Scribblers Festival 2019

On Thursday 9th May, the children from Year 3 to 6 went to Scribblers Festival at Scotch College.  Writers and illustrators spoke to the children, inspiring them with tales and ideas of how to write a great story.

Here are some thoughts of the day from a few of our Year 4 and 5’s and some photos of the day.

On the 9th of May 2019, years 3-6 attended the Scribblers Festival. We met Jacqueline Harvey, Megan McDonald and Kate and Jol Temple. We liked how they told us funny stories about their life and showed us hilarious signs that were sure to make everyone giggle. We can’t wait to read the new book releases coming out soon and get stuck into them. This trip has inspired us loads and when it finished we had an urge to just pick up a book and read. We’re now totally on board to visit again and meet even more inspiring authors and illustrators. We never really dreamt of publishing books until we attended this awesome experience.

Grace and Chelsea Yr 4

The Scribbler’s Festival had many inspiring and humorous aspects, including when author Jaqueline Harvey shared stories of her experience as a teacher. She told us to instead of saying ‘nothing’ when our parents ask us how our day was, to tell a tale of the amazing, incredible things we learn and do. All of the authors agreed that one of the best things we can do to foster our creativity and writing ability, is to read. The information shon a light on our memory that reading is one of the most important thing to do in your life! They also gave us some tips on how they write. Kate and Joel Temple, told us that we need to give our characters a voice. One of the easiest way to do that is making the character write letters, or have a diary, this is what they did in their series ‘Yours Troolie Alice Toolie’ and ‘Captain Jimmy Cook’. Meghan McDonald, however, writes about her life. Her character Judy Moody is a collector, as is Meghan. Meghan collects ‘pizza tables’ which is the same as Judy Moody, and finding this out was one of the many entertaining and surprising moments at The Scribblers Festival. It was so much fun and we all would like to go next year. This was an amazing and educational experience, that we all adored!

By Grace B and Ephie K Yr 5

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