Principal’s Message Week 3

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to the children in Mrs Chipps’ Year 1 class for leading last Friday’s assembly. Each student took the microphone and introduced herself or himself to the audience, and we were impressed by how clearly and confidently they spoke. They also entertained us with their own take on some favourite fairy tales, and reminded everyone about the importance of looking at each situation from different perspectives. Thank you for that very important message Year 1s!

Students in Years 3-6 will have another opportunity to look at tales from a new perspective when they visit the State Theatre next week. They will be treated to Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts as a precursor to Book Week. Just a reminder that we will be celebrating Book Week the following day, at the Year 4/5 class’s Book Week Assembly and Book Week Parade. Please remember that dress-ups don’t need to be ‘fancy’. In fact, children are likely to get the most out of the experience if they come up with ideas and source materials for themselves. First and foremost, the event is about celebrating books and having fun. Thanks to Mrs Powell for coordinating for us.

Visual Arts

Students in Years 1-6 have spent their Term 3 Visual Arts lessons working on another exciting project with Artist-in-Residence Colleen Corradi Branigan (Italy) and Anna Trovarelli (also from Italy … but some time ago). Last year’s project was the fabulous Kapinara PS mosaic at the Catesby St entrance to the school. This year students have been working on ceramic artworks that will create a montage of ‘invisible cities’ around our school. They will however, be anything but invisible!

Planning for 2020

If you know that your child will not be attending Kapinara next year, I would be grateful if you could either email me, or advise Gail Preston or Sarah Bengough in the front office as soon as possible. This will help us significantly with our planning for next year. Thank you.


In a previous newsletter or two, I referred to the ‘strengths’ of individual students and indicated that we would start to explain why these mattered. You may be familiar with ‘character strengths’ and ‘strengths-based approaches’ and/or positive psychology and positive education. Positive psychology reflects a shift in thinking, particularly around mental health and wellbeing. It means a shift from ‘what is wrong’ (mental illness) and ‘needs fixing’, to a focus on the strengths and resources that an individual already possesses, that could be harnessed to address problems and issues. Many will be familiar with the published works of psychologist Dr Martin Seligman, who was recently in Australia.

Our Year 6 students have done a significant amount of work with strengths so far this year; identifying their strengths and exploring how to incorporate them more in their daily lives. The WA Health curriculum is underpinned by a strengths-based approach, as are other documents that inform and influence what we do at Kapinara. We have included with this newsletter, a Parenting Ideas ‘Insight’ article by Professor Lea Waters PhD, University of Melbourne, author of The Strength Switch, a book for parents. If you are interested in reading further, go to  or . I hope you find the Insight article helpful.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell




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