Principal’s Message Week 8

Dear Parents and Carers

Assemblies, Incursions and Excursions

Assemblies, incursions and excursions are able to resume, but must adhere to a maximum of 100 people indoor (which would include the undercover area) and 300 in outdoor settings. However it also remains the case that only 100 parents/carers can be on the school grounds at one time. The one person per 2 square metres also applies. We are currently considering how we might proceed from the beginning of Term 3.

School Board

The School Board met on site last night and have scheduled an open meeting for Monday 17 August 2020 (Week 5). The meeting will be held in the school library at 6:00pm. One of the key focuses will be looking at student performance and wellbeing data from 2019, and On-Entry Assessment data from early 2020. You will receive a reminder about this next term.

P & C

The P & C have continued to work hard, primarily via ZOOM, and are currently running a special fundraiser. You will have seen the notifications in a variety of forums, including the P & C Facebook page. We receive wonderful support from families via the P & C. This year we have been able to purchase the gymnastics equipment used by children from Pre-Primary to Year 6, some Lego to be used in conjunction with robotics, and some furniture that can be used flexibly in the Technologies Room (Room 10) – courtesy of our P & C.

The P & C also contributed $30 000 toward the establishment of the new nature playground on the lower oval … and then another $11 000 to install the slide and tepee components! Most of you will have experienced the wonder of the new playground. The plan for the future is to add some hammocks (for chilling out) and some swings. For those of you who are relatively new to Kapinara, research and planning for the playground included significant input from our students. They identified what sorts of features they wanted; viewed and discussed different images and representations of these features; recorded their preferences etc. It was very much a team effort and an example of what we call ‘student voice’.

It has also been lovely to see families again using the playground on the upper oval after school (please just be mindful that this playground was designed for children in Years 3-6).

The P & C will also return to meeting on the school site when they reconvene next term. They are keen to welcome new faces, even if only for one or two meetings.

Third Parties On Site

Netball, basketball, hockey and tennis training has resumed before/after school. Those responsible are aware of the need for enhanced hygiene practices and physical distancing among adults, who can once again watch their child train.

Semester 1 Reports

The Department of Education recently determined that while the regular Reporting to Parents template will be used for Semester 1 reports, public schools would not be required to report student achievement on a five-point scale (or using A-E grades). This followed a temporary amendment made to legislation by the Australian Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers at Kapinara will indicate whether students are currently achieving at the expected standard, above or below, in English and Maths. They will also provide a statement about the focuses for learning throughout Semester 1 in the other learning areas, indicate the level of students’ ‘effort’ in each area, and provide a general comment. I will provide some more information about assessment and reporting in the next two weeks.

Finally, thank you for your extra care and attention at pick-up time each afternoon. Things aren’t perfect but they are certainly a lot better.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell

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