COVID update 4th February

Dear Families

I sincerely hope that you and your extended families are not only healthy, but also safe, and have been spared the direct impacts of this week’s bushfires. On behalf of the school community, thank you to those of you who have been on the frontline, managing and supporting those affected by COVID measures and/or the fires.

I have been waiting for further advice from the Premier and our Director General, but thought that I would confirm where things stand at the moment.

Unless or until we hear otherwise, I am anticipating that we will all return to school for the start of Term 1 on Monday, 8 February. I imagine that the beginning and end of the day will be as originally proposed. We already have additional cleaning in place for Term 1, hand sanitiser for classrooms, and have planned for handwashing throughout the day.

Swimming lessons at the beach that were due to start on Monday 8 February for students in Years 5 and 6, will now commence on Wednesday, and will be an eight day program. Kim Knowles has been amending permission slips, costs etc and information will be emailed to families on Monday morning, if not before. Of course, swimming lessons proceeding will be subject to any conditions which may be attached to school returning.

I will be in touch once again when I have further information pertaining to next week. In the meantime, stay locked away and safe for another 24 hours!

Take care everyone.