building cubbies and doing a lot more baking and gardening. I hope all families were able to find some positives amid the stresses.

For a small number of children, learning at home would remain their preferred option. For some, not only was this a chance to be at home with both Mum and Dad, but it also meant that there was significantly less pressure to concentrate for extended periods of time and to persist with tasks that were particularly challenging. Life under the doona was perfect for some.

We don’t know what lies ahead, and it’s possible that despite the best efforts of the adults around them, individual children may feel unsettled or experience some signs of anxiety at some point in the future. If they do, begin by acknowledging that it’s a ‘normal’ response given that quite a few things have been different (and the constant reference to a global pandemic). If you notice this in your child, please let us know so that we can quietly monitor and support him/her. We can also connect you to our school psychologist for additional advice, if you would like to seek some further support.

I’m also aware that some families’ lives have recently changed with changes in employment and business. If you have concerns around the payment of accounts please don’t hesitate to contact me.

There is little to update in terms of changes at school for now. Schools are unable to conduct assemblies or organise incursions, excursions or camps. Adults must remain off-site throughout the school day, but we are now able to hold a case conference or parent meeting in the office in exceptional circumstances. It is also possible for P & C and School Board meetings to recommence after hours, for numbers below 20 and where physical distancing can be maintained (4sq metres inside).

In the meantime, the P & C are planning a fundraiser (in addition to the Entertainment Books) which you will hear about shortly. It will involve all children from Kindergarten to Year 6 and is likely to trigger some feelings of nostalgia for some.

The Student Councillors are also coordinating a fundraiser, but consistent with our school motto this will be a ‘service for others’. Friday is going to be Crazy Hair Day, with funds going directly to the Go Foundation.  They chose this organisation as this is National Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians, for the benefit of all Australians. This year’s Reconciliation Week theme is ‘in this Together

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

Principal’s Message 25th March 2020

Good morning

I hope everyone is travelling okay.
This is a very quick note to check in, and to make a request on behalf of our teachers.

Our teachers are currently teaching, supervising copious amounts of handwashing, and supervising students at recess and lunchtimes. In addition, they are reading information from me, meeting with their year level colleagues, and with Mrs Knowles and me to plan for next week and beyond. We are also doing what we possibly can to minimise the number of people coming on site, and the time people are on site.

I assure you that we are doing all that we can to provide learning focuses and some direction for families at home, and trying to do this as quickly as possible.

I therefore respectfully ask that those families who have children at home, do not come on site to request books/’work packages’ etc. or request individual support via email, particularly today. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes

Principal’s Message Week 7

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day … for yesterday now. One ‘educational’ source claims that Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national day … and the Chicago River is dyed green on this day. A bit of light-hearted trivia can’t really go astray in the current climate of ‘seriousness’ surely.

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all our Year 4-6 students who participated in the Faction Swimming Carnival last Friday. Special congratulations go to Strickland, as this year’s competition winners, and to the Champion Boys and Girls and Runner-Up Champion Boys and Girls mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter. Thanks to those family members who have helped out at the swimming carnival and/or Swim Squad sessions.

A few more changes

Apologies, I should have confirmed yesterday evening that choir and orchestra will also be cancelled until further notice. The Allergy Awareness incursion for students from Pre-Primary to Year 3, scheduled for Friday week has also been cancelled. However, Jackie Nevard, who was to present this session has developed an online resource which can be purchased by schools. We will have a look at this in due course. In the meantime you may wish to visit her website   Protective Behaviours sessions with Ali Fisher (PP-Year 2) will continue.

Consistent with the focus on containment, we will regrettably cease to have volunteers/parent helpers until further notice. Similarly, the canteen will be run by Canteen Manager Kirsten Piccinini, only. Our thanks to Kirsten for her willingness to do this!

In the event of a future announcement about keeping children at home (I’d prefer to use this term rather than ‘school closure’ or ‘school shutdown’) –  teachers will put together a list of activities and ideas that you may like to make available to your child/children. There are so many opportunities for learning out of school as well as at school, and we would like you to make decisions about what will work best for your family.

We will assume most of the activities will be done independently, so the tasks suggested by teachers will primarily be about reinforcing learning through practise and developing fluency in areas such as reading, spelling and maths. Teachers will use an online platform called Seesaw to communicate with students and parents. Many of you will already be familiar with this. If you do not already have a 2020 family account, in the next day or two you will receive via email, an invitation to create a Seesaw family account.

