General News Week 3

Scribblers Festival 2019
Reflection from the Student Council.
Scribblers Festival was very beneficial for us and all the students as an educational experience. The first author the Year 6’s met was Renée Watson. She is a very confident poet and author. Renee was an inspiration to all of us and had a very interesting backstory to her book, Piecing Me Together. To conclude Renee asked all students to repeat a phrase ‘We all have a voice. My voice is powerful. My voice can change the world.’  These words made us all feel empowered and strong. Then there was Jeremy Lachlan. He was calm, cool and collected. He presented his first book Jane Doe and the Cradle of all Worlds. His book was very intriguing, many Year 6 students have already purchased it! Last, but not least, we saw a very talented author and speaker, Jaqueline Harvey! We all agree that Jaqueline Harvey was the best out of all of them as she was very engaging and interactive. Her stories were absolutely hilarious, and we really enjoyed learning about her new series, Kensy and Max. We enjoyed the entire day and found the experience extremely worthwhile. We are very thankful that we were able to make it to the festival. A big thank you to Mrs Powell for organising our trip!
“I learnt that I can change the world and my voice is powerful. I also learnt about Renee Watson and her story.” – Geordie G
“I was surprised just how engaging Jacqueline was. The only time I could take my eyes off her was when I blinked! But how well someone could perform a poem was beyond my imagination. Renee Watson was so inspiring to young girls like me. Jeremy’s story was one that is definitely worth while reading. Just from the prologue I had a picture in my head.” – Jessica W

Inter-School Swimming Carnival
We had a really successful term of swimming in Term One; swim club attendance was high.  As a result, students made some really great progress in both their swimming fitness and technique. The interschool swim carnival in Week 10 was a fantastic event. Kapinara finished 5th overall with some outstanding performances, with Cruz R and Stephanie W winning championship medals.  Our Year 6 boys’ relay team consisting of Zac A, Theo E, Lucas K and Alex H had a great race, securing first place in their category. As a school we achieved 28 ribbons (1st-4th place) over 51 events, demonstrating students’ exceptional strength and depth in their abilities as swimmers. Thank you to parent helpers who gave up their time to help on the day and also to John Scott who assisted with coaching at swim squad throughout the term.







Running Club
All children in Year 1 to Year 6 are welcome to come to running club every Tuesday and Thursday morning starting at 7.30am on the top oval.  This will run until the end of Week 9 this term.

P & C News
Walk to School Day- Friday 31 May . The P&C are hosting Walk to School Day, where children walk to school and then eat a healthy breakfast together. There will be meeting points at Tilton Park, Templetonia Park and Beecroft Park for those who wish to drive part of the way to school and then walk as a group. Coles Floreat is supporting the school by providing yummy breakfast items for the students.

The Year 6 families are hosting the upcoming Kapinara Hollywood Red Carpet Disco. The disco will be held at the Floreat Surf Club on Friday 7th June 2019.
Kindy – Year 2 (5.00pm – 6.30pm)
Year 3 – Year 6 (7.00pm – 8.30pm)
Dress up in Hollywood Red Carpet attire.
Order forms can be accessed via the website or the link on this newsletter email.
Please place order forms and cash ($15 per child) into a sealed envelope and deposit into the Disco drawer in the school office by Friday 31st May.  Physical tickets will
not be distributed.  Your child’s name will be added to a list and ticked off on arrival and departure on the night.


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