Latest News 14.9.21

Payments Due and Reminders

Author Visit Incursion $4.50 Payment – PP-6 Students
Wellbeing Survey $5.00 Payment – Years 4-6
Year 6 Camp $186 Payment and Permission Due now
PEAC Round 3 Payment – Year 5/6
Floreat Beach Walk Permission – 3H, 3D and Year 6 Leaders
Filmbites Payment – Years PP-5
Interschool Athletics Payment and Permission – Selected Year 3-6 Students
Instrumental Music Program EOI – Years 2-4 Due by Friday17 September

Acting Principal’s Message

The motto of Kapinara Primary School is Kindness, Consideration and Service to others.  Over the last couple of weeks I have seen these characteristics displayed by our students in many ways.  I have been impressed as I spend time in classrooms and see the respectful communication that so many of our students show to their friends, students, teachers and staff every day. These small but meaningful interactions make Kapinara Primary School such a great learning community.

Assembly Year 1T & 1C

Kindness, Consideration and Service to others were captured beautifully in the bright and colourful year 1T & 1C assembly on Friday 10 September.
The children’s book, “Room on my Broom” by Julia Donaldson was performed  by Year 1T and 1C students. The messages of kindness and  inclusivity were emphasised by the Year 1 students.
Thank you to Mrs Chipps and Mrs Tombides for their work getting their classes ready for this assembly.   A big shout out to parents and caregivers who helped with the costumes, hair and make-up.

PP – Year 2 Tabloid Sports
A big congratulations to the PP, Year 1 and Year 2 students on their participation in our Tabloid Morning on Friday 10 September.  Mr Hodgson had set up stations that the students moved through during the morning. These activities encouraged skill development, problem solving, fitness, perseverance and co-operation using normal and modified equipment.
Congratulations to our Year 6 students who showed their leadership skills as they supported their group of students through each station.  Thanks to our PP,  Year 1 and Year 2 teachers for their support and assistance to make such a great morning. A big thanks to Mr Hodgson whose preparation and organisation ensured that the Tabloid morning was such a big success.

Year 5 Design and Technology

As part of the Year 5 Design and Technology Unit.  The Year 5 students have designed and produced temporary homes for WA Wildlife.  This has involved researching fire affected areas and fire affected animals. The Year 5 students had to plan, select appropriate materials and research the size and dimensions of pouches of WA marsupials such as koalas. A big thanks to the Year 5 “special” volunteers who have mentored the year 5 students in sewing the pouches with amazing results. We will keep you posted on the journey of the temporary homes we have created that will now go to the Wildlife sanctuary.

Take care
Melinda Harris


Interschool Carnival – Selected 3-6 Students

West Leederville have advised us today that the Interschool Athletics Carnival has been postponed as there is possible lightning forecast creating a potential safety risk. It has been rescheduled to be held this Friday 17 September.  Parent/guardian permission has mostly been received for this excursion. This permission will apply for the rescheduled time unless the school is otherwise advised. Athletics Club will not run on Wednesday afternoon for the same reason.

Instrumental Music Program EOI

Expressions of Interest for students currently in Years 2-4 to be considered for the 2022 Instrumental Program is due by Friday 17 September. Parents have been sent an email confirming that the EOI has been received. If you have sent one in with your child and have not received an email confirmation, please contact the office.

Orchestra Rehearsal

As the Interschool Carnival has been postponed, orchestra rehearsal will go ahead as normal this Wednesday.

Canteen Updates

Continuing to  open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Term 4

There are 2x shifts available each opening day – 8:45am-10:45am, and 10:45am-1pm, and need 2x volunteers per shift. If you can do one shift, your kids will get a free recess; if you do both shifts on one day, your kids will get a free lunch.

The Canteen Sign-Up for Term 4 is available at

Term 4 Roster

Week 1 – 3F – 13/14/15th October
Week 2- 5ZW – 20/21/22 October
Week 3 – 1C – 27/28/29 October
Week 4 – 1/2 T – 3/4/5th November
Week 5 – 3H – 10/11/12th November
Week 6 – 6L – 17/18/19th November
Week 7 – 5P – 24/25/26th November
Week 8 – 4BH – 1/2/3 December
Week 9 – 2JJ – 8/9/10 December

Community News

Carine Calisthenics Club invites you to take advantage of our Term 4 Free offer (the only cost $15 for Affiliation)!  Calisthenics is a versatile team sport and is perfect for all ages. Everything is taught in one class, learning skills such as dancing, gymnastics, simplified ballet, club swinging, marching and rod twisting. We are about having fun and meeting lots of new friends!
For more information contact Sandra 0403 078 009 or email us at

From the School Nurse

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It can be detected by a simple examination of the back.

The normal spine has three curves – one in the neck, on in the upper back and one in the lower back. These curves can be seen from the side, but when you look from behind the spine should appear straight. If the spine has a sideways curve, this is scoliosis.
An information leaflet about Scoliosis will be distributed to all Year 6 students. Please read through the information provided and check your child for scoliosis as described in the leaflet. Any other interested parents can download the attached Scoliosis brochure.

If you have any concerns, please contact your General Practitioner or Community Health Nurse, Alice Fern on 0404 823 678.