General News Week 7

Recoverables Incursion 

Over the 18th, 19th and 20th of March,  Pre Primary- Year 6 will be participating in the introductory SUEZ Recoverables Incursion. Students will explore elements of household waste through hands on problem solving activities and discussion,  in sessions ranging from 30-45 minutes. They will also look into what goes into each bin, where it goes and what happens to it from there. This free incursion will help students to understand the impact on our environment if waste isn’t managed well. We look forward to participating in these sessions and can’t wait to apply the knowledge to our recycling methods here at Kapinara!


We will still celebrate Harmony Day on Friday, 20th March and would love all students and staff to support the day by wearing orange.


The Dental Van will be located at City Beach Primary School after the April School Holidays. If you are not registered and would like to make an appointment for your child, please contact Brenda on 0408 926794


Term accounts will be sent out this week. As usual , they will be titled ‘Reminder of Unpaid Billing Items’ as this is the clearest format that we can send the statements.

Thank you to everyone that has given such positive feedback on Qkr.  As Qkr was not available at the start of the year, there will be voluntary contributions and online learning costs showing on the statements for those

families not having paid these items through Officemax. Therefore unlike previous years, some families may receive a statement with voluntary contributions only as they have not yet had an opportunity to pay them.

These voluntary contributions add valuable resources to your child’s classroom and outdoor areas and enables us to upgrade digital devices for students on a regular basis. Your contributions are very much appreciated and highly valued.

Cancelled Events Quite a few families have already paid for In term swimming through Qkr. You will now have a credit on your account of $54.50 which can be used for costs already incurred (we will process) or towards future costs. If you would prefer a refund please email the office with your account details for processing.

Similarly we have refunded half the cost of Swim Squad  which will also be credited back to your account.

In term swimming refunds and swim squad refunds have already been allocated to any outstanding costs (not voluntary contributions) on your account, if you have any queries concerning the refunds or the position of your accounts please email the office for clarification.

How to pay your term account through Qkr

Super, super easy!

                  Click on the new item Term Accounts.

                 Enter the total amount of your account.


No need to click on each item on your account, that is for your reference only.


Sportsgirl leather looking purse, please see the office it you think it may belong to your child.


Due to the advice from the CBA, school banking has been suspended until further notice.


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