Canteen changes

After discussion with the school, the P&C have decided to commence a reduced canteen service commencing from tomorrow.
The aim is to reduce the numbers of adults on the school site, while supporting families by having recess and lunch options available for students.
There will be no volunteers working at canteen from tomorrow, which we will review next term. A huge thank you to all those volunteers who did sign up and we will call on you again for help at a future time.

The menu will have:
Recess– options of apple slinkys, apple berry muffins, chocolate muffins, drinks, fruit straps and vege chips
Lunch: Option of macaroni cheese, fried rice (with chicken, egg and veges), sausage rolls, meat pies, party pies plus all sushi. Lunch snack of quelch icy poles only.

For tomorrow only, there will be pizzas available at lunch in a limited number to use up perishable ingredients.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

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