Latest News 30.5.23

Upcoming School Development Day – Friday 2 June
RATs available from the office, Nasal and Saliva – 20 per box

Monday – Running Club
Tuesday – Orchestra Rehearsal
Wednesday – Choir Rehearsal
Thursday – Running Club
Friday – School Development Day (Students do not attend)
Friday – No afterschool Redhage Basketball sessions due to School Development Day

Monday – Public Holiday
Tuesday – Orchestra Rehearsal
Wednesday – Choir Rehearsal
Wednesday – Cross Country Carnival
Thursday – Running Club
Friday – 4/5D Assembly

Message from the acting Principal

Student Leadership

The student leadership team are an important part of our school. They are now speaking each morning providing daily announcements of important notices, recognising people’s birthdays, and highlighting important behaviours for students to focus on. The Leaders want to make Kapinara a great place to be, and are researching what are the needs and wants of the students. Below you can see them working on a Student Opinion Survey to get information on the student experiences in the school. All students in Years 3-6 will complete the survey and the leaders will analyse the results and plan to address the issues that arise.

Food for thought

We are living in an interesting time in history with a great deal happening in the world right now and over the last two decades. Some years ago, my Nana (98) passed from this world, I reflected at the time that we would not see change the like that she had witnessed. It was indeed an extra-ordinary life. However, as I now see what is happening and personally experiencing, I must revisit this reflection and consider my deliberations hasty, particularly in relation to schooling and student learning.

Our challenge as parents and educators is having a view forward about what our children need, and not holding too strongly to our past experiences as a measure of what is quality education.

The world-view used to explain life on the planet – what the social philosopher Charles Taylor(2004) calls the ‘social imaginary’ – inexorably influences the way people vision schooling; it always has, and it always will. His premise is that as our view of the world alters, so also does our view of the component pieces that make up that worldview. The world over, communities are now picturing and talking about schools and education in ways that are radically different from what was practiced and what they experienced.

Our students will require a vastly different array of skills to be successful. Therefore, we are undertaking a comprehensive school review with the aim to ensure that our children are equipped with the knowledge and problem solving and thinking skills to embrace this brave new world. From this review we will develop strategies for our Business Plan.

School Review and Business Plan

We are in the process of reviewing the school and building our Kapinara Business Plan and are inviting community members to contribute. We welcome your support and input. I will be sending out a survey on Friday. Your time and support in completing the survey will help the Board and the staff to understand what the community needs and wants for Kapinara PS.

In addition to this I will be hosting on Monday 12 June, two open meetings, the first at 9am to 10am the second in the evening 5pm and 6pm. If you are interested in participating in the meetings, please RSVP to the Front Office by Friday 9 June. 

Tuckshop Tuesdays

I was in our canteen today and having a chat with our wonderful ladies from the P&C that do such a great job. We are so fortunate to have a canteen, it is something that many schools have done away with, outsourcing to contractors. The food is first class and today there were delicious smoothies to be had. For those who do not know, the canteen is now open on Tuesdays!

Kind Regards
Simon Reid
Acting Principal

Moorditj Mob Performance

At Friday’s assembly, as part of National Sorry Day and in the lead up to Reconciliation Week, we were fortunate to have experienced a cultural performance by the Moorditj Mob. The Moorditj Mob are a group of indigenous students from Wesley College, who visit schools to spread cultural awareness. It was a wonderful performance, and we sincerely thank the students for sharing their knowledge and stories with us.

Cross Country Carnival

The proposed program for next week’s Faction Cross Country Carnival has been finalised and emailed through to parents earlier this afternoon.

Parking Reminder

We remind parents that parking around the perimeter of the school is ‘parallel to curb’ only. We are noticing larger vehicles parking up and across the verge particularly around the oval at the time of the running club sessions. This is a safety issue for our children. Thank you.


Joey Scouts (Wembley Downs)

Children aged 5-8. Term 3, 2023 enrolments are now open!
Calling all nature-loving, adventure-seeking, and curious young minds! Is your child always eager to explore the wonders of the world? Look no further than Joey Scouts, where we nurture friendships, independence, and confidence through a captivating array of activities including crafting and games to cooking, camping, and exciting excursions. Join us at the 1st Wembley Downs Scout Group.

Tuesdays 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm. Wembley Downs Scout Hall, Dover Crescent. Free trials are available this term! Contact:


Cash! Some cash was found on the school grounds last Friday, please contact the office if you think it may belong to you.

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