This afternoon we have received advice that we are unable to conduct assemblies where 100 people are present. If we were simply to have the choir perform with the children in 3H this would involve just over 100 students. We will therefore postpone the joint choir/3H performance until later in the year, and record the children in 3H sharing information with us about Harmony Day. We will make the recording available on the school website via a secure link; if not on Friday then by Monday. It is still Harmony Day and the children are still encouraged to wear orange!

Children Absent THIS Week

Thank you to those people who have advised us of their child’s absence, and the reason. If your child is at home, and you haven’t yet contacted your child’s teacher or me, I would be grateful if you could email me with a quick explanation. It is just helpful for us to know who is home as a precautionary measure and who is currently unwell – particularly if your child has cold/flu symptoms. Thank you 🙂

Lower Playground

To end on a bright note, the development of the lower playground has been continuing quietly in the background, and we have included a few photos on our website to help you see where we are to date. Thank you for supporting our P & C, who work in tandem with us throughout the year, to make special things like this happen.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


Principal’s Message Week 5

Upcoming Events

I trust everyone enjoyed the long weekend. It was lovely to have a change in the weather. I’d like to draw your attention to the assemblies that we have scheduled this term. The first will be held this Friday, to introduce the newly elected Student Councillors and Faction Leaders. I’d like to acknowledge all those who put themselves forward to be considered for these positions, and to thank them for the time and energy they invested in their written application and verbal presentation to their peers and teachers. The voting process was facilitated by an officer from the WA Electoral Commission again this year, and included printed ballot papers prepared by the Commission.

The following assembly, led by the children in 3H on Friday 20 March, will celebrate Harmony Day. They will be joined by the Choir, for their first public performance – having started rehearsing only last week! I hope many of you can join us. The third assembly will be hosted by the students in 4ZW.

In the meantime, students in Years 4-6 will participate in our Faction Swimming Carnival on Friday 13 March, at HBF stadium. The carnival will take the morning only, and all students are expected to return to school as a group, returning to their classes after lunch. Whenever students are involved in group activities off-site, the expectation is that they travel to and from the venue as a group or team. In addition to reinforcing that they are part of a team, it enables us to maximise their safety, which can be problematic when families wish to take one or two children directly from a venue. Occasionally, there will be an exception which can be negotiated in advance, for example if a student is going directly to or from PEAC, but generally we appreciate your support in ensuring children travel as a team/school group.

Supporting Children’s Learning and Development

We have arrange of strategies, both in place and continuing to be developed, to support Kapinara students’ learning and development. Consistent with our strong focus on health and wellbeing, this includes strategies and resources to support personal (emotional) and social learning and development, as well as intellectual learning and development. Our staff were recently joined by Dr Helen Street, who presented a two-hour session focused on wellbeing; particularly what she refers to as ‘contextual wellbeing’. We are also planning to attend a day of the Positive Schools’ conference in May, which will also focus on wellbeing; and more specifically on anxiety in children. But what other sorts of things are in place?

Right from the beginning of school, a community health nurse, screens all students’ vision and hearing. Community Health Nurses, who are partly funded by the Department of Education WA, can also assist with the early detection and referral of children showing mental health risk factors; and referrals to other specialist services such as the Child Development Service. Occasionally we may seek your permission to check the vision or hearing of an older child. In 2020 our community nurse is Kate McGahern. Families of younger children will be advised when she is visiting Kapinara to undertake screenings.

We also have access to School Psychologist Richard Luyke (pronounced Loo-kee), who is with us at Kapinara on Wednesdays. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please mention this to your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher may suggest passing on your concern to Mrs Knowles, who works collaboratively with teachers and Mr Luyke. At this point, your child’s teacher and Mrs Knowles may speak in general terms with Mr Luyke, to see if his support might be helpful. They will contact parents of a child to offer support if appropriate. This will often involve meeting with at least one parent to chat more specifically about an individual child. There is no stigma whatsoever attached to seeking support for a child, particularly from our Community Health Nurse or School Psychologist. We are very grateful to have access to these valuable resources, and the sooner we can monitor and potentially intervene in a situation that isn’t working as expected, the better.

