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Payments and Reminders

Year 5 Ride Nation Permission – Available now through Qkr
2023 Pre-Primary Applications due for existing Kindy students
Milk Container Collection – Week 7

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers

It was great to have family and friends join us onsite for this year’s Faction Cross Country event. The children were so well prepared for this event by their teachers Ms Burrows and Ms Carruthers. They were able to articulate the skills they had learned, and underpinning everything was the strong message that this particular event was about them as an individual. It was about them learning and developing skills, incremental improvement that meant something to them personally, persistence and importantly pacing themselves. This learning becomes increasingly obvious as we see students year after year. Also notable was the way in which students participated – they cheered each other on, cheered for their faction, checked in on their peers as they raced and celebrated as each person crossed the finish line. At one point someone stumbled and I heard his classmate ask ‘Are you ok?’ as he continued on. The importance of this awareness of, and care for, others can never be overstated.

Another student posed an insightful question about what appeared to be a disconnect between investing and achieving your personal best while also recognising those placing first, second, third and fourth. This leads me to what I also wanted to acknowledge and celebrate which is that for some students, this is their thing! For those who have set themselves a goal that involves being competitive in this context and representing their school, and even their State – congratulations on your efforts, determination and achievements! What a fabulous team we have representing us at interschool. Finally, thanks to our two wonderful Physical Education specialist teachers, for their high quality teaching, important shared messages and ongoing encouragement and support.

Elizabeth Blackwell

Faction Cross Country Carnival

1st Winter 412 points
2nd Strickland 367 points
3rd Elliott 313 points








The Faction Cross Country Carnival was a great success, the weather was perfect, and we were so happy to see our students complete their respective running courses.

A huge congratulations to every student who completed their race yesterday and a special mention to all our ribbon winners. We would like to highlight the contributions of our faction leaders who really stepped up in their roles, leading warm ups and supporting the younger students. Thank you to all parents and carers who came down to cheer the students on, on such a beautiful day.

The interschool team will consist of the top 6 boys and top 6 girls in Years 3-6. This is a change from the usual 8. The decision was made by the organisers for safety reasons due to over crowding at the start lines. If students have made the interschool team, we would encourage them to attend running club to train and prepare for the event as the distances at this competition are slightly longer than those run at the faction carnival. Information regarding the interschool competition will follow for those involved.

Running club will continue to take place Monday and Thursday mornings and we would like to encourage all students to continue to participate.

Mrs Burrows, Sports Specialist

Worm Farms – Sustainability

Kapinara Primary School has recently acquired two worm farms and our wonderful Year 6 sustainability leaders are leading this initiative.  They have spoken to students this week about recycling food scraps that the worms can and cannot eat.  These farms produce “worm wee” that we will be collecting and selling at a future date with the funds going back to benefit the school.  In order to collect this, we are asking if you could kindly donate 1 or 2 clean plastic milk containers (with the lid).  The sustainability leaders will then go around daily to classes and collect the containers on each day of Week 7 – next week.
Thank you for your support.
Miss Lund, Mr Watson and the Year 6 Sustainability Leaders








Year 5 Ride Nation

The Ride Nation incursion scheduled for the Year 5s to begin this week has been delayed by one week due to COVID.
The new course dates are 10, 17, 24 June and 1 July.


Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre is holding a special Family Nature Day this Sunday 5th June that coincides with World Environment Day!
Join millions of people around the globe as we celebrate this year’s theme, #JustOneEarth.
Highlights for the afternoon include:

  • A presentation and booking signing with Simon Cherriman – an award-winning environmental scientist, educator and wildlife filmmaker.
  • Nature crafts, games and sustainability projects
  • A Containers for Change drive – save up all your 10c containers and drop them to us! Funds support our non-for-profit organisation.
  • Guided nature walks, centre exhibitions and animals, gift shop and coffee window (serving Do Donuts!)

Tickets are $30 for families, $10 for individuals, or FREE for our members:


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