Community Notices Week 2

Newman Churchlands Swimming Club.

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Winter Squad season at
Squad training will commence on Monday 14 May at the heated pool at Newman College at 4pm.
Session times and fees:
1 session per week (Mondays only)
Registration fee $250
Juniors 4:00-5:00pm            Seniors 4:00-5:30pm
2 sessions per week (Mondays and Wednesday)
Registration fee $350
Juniors 4:00-5:00pm            Seniors 4:00-5:30pm
The link to the registration page can be found at the club website
NCSC Winter Squads will run from 14 May to 31 August 2018.  All current and new swimmers are welcome.

Name a shark!

Each year, the Ningaloo Outlook tagging and tracking research team heads to Ningaloo Reef to tag a small number of whale sharks. This involves attaching tagging technology to allow the movement of these animals to be tracked. You can view these movements at
So… the team need a few names for whale sharks that we will be tagging in June…
If you think you can come up with an inspirational name please send it into us by the 20th May 2018.
We will then short-list three names for you to vote on, with the top three names to be announced at the Whale Shark Festival – Exmouth (26th May 2018).


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