I appreciate that it can be difficult for parents to know if and when to approach someone at school if things aren’t going smoothly. As you know, children will become more easily upset if they are tired or becoming unwell; and even a single lunchtime without their closest ‘friend’ by their side can be upsetting. You will no doubt have heard the cry ‘She’s not my friend anymore, today she played with ….’. Children are learning how to manage their emotions, ‘read’ the emotions of others and navigate a range of social contexts. They are often completely unaware that something they have said or done has actually upset someone. It is important that we help them to ‘unpack’ those situations. This would normally acknowledge how a child is feeling, assuring him/her that its normal to feel like that, and sometimes offering some alternative ways of looking at things ‘Perhaps Max just didn’t feel like playing soccer today.’

If however, your child continues to be upset, and shows signs of things such as changes in sleep, not wanting to go to school, becoming withdrawn etc then I urge you to speak to your child’s teacher and/or Mrs Knowles or me … sooner rather than later. Supporting children and their families is a priority for us. Further, if something significant is occurring in your family, even your extended family (illness, separation, changes in employment, a death etc) it is really helpful for us to know so that we can simply monitor your child. It can also help explain an out-of-character upset or outburst. Thank you to families who have done this recently.

Best wishes for the next fortnight.

Elizabeth Blackwell


Principal’s Message Week 3

Dear Parents and Carers

Our smooth but busy beginning to the school year has continued. Last week work on our nature playground on the bottom oval commenced, Out of School Hours Care welcomed its first students this week, and last night the P & C held their Annual General Meeting.

Playground on the Lower Oval

The nature playground will become an extension of the current ‘wobbly’ playground. The sandpit will be extended as this was one of the elements identified by the young children as being important. It will also serve as a long jump pit for the small amount of time in the year (Term 3) that long jump pits are required. The long jump pits on the upper oval, which are impacted by the weather and have been difficult to maintain, will become redundant. The nature play area will combine limestone blocks, boulders and wood (including six large ‘retired’ poles made available to us by Western Power), to create a play environment with a range of elements offering opportunities for exploration, creative play and just ‘chilling out’.  The development will primarily be funded by the school and the P & C. In addition however, we were successful in securing some funding through a grant application submitted last year. Through the Australian Government’s ‘Local Schools Community Fund’ we will receive $12 000 towards the playground.  There are several additional elements we plan to add to the playground as more funding becomes available. To this end, we have scheduled a Colour Run for the last day of this term, Thursday 9 April and look forward to sharing more information about this shortly. It should be an exciting way to end the term!

P & C

Last night at the P & C’s AGM, Nic Schmidt’s term as President and Naomi Taylor’s term as Vice-President ended. This very successful partnership has led the P & C since 2016, which included the huge celebration of our 50th Anniversary in 2017. On behalf of all members of our school community I’d like to acknowledge their dedication to these roles, and sincerely thank them for all they have helped us to achieve.

Congratulations to Kate Marquis and Kym Szwedzicki, our new P & C President and Vice-President. Thanks to Anna Larson for her willingness to remain in the role as Treasurer, and to Natasha Brindal and Rebecca Garvey for taking on the shared role of Secretary. Anke Woodland, Felicity Maher and John Scott will be joined by Nic Schmidt as members of the P & C Executive. Thank you too to the following, continuing in several auxillary roles within the

P & C – Kirsten Piccinini, Canteen Manager; Nikki Little with support from Carys Hansen and Gemma Salama, Uniform Shop; and Thanh Tan, School Banking.

The partnership between the school and the P & C is a strong and collaborative one. I urge you to support everything they do, as it all comes back to support Kapinara students and maintain a strong sense of community.

School Board

The Board and P & C have quite separate functions which are legislated, but work collectively to achieve common goals. While the P & C focuses on fundraising and community events, the School Board is involved with governance,  policy and strategic directions for the school. Boards do not play a role in the day to day management of the school, but are intended to promote the school in the community and to take part in reviewing the school’s priorities and general policy directions, and evaluating the school’s achievement of these. Some of the matters that boards may make decisions about include fees and charges, the school dress code and sponsorships. P & C members can be a member of the Board, and where this occurs, can support liaison between the two.

At the end of last year Jen Marschner’s tenure on the Board concluded, as her youngest child finished at Kapinara. We are therefore seeking nominations for a parent/community member to join the Board, commencing as soon as possible. Please find the link to the nomination form below, which can be completed and returned to the front office in an envelope, addressed to me and marked CONFIDENTIAL. Alternatively, once the form is completed, it can be scanned and emailed to me at  Nominations forms should be submitted by 4:00pm next Friday (28 February 2020). If we receive more nominations that places available, nominees will be asked to provide a brief statement to support their nomination, and the community will be asked to vote electronically.

