Principal’s Message Week 7

Dear Parents

Year 6 Fair

The Year 6 Fair is the culmination of an integrated unit of work that has drawn on a range of understandings and skills, primarily in the areas of Maths, Technologies and HaSS (Economics).

An email was sent to parents of children from Pre-Primary to Year 2 advising in addition to a range of activities and games, the Fair will include opportunities for students to purchase a small selection of food items. Given that younger students generally require more support than others to avoid food products that may cause them discomfort or harm, we included a list of food products attached to relevant ‘stalls’. If you would also like to view these, they are available through the parent information page on our website and via the link given on this week’s newsletter email.

Year 6 Assembly

Congratulations to our two classes of ‘Leavers’ who presented a really entertaining showcase of another integrated unit of work. For those who weren’t there, the students went through a process which included: working in small groups to design and create a representation of their design on the oval; one that could be created with readily available materials, and photographed from above to produce a clear digital image. They used a drone, controlled by an app on an iPad, to obtain a birds-eye view (or drone view!) of their ‘design’; manipulated the digital image on the computer and transferred this to fabric. Students then used a felting technique with Miss Trovarelli, to bring the design to life with colourful felt. This was stitched onto a cotton t-shirt and students paraded their finished products to a delighted audience on Friday.

Lower Playground (The ‘Wobbly’)

We have just received the initial design, for the development of the lower oval. We plan to extend the existing fixed structure to include a larger sandpit and a nature playground – similar to the way in which the fixed structure on the top oval was integrated into a larger nature playground. Bernhard Kaiser, who designed and created the Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Upper School nature playgrounds, has created this design. It is likely that we will need to complete the development in stages due to the cost, which interestingly, is in part associated with the large amount of soft-fall (soft mulch) needed for playgrounds that involve climbing, balancing above the ground etc.

The playground will be funded by the P & C, school, one or two specific fundraisers in 2020 and any grants that we are able to access. It is an exciting venture! In an attempt to do this as economically as possible …

if you or people you know may have access to hard wood such as jarrah and tuart, and could spare some that we could use for large poles (about the diameter of a light pole), or even some smaller, thinner pieces that could be used to add to a simple tee-pee structure, we would love to hear from you.

Where is Mrs Knowles?

As many of you will know by now, Mrs Knowles fractured her right leg about ten days ago, and has been on leave with a full length brace since then. She visits the specialist again on Wednesday morning, so we are looking forward to good news, including when she might be able to return to Kapinara … and Mrs H has only just dispensed of her crutches! Not to mention Miss Stewart’s and Mrs Zaltsman’s months of moonboots in the last twelve months … fortunately none occurred at school. We wish Mrs Knowles a very speedy recovery.

School Board

One of our parent/community Board members, Jen Marschner will complete her tenure at the end of this year. We are therefore seeking nominations for a new member to commence in February 2020. A nomination form and some information will be emailed to families this week.

Personal Requirements Items

You may know Person Requirements Lists as ‘booklists’ – the terminology changed years ago but many continue to refer to them as booklists. I anticipate that these will be available within the next few days. The items on the lists have been discussed in detail at school level, and draft lists were viewed by the School Board. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about items on the list. The one that sometimes prompts a response is the number of glue sticks – and each year, teachers assure me that the vast majority of students (mainly younger students) use that many glue-sticks! If your child is particularly careful with his/her stationery and has items remaining, these will be returned home at the end of next week, to avoid repurchasing.

End of Year Concert

We are all looking forward to next week’s Beatlemania concert. It is a nice, enjoyable way to celebrate the year that is swiftly coming to an end. The concert was scheduled in Week 8, as students from Pre-Primary to Year 4 have in-term swimming in the final two weeks. Children will be tired, and families will no doubt have enough happening in the evening to ensure bathers and towels are clean and dry for the next day … and where are those goggles …?

I look forward to seeing you next week.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


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