General News Week 7

Harmony Day

On Friday, 22nd March Year 3H will be running the assembly and our theme is Harmony Day which is the 21st March. We are encouraging all students and staff to wear orange on that day to show support for our diverse cultural community and to promote the message that everyone belongs. Thank you in anticipation of your support on the day. Wear orange on Friday, 22nd March 2019 for Harmony Day. A shirt, dress, shorts and hair ribbon that is orange would be fantastic! An orange  ribbon pinned on the chest would also be great if you do not have an orange shirt.

Did you know?

All known dates for School, P&C and Board events for the whole year have been put on our school calendar which is available on our website and are updated daily as information becomes available.

Electronic delivery of student formal reports

Over the last one or two years, schools have been moving to the electronic delivery of students’ semester reports. This year we will be joining them. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Faction Carnival Results  

1st         Strickland
2nd       Winter
3rd        Elliott

If you took any good photos of our carnival day,
please send them through!







The Art Room is in need of the following please
Easter egg wrappers
Ice cream containers
Yogurt containers-any size
Margarine containers and lids
Old plastic cups and plates you no longer need
Wool…any colour any ply
Household and garden utensils (wooden or metal) that are no longer needed that are broken or ready for the bin. Items can be placed outside the Art room in bags or boxes.

Scribblers Festival  – Thursday 9 May 2019

We are thrilled that the Year 3 – 6 Students will once again be attending the Scribblers Festival of Children’s Literature, to be held at Scotch College, early in Term 2. This will be an exciting ‘festival style event’ where the children will meet inspiring local, national and international writers and illustrators working in children’s literature. Students will attend three sessions with different presenters as well as experience roving artists and performers, and live art from artists in residence.  Permission notes are attached to this newsletter and on the website in the school calendar. Please complete and return to your child’s class teacher asap.
If you have any questions please contact Kylie Powell

Richard Luyke, School Psychologist

We are supported by the Department of Education’s Psychology Service. The service provides support across the following three areas:

  • Behaviour
    Working with students, parents and schools to identify and change target behaviours
  • Learning
    Conducting assessments of students experiencing learning difficulties and/or disabilities at school and supporting schools to make appropriate curriculum adjustments  
  • Mental health and wellbeing
    Providing direct support for students experiencing mental health and wellbeing difficulties, and supporting schools to maximise the development of positive mental health and wellbeing

Our School Psychologist is Mr Richard Luyke and he is at Kapinara on Wednesdays. If you would like any further information please contact Kim Knowles, Deputy Principal.


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