If you would like any additional information about the Board please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can see who else is on the Board at  We value the perspectives and expertise that parents bring to the Board – thank you for giving this your consideration.

New Staff Members

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome Miss Kylie Lund (Year 5) and Mrs Tammy Norton-Smith (Kindergarten and Pre-Primary) to our staff this year. We also have a new school nurse, Kate McGahern, and you will find some information from her in the newsletter.

I trust that all our students have had a smooth start to the school year, and are settling in well. If you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, Mrs Knowles or myself. Each of our specialist teachers are also happy for you to contact them.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Friday’s Sundowner.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


School Board Nomination Form 2020


Principal’s Message Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome and Welcome Back

A warm ‘welcome back’ to our existing Kapinara families, and a very warm welcome to those families joining our school community this year. We have had a smooth start to the year. It was great to see so many healthy, happy and positive children yesterday.  This year we have been joined by a record number of new students and new families. We have 20 new families with children starting Kindergarten and another 22 families with children from Pre-Primary to Year 6. We hope to see many existing and new families at the Welcome Sundowner that our P & C are hosting on Friday 21 February.

Settling In

In these first two weeks or so, please take the opportunity to touch base with your child’s/children’s class teacher, even if it’s just a quick hello at the beginning or end of the day. This will help to kick-off effective two-way communication throughout the year.

Maintenance Upgrades

In November last year the State Government allocated money to public schools for ‘Priority Maintenance’. The funds were separated into two amounts – expenditure of one amount to be determined by Central Office and the other to be determined at school level. The works being completed through Central Office are the boys’ toilets and we anticipate that this upgrade might occur around April this year. The funding allocated to schools needs to be expended by this month, and we were fortunate to have most of the work completed over the vacation period. We upgraded the girls’ toilets; replaced the windows in Rooms 11-13 (Year 1 and Year 1/2 classes); refurbished the Pre-Primary and Year 3-6 playgrounds; painted a number of classrooms and the upper corridor; and addressed a small number of other minor issues. We hope you noticed a difference, as we certainly have. I’d like to particularly thank Linda Wayman, Manager Corporate Service for working tirelessly (including through the holiday break) to obtain quotes and negotiate these works; and Simon Dewar, our ‘go to for everything’ person for moving furniture, maintaining our computers, putting boards up and down etc. while simultaneously trying to maintain the lawns and gardens.

This Week

  • In-term swimming lessons at Cottesloe Beach begin tomorrow for students in Years 5 and 6. Children from Pre-Primary to Year 4 have in-term swimming lessons at Bold Park Aquatic in Term 4
  • Instrumental Music meeting for parents of NEW IMSS students at 9:00am on Wednesday 5 February in the library
  • ‘Out of School Hours Care’ information session at 6:00pm on Thursday 6 February in the library


Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Yes, Out of School Hours Care will soon be available onsite! The provider, YMCA, will hold a brief information session regarding this at 6:00pm on Thursday 6 February, in the school library. We anticipate that fliers and more detailed information will be available on the evening, if not prior. There will also be a link to the information on our school website once it is received. The program will operate out of ‘Room 17’ and will also be available on School Development Days and school holidays.

Keeping Our Students Safe

We try to have few ‘rules’ as such, but we ask that the few that have, are adhered to to help us keep Kapinara students safe. Please note the following, and take a few minutes to provide your child or children with an extra reminder. Thank you.

We also encourage students to become as independent as possible, so in addition to carrying their own school bags (unless they are particularly heavy), and remembering their reading books/library books/diary, it would be great if you could support your child in addressing the first three items below, as he/she is able.

  • Students must wear their school hats at recess, lunchtime and to participate in outdoor activities such as Physical Education lessons.
  • All students should bring a bottle of WATER to school each day, particularly in the warmer months.
  • Please encourage your child to apply sunscreen just prior to coming to school. This can be ‘topped-up’ at school, with the sunscreen available in classrooms.
  • Walking to classes from Catesby St – please use the paved path, and please do NOT walk through the staff carparks or down the drive to the staff carpark
  • Students riding bikes must ride along the perimeter of the school until they reach the letterbox and path on Catesby St. At this point they must alight and walk their bikes down to the bike racks at the eastern side of the library.
  • Children should aim to arrive at school as close to 8:30 as practicable. If children arrive prior to 8:30am they should be seated on the benches outside classes around the quadrangle until this time.
  • Children should leave school promptly at the end of the day so that they are walking or riding home at a time when other students and familiar adults are also moving between school and home. (Families may remain onsite to use the playgrounds, provided a parent or carer is present to supervise and to accompany children from school to home)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support throughout this coming year.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


