General News Week 7

FACTION ATHLETICS Friday, 31st August

This Friday is the Year 3 – 6 Athletics Carnival. The order of events is available on the website. To all the parents and teachers that help out on the day, a massive ‘thank you’ in advance because these days would never happen without so many hands. We are very fortunate to have a supportive and helpful community. Please remember to bring your sunscreen, hats, picnic rugs and a little cash to support the P&C with their food stores on the day.


The Kapinara teams have had a very good season of basketball in the winter season with the last round robin games being played this weekend.  We have 10 teams and it gives me great joy seeing children play against tougher teams and learning how to improve their skills to match the other teams and be successful. So I am sure the parents have similar moments as well. The same 10 teams will be playing in the whole day competition on September 11 at Bendat Stadium. An excursion note will be sent home early next week. Thank you to the parents who are helping out on that day as well, sensational support for your children again at school events.  Louise Smith, Sports Specialist

 ART SHOW 2018

This year the art show is being held early in Term 4 and we are praying for better weather. We encourage the children to invite grandparents and extended family to the event so that they can show the work they have produced over the year.
We encourage families to take part in the Family Sculpture Project.  This year’s theme is  “Something that starts with ‘S’. Please remember sculptures need to be made of recycled materials with a maximum height of 1.5 metres. Put your thinking caps on!  Anna Trovarelli, Art Specialist


At last Friday’s assembly many of the characters we have grown to love and treasure stepped out of their books and into our undercover area. Students from PP – Year 6 dressed up as their favourite book character and were superbly led by their Year 6 Leaders, in our Bookweek Parade. All students (and teachers!) showed wonderful creativity with their costumes. This was followed by a rousing rendition of our Bookweek song ‘Gotta Keep Reading’ which was sung with gusto. During the day, students also enjoyed other Bookweek related activities. A huge thank you to all parents who helped in the costume preparations.

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