Our School

Nestled in a quiet residential area, enjoying sweeping ocean views, Kapinara Primary School was thought to have taken it’s name from a combination of two Aboriginal words, ‘Kap’ meaning ‘water’ and ‘inara’ meaning ‘over there’. During our 50th Anniversary celebrations, discussions with Mr Neville Collard, a Swan River Nyungar elder suggested that both parts of the translation are Nyungar, ‘kapi’ meaning water and ‘nara’ referring to cupping water in the hands, or the presence of a waterhole.

Located in the beachside suburb of City Beach, a fifteen minute drive from Perth city, Kapinara Primary School first opened in 1967. We cater for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

This captures what staff and our school community believe to be fundamental to everything we do. While fostering high standards of student achievement, Kapinara Primary School also provides a broad range of cross curricula programs, and places a strong emphasis on the positive health and wellbeing of students, staff and the broader community.

We are proud to provide inspirational teaching and learning opportunities in Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and Japanese. These are complemented by optional programs such as Swimming Club, Running Club and a range of after school activities.

We have wireless access throughout the school and a range of digital technologies with both Windows and Apple platforms. An external provider, Winthrop Australia, works with staff and students once a fortnight to support the teachers and students to effectively integrate technology in teaching and learning programs to enhance student learning and engagement and to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understandings in new and innovative ways.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of a highly dedicated P & C and an effective, collaborative School Board.