Principal’s Message Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers



Thank you for joining for us for our end of year ‘Beatlemania’ concert last week. Despite the particularly warm weather, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sparkle, the energy and excitement, and the trip down memory lane. Congratulations to our talented students, their musical coaches Ms Li, Mrs Berry and also Mrs Minissale and Mrs Loleva. I would like to thank all families for ensuring children were in costume ready to sing their hearts out, and those individual parents who assisted with costumes, the program, the sausage sizzle and the canteen. Finally, I’d like to thank our staff for their support behind the scenes. It was a lovely ‘almost end’ to the school year.

Volunteer Morning Tea

We look forward to welcoming to a morning tea, the many people who have so kindly given of their time and expertise to support and enhance our students’ learning. You are invited to join us in the STAFFROOM between 10:15 and 11:00am. Thank you for all you have done this year.

One family in particular who will leave Kapinara after many years, including many years of service, is the Leaman family. To Cass and Chris, please accept our very grateful thanks for the countless hours you have invested in the Kapinara community, across a range of roles and a range of years. You have been amazing!


Students in Years 2-6 once again were offered the opportunity to participate in ICAS – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools. Yesterday, I was privileged to attend the ICAS 2019 Medal Presentation Ceremony at Government House, where Toby W (Year 3) received a medal in the area of Science. Congratulations Toby! It was also lovely to catch up with former student Charlotte L, who received a medal for English. On Friday we will hand out all ICAS certificates. Those who received a High Distinction or Distinction for one or more ICAS assessments will be presented with their certificate at a brief assembly hosted by the student councillors. The remaining certificates will be presented to students in class. Previously we have presented Credit certificates at an assembly, but this year we have 127 and its forecast to be 40 degrees, hence the decision to present them in class.


Next Tuesday we will formally celebrate the graduation of our Year 6 students. The ceremony commences at 12:40pm. On behalf of the Kapinara Primary School community, I congratulate our Year 6 students and wish them every success and happiness as they Leave Kapinara for secondary school.

Contributions and Charges Schedule

Please find a link on this newsletter email to the 2020 Contributions and Charges Schedule. Like the Personal Requirements Lists for 2020, the schedule has been endorsed by the School Board. The schedule shows the MAXIMUM amount that families will need to ‘allow’ or budget for in 2020. Not all items in a given year level will be relevant to all children in that year level (Instrumental Music/PEAC etc)

You will notice that ‘Voluntary Contributions’ appear on the Personal Requirements Lists (Booklists) for 2020. These can be paid EITHER through OfficeMax or through the school office. At the most recent P & C meeting it was suggested that I explain why these contributions (school contribution and P & C contributions) matter so much, particularly given the comment we hear every now and then that ‘public school education should be free’ and that the rate of Voluntary Contributions was a bit lower this year.

Public schools receive a base allocation, and funding for however many students are enrolled ON CENSUS DAY in February. Schools do not receive any additional funding for student enrolments after that date (with the exception of those in high growth areas that need to create new classes of students during the year).

Schools then receive additional funding for each child requiring some additional support where English is an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D); or where they have been diagnosed with a disability (this doesn’t include diagnoses of ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia etc). Additional funding is also provided based on the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and the number of children from families with a low annual income. Schools also receive additional funding if they are in geographically isolated locations in WA. Kapinara therefore receives little funding in addition to the base allocation and per capita funding. We are fortunate that the majority of our families are in a position to pay the voluntary contributions, and do. This enables us to provide resources and opportunities that we might otherwise not be able to provide. It also illustrates why the funds and support we receive from the P & C is so very important, and so highly valued.

End of Year

With each week in Term 4, schools seems to gain more and more momentum. Unfortunately, it’s something on which we can depend each year! I’d like to thank families for their support in advising immediately of any changes to enrolment for 2020, for ensuring library and reading books have been returned, and particularly for ensuring term accounts have been finalised. Having said that, Gail and Sarah in the front office are currently spending time following up unpaid term accounts. We would be grateful if all accounts could now be finalised as a matter of urgency. Thank you.

