Principal’s Message 17.8.21

Dear Parents and Carers

The Sound of Music

Last week our annual music evening (dubbed the Soiree in recent years) was held at Loretto Nedlands. Music specialist Mrs Sarina Davey teaches at Loretto as well as Kapinara, and we decided to trial Loretto’s auditorium this year. It is considerably smaller, but also more cost effective than hiring the auditorium at Churchlands SHS. As with most things, there are pros and cons associated with whatever one does, and we will be interested to receive feedback about the venue. I anticipate that we will do this via a brief survey as there are some other things we would value your feedback on.  The venue aside, we were incredibly proud of the performances by the orchestra, choir, and Year 6 instrumental music students. I’d like to also acknowledge the valued contribution of our instrumental music teachers – Ms Therese Arnold, violin and viola; Ms Alexandra Bak, cello and orchestra conductor; Ms Anna Person, double bass; and Ms Sabina Ibrahimbegovic, guitar; and also our choir and musical director Ms Sarina Davey. It was a fabulous evening.









A couple of months ago, we hosted a music assembly with the dual purpose of providing an audience for instrumental music students and providing all students with an opportunity to see and hear the instruments that are taught within our instrumental music program. We have another planned for Friday, 3 September …. all being well. This will primarily feature the Year 5 cello, double bass and guitar students and the Year 5 and 6 violin students. We also hope to provide an opportunity for children and parents who don’t have a child in the choir and/or orchestra to hear both. Watch this space!

In the next few weeks, students in Years 2, 3 and 4 will complete a small music assessment as a preliminary component of the Department’s instrumental music selection process.  Parents will also be asked to complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ if their child in one of these year levels would like to be considered for the program in 2022. Please keep an eye out for this via the newsfeed if interested.

Assembly by 5ZT

Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Zaltsman, Miss Trandos and the very talented students in 5ZT. We all thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?‘ assembly which also included a news segment and a tribute to Space Jam! Well done, and thanks for making us laugh and smile.

Coming Up

We are looking forward to our Book Week activities next week, particularly the author visits, a special Book Week assembly by 5PM and the Book Week parade. We hope to have some photos to share with you via the gallery the following week. The children in each class have produced some thoughtful, creative work in response to the Book Week texts (those nominated for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards). These have been displayed in the library, and we invite you to pop in to view the display immediately before and after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and each afternoon in the week following Book Week (Week 7). We will include a reminder in the newsfeed next week.

Lower Oval and Upper Oval

We are delighted that so many families enjoy the play spaces that the lower and upper playgrounds have to offer – an example of great teamwork and collaboration between the school and P & C. However, we ask that families using the lower oval refrain from allowing children to play on the slope between the lower and upper ovals. Our newer families may not know this, but maintaining the slope was also a significant focus for the school and P & C over a number of years. We were delighted to finally put a plan in place a couple of years ago – that is the limestone wall, matting and additional plants that form what we hope is a sustainable solution to containing the erosion that had been occurring. Please help us protect it!

For those enjoying the upper playground and the wonderful open space on our oval, we would be grateful if you could please remind any friends and neighbours who walk their dogs, to ensure they take any ‘poop’ with them when they leave. It’s really disappointing when our Phys Ed specialists have to pick-up not one, but three or four lots of mess before your children can do athletics. ? Thank you.


We have continued to offer students in Years 2-6 opportunities to participate in ICAS again this year. You would probably be surprised to learn that it takes days of coordination and planning to do this (particularly as the assessment tasks are now competed on digital devices). We need to start before-school assessments at 8:00am to ensure devices (and students!) are returned to classes for morning learning sessions. Please help by ensuring children arrive between 7:40 and 7:50 am so they can access a laptop, be seated and logged on ready to start at 8:00am. Thank you again.

Just a reminder that we have a School Development Day on Friday. I hope some families can take the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend.

Take care.