Principal’s Message Week 7

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day … for yesterday now. One ‘educational’ source claims that Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national day … and the Chicago River is dyed green on this day. A bit of light-hearted trivia can’t really go astray in the current climate of ‘seriousness’ surely.

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all our Year 4-6 students who participated in the Faction Swimming Carnival last Friday. Special congratulations go to Strickland, as this year’s competition winners, and to the Champion Boys and Girls and Runner-Up Champion Boys and Girls mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter. Thanks to those family members who have helped out at the swimming carnival and/or Swim Squad sessions.

A few more changes

Apologies, I should have confirmed yesterday evening that choir and orchestra will also be cancelled until further notice. The Allergy Awareness incursion for students from Pre-Primary to Year 3, scheduled for Friday week has also been cancelled. However, Jackie Nevard, who was to present this session has developed an online resource which can be purchased by schools. We will have a look at this in due course. In the meantime you may wish to visit her website   Protective Behaviours sessions with Ali Fisher (PP-Year 2) will continue.

Consistent with the focus on containment, we will regrettably cease to have volunteers/parent helpers until further notice. Similarly, the canteen will be run by Canteen Manager Kirsten Piccinini, only. Our thanks to Kirsten for her willingness to do this!

In the event of a future announcement about keeping children at home (I’d prefer to use this term rather than ‘school closure’ or ‘school shutdown’) –  teachers will put together a list of activities and ideas that you may like to make available to your child/children. There are so many opportunities for learning out of school as well as at school, and we would like you to make decisions about what will work best for your family.

We will assume most of the activities will be done independently, so the tasks suggested by teachers will primarily be about reinforcing learning through practise and developing fluency in areas such as reading, spelling and maths. Teachers will use an online platform called Seesaw to communicate with students and parents. Many of you will already be familiar with this. If you do not already have a 2020 family account, in the next day or two you will receive via email, an invitation to create a Seesaw family account.

This afternoon we have received advice that we are unable to conduct assemblies where 100 people are present. If we were simply to have the choir perform with the children in 3H this would involve just over 100 students. We will therefore postpone the joint choir/3H performance until later in the year, and record the children in 3H sharing information with us about Harmony Day. We will make the recording available on the school website via a secure link; if not on Friday then by Monday. It is still Harmony Day and the children are still encouraged to wear orange!

Children Absent THIS Week

Thank you to those people who have advised us of their child’s absence, and the reason. If your child is at home, and you haven’t yet contacted your child’s teacher or me, I would be grateful if you could email me with a quick explanation. It is just helpful for us to know who is home as a precautionary measure and who is currently unwell – particularly if your child has cold/flu symptoms. Thank you 🙂

Lower Playground

To end on a bright note, the development of the lower playground has been continuing quietly in the background, and we have included a few photos on our website to help you see where we are to date. Thank you for supporting our P & C, who work in tandem with us throughout the year, to make special things like this happen.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell


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