We anticipate that the new system that will be in place from the beginning of next year, will enable families to ‘pay as you go’. However, items placed on student accounts that remain unpaid at the end of term, will result in no further amounts being added to term accounts, and new items will need to be paid as events arise. This will help our office to operate more efficiently, and our budgets to be balanced in a timely manner. As always, any families experiencing financial difficulties, are invited to speak to either Linda Wayman, Manager Corporate Services or myself.

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the staff, students and families who have worked together throughout the year to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children at Kapinara. My warmest wishes for your special family celebrations and a wonderful vacation break.

Finally, I extend a warm welcome to our families reading our newsletter for the first time, we welcome you to our Kapinara community and look forward to working with you next year.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


Principal’s Message Week 7

Dear Parents

Year 6 Fair

The Year 6 Fair is the culmination of an integrated unit of work that has drawn on a range of understandings and skills, primarily in the areas of Maths, Technologies and HaSS (Economics).

An email was sent to parents of children from Pre-Primary to Year 2 advising in addition to a range of activities and games, the Fair will include opportunities for students to purchase a small selection of food items. Given that younger students generally require more support than others to avoid food products that may cause them discomfort or harm, we included a list of food products attached to relevant ‘stalls’. If you would also like to view these, they are available through the parent information page on our website and via the link given on this week’s newsletter email.

Year 6 Assembly

Congratulations to our two classes of ‘Leavers’ who presented a really entertaining showcase of another integrated unit of work. For those who weren’t there, the students went through a process which included: working in small groups to design and create a representation of their design on the oval; one that could be created with readily available materials, and photographed from above to produce a clear digital image. They used a drone, controlled by an app on an iPad, to obtain a birds-eye view (or drone view!) of their ‘design’; manipulated the digital image on the computer and transferred this to fabric. Students then used a felting technique with Miss Trovarelli, to bring the design to life with colourful felt. This was stitched onto a cotton t-shirt and students paraded their finished products to a delighted audience on Friday.

Lower Playground (The ‘Wobbly’)

We have just received the initial design, for the development of the lower oval. We plan to extend the existing fixed structure to include a larger sandpit and a nature playground – similar to the way in which the fixed structure on the top oval was integrated into a larger nature playground. Bernhard Kaiser, who designed and created the Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Upper School nature playgrounds, has created this design. It is likely that we will need to complete the development in stages due to the cost, which interestingly, is in part associated with the large amount of soft-fall (soft mulch) needed for playgrounds that involve climbing, balancing above the ground etc.

The playground will be funded by the P & C, school, one or two specific fundraisers in 2020 and any grants that we are able to access. It is an exciting venture! In an attempt to do this as economically as possible …

if you or people you know may have access to hard wood such as jarrah and tuart, and could spare some that we could use for large poles (about the diameter of a light pole), or even some smaller, thinner pieces that could be used to add to a simple tee-pee structure, we would love to hear from you.

Where is Mrs Knowles?

As many of you will know by now, Mrs Knowles fractured her right leg about ten days ago, and has been on leave with a full length brace since then. She visits the specialist again on Wednesday morning, so we are looking forward to good news, including when she might be able to return to Kapinara … and Mrs H has only just dispensed of her crutches! Not to mention Miss Stewart’s and Mrs Zaltsman’s months of moonboots in the last twelve months … fortunately none occurred at school. We wish Mrs Knowles a very speedy recovery.

School Board

One of our parent/community Board members, Jen Marschner will complete her tenure at the end of this year. We are therefore seeking nominations for a new member to commence in February 2020. A nomination form and some information will be emailed to families this week.

Personal Requirements Items

You may know Person Requirements Lists as ‘booklists’ – the terminology changed years ago but many continue to refer to them as booklists. I anticipate that these will be available within the next few days. The items on the lists have been discussed in detail at school level, and draft lists were viewed by the School Board. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about items on the list. The one that sometimes prompts a response is the number of glue sticks – and each year, teachers assure me that the vast majority of students (mainly younger students) use that many glue-sticks! If your child is particularly careful with his/her stationery and has items remaining, these will be returned home at the end of next week, to avoid repurchasing.

End of Year Concert

We are all looking forward to next week’s Beatlemania concert. It is a nice, enjoyable way to celebrate the year that is swiftly coming to an end. The concert was scheduled in Week 8, as students from Pre-Primary to Year 4 have in-term swimming in the final two weeks. Children will be tired, and families will no doubt have enough happening in the evening to ensure bathers and towels are clean and dry for the next day … and where are those goggles …?

I look forward to seeing you next week.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell