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2023 Pre-Primary Applications due for existing Kindy students
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Tuesday 31 May Faction Cross Country Carnival 9.30-1.00pm

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are keeping well. We were very pleased to have our out-of-action staff members return to us last week and this week. With regard to students having confirmed cases of COVID, the past ten days have been very much like the first three weeks of term. From Kindergarten to Year 4 there have been 0-3 cases in each class, with slightly higher numbers in Years 5 and 6 (up to 6 in one class). Fortunately, most students seem to be bouncing back well. Sending our best wishes to those who are unwell and at home this week.

Pirate Day, P & C Day and Interschool Swimming Certificates

A huge congratulations to our Student Councillors who, under the guidance of Mr Watson, prepared and ran a wonderful event on Friday morning, 20 May. They were highly organised and coordinated each of the three focuses with aplomb.

  • The majority of students (and staff) dressed as pirates, and I’m sure you will enjoy the range of images that are on the website for you to view. Thank you to everyone who made a gold coin donation to support children with brain cancer.
  • We are grateful every day for the efforts of our P & C, and everyone who supports each fundraising initiative. However, Friday was officially ‘P & C Day’ and an opportunity to publicly thank those members of the P & C who regularly work behind the scenes to run the canteen and uniform shop, to organise fundraising events and to connect families within our community.

Congratulations also to the Faction Leaders who organised and presented certificates to students in Years 4-6 who placed first, second and third at the interschool swimming carnival. I’m sorry that a few students who were to receive certificates, were unwell that day. Congratulations to you too!

Election Day Fundraiser

On behalf of the students and staff, thank you for supporting another successful P & C fundraising event!


As you are aware, last term all teachers placed weekly learning activities on Connect for children who were physically well but required to isolate under the ‘close contact’ protocols. This term, children are either well and attending school, or unwell and at home. Children who are unwell, irrespective of the specific illness, are not expected to complete learning at home. For this reason, teachers’ time and attention is currently focused on other tasks such as face to face teaching, assessments, and report writing. While one or two individual teachers might use Connect, for example to upload homework tasks, this is an exception. In exceptional circumstances, for example where a child may be at home on medical advice, children will have access to online learning platforms such as Literacy Planet and Mathletics. Teachers may also be able to email a spelling list, suggest a writing activity or recommend a focus for some research, but they will primarily be focused on the tasks mentioned above.

Cross-Country Event 

Next Tuesday, 31 May parents are invited to join us on the top oval, to see their child/children from Pre-Primary to Year 6, complete this year’s cross-country event. The cross-country event is intended to be suitable for all students, and Physical Education teachers, Ms Burrows and Ms Carruthers, have prepared the children for the event in their PE lessons. An important part of the students’ learning involves adopting a pace that suits them individually and enables them to complete the course, and they are supported to do this. For example, when children complete the course the first few times, they might choose to include four periods of walking. Over time, they find they are able to reduce the number of walking breaks, sometimes eliminating them completely. Students, particularly older students, are encouraged to determine what the event means to them personally. Some will choose to be competitive and excel at this particular event, while others will be more focused on persisting to achieve something that challenges them. Ms Burrows hopes that everyone will ’embrace running as a skill for life’ – sadly, I fear that I missed that boat, but it’s a positive, aspirational goal to have for our students!  If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding the Physical Education program, please don’t hesitate to contact (Years 3-6) or (P-2).

COVID Protocols

It remains the case that ‘close contacts’ are able to be out and about, which includes attending school, provided they are asymptomatic and test negative on a RAT each day during the isolation period. Those in Year 7 and above are also required to wear masks during the isolation period. Thank you for continuing to advise us when you have a child or another family member who tests positive. Again, based on feedback from families, if you or your child have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 but one or more RATs are negative, please consider seeking a PCR.

Best wishes for the rest of your week.

Absences/Messaging Service

Yesterday, our SMS absence alert system was activated. Some initial information regarding this service was emailed to parents.
Some points to further clarify the system:

  • This service does not replace our online absentee notices. Please continue to use the online absence form.
  • An SMS absence alert will be sent to your phone if your child is not at school by 10.30am and we have not been notified via the online absence form. You can then respond to the text with an absence explanation.

Pirate Day

Thank you to all our pirates that looked fantastic and helped raise money for Childhood Cancer last Friday. We raised $530.45!!


Click here for more Yo Ho Ho photos!









An increasing number of dogs are being bought into the school grounds when students are around. For safety reasons, please would parents refrain from bringing dogs of all sizes and ages onto school grounds when students are around. This includes assemblies, pick up and drop off times.

For those enjoying the upper playground and the wonderful open space on our oval, we would be grateful if you could please remind any friends and neighbours who walk their dogs, to ensure they take any ‘poop’ with them when they leave. It’s really disappointing when our Phys Ed specialists have to pick-up not one, but three or four lots of mess before your children can do athletics.

Thank you.


Australian Girls Choir Open Day
Look no further than the Australian Girls Choir (AGC) because we encourage, challenge and inspire girls as they learn to sing, dance and perform. School aged girls are invited to come along to our Open Day on Saturday June 18 to try our fun and inclusive classes and learn more about being part of the AGC! Please visit our website to register to attend our free Open Day:

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