School Board

As an Independent Public School, Kapinara Primary School first established its Board in 2013. Each Board member is an elected representative, selected by the School community. The Kapinara School Board is comprised of 9 members (5 parent representatives and 4 teacher representatives).
It is a Board member’s responsibility to think critically and represent all sectors of the school community and not only one viewpoint or the view of an individual. Board members will take into account the following primary considerations when representing the community:

  1. The vision, purpose and values of the school
  2. What is in the best interests of the students
  3. What will enhance the education provided by the school both current and future

The functions of the Kapinara School Board are prescribed by the School Education Act 1999 and the School Education Regulations 2000 and include both approval and advisory roles. Some of the matters the Board may make decisions on include fees and charges, book lists, sponsorship and dress codes. The Board makes these decisions with the Principal and others who ensure the decisions adhere to legislative and policy requirements.

The Principal will also seek advice of the Board regarding community context to inform themselves before making management decisions. Periodically, the Board will consult the School community to directly contribute community context. Community views are particularly important in relation to operational Policy development/or practice changes, as well as for strategic planning, as part of the School’s three yearly Business Planning cycle.

The Board also provides an oversight and monitoring role, with regular review of school finances, performance data, strategic risk management and the implementation of the Business Plan.
The Kapinara School Board does not intervene in the control or management of the school.

You will find updates on the activities of the Kapinara School Board in the School newsfeed after each meeting, with meeting dates for the year identified in the school calendar. The Board typically holds a minimum of 6 meetings per year.

Download a copy of our Terms of Reference
Download a copy of our Code of Conduct

Kapinara Primary School Board – Annual Report 2021

Our School Board members

Elizabeth Blackwell: School Representative (Principal)

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in a number of different educational settings, but I remain most passionate about the teaching and learning process, young children’s development and the wellbeing of staff, children and their families.

I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, and what I miss most as a Principal, is working directly with children. I enjoyed ‘teaching’ everything – from tutoring Year 12 Maths while studying, to teaching multi-age classes in the South-West and 34 Year One children in the northern suburbs (although Wanneroo is no longer really a ‘northern suburb’). I worked in district (now regional) offices, providing support to schools in the metropolitan area in the area of early childhood education, and in our Department’s Central Office with more of a focus on early childhood policy and strategic planning. During these years my two children were born, and I spent 12 months at Edith Cowan University with the Centre for Child Health Promotion Research. Then it was back to schools, where I was a Deputy Principal and a few years later became a Principal. I am still fascinated by the whole teaching and learning process, and have become increasingly interested in children’s brain development and mental health and wellbeing, and the range of ways in which these impact children’s learning and behaviour. I can’t imagine a day where I’m not motivated to read and learn something new, or a time when I’m not excited about a new book.

Kim Knowles: School Representative (Deputy Principal)

As a parent of two children, Luke (26) and Sophie (23) I have been on a number of School Boards and have always had a desire to use my experience as a teacher to achieve benefits for all students, not just my own. I taught for many years in both country and metropolitan schools and am an experienced Deputy Principal, with 6 years in Kalgoorlie and 3 years at Cloverdale PS. Most recently I spent four years at Statewide Services as Principal Consultant for Numeracy. In this role I worked with principals and school leadership teams across the state to implement all aspects of school review and school improvement processes, with a focus in Mathematics. During this time, I completed a Master of Business Administration, giving me broader perspective outside of the education fields I had previously studied in.
As an experienced educator I am committed to sharing my knowledge, experience and expertise with the Kapinara school community. As stated in The Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2016 – 2019, “at the heart of our drive for continued improvement is the creation of a ‘high performance – high care’ culture in every school.” As a newly appointed board member I bring with me a passion to exemplify a high performance – high care culture at Kapinara.

Georgia Stewart: School Representative (Teacher)

I’m Georgia. I am currently teaching a Year 2 class and have loved teaching at Kapinara for the past 6 years. I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of year levels at Kapinara from Year One to Year Six and work collaboratively with all staff with a focus on leadership and student well being. I enjoy belonging to not only the Kapinara community but the Scarboro Surf Club where I contribute to building strong community spirit while enjoying our beautiful Western Australian coastline. I am looking forward to working with the Board to explore what avenues and direction the school may take in the future.

Taryn Landless: Parent Representative

My name is Taryn and I have two children at Kapinara. Olivia in Year 6 and James in Year 3. Our family has been with Kapinara for the past 4 years.
Having obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, I was led into a career in the Banking and Finance sector. This is where I met my husband Roy.
Prior to raising our family, I worked as a Private Banker where my portfolio consisted predominantly of executives to the mining sector. During this time, I was also responsible for training graduates within the department and I studied towards an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services. I currently work as an Administrator at a property inspection company where I am responsible for liaising with property managers and private landlords, scheduling work and training staff.
My husband and I have made it a priority to be involved with Kapinara, whether it be as class representative, basketball coach or helping out at the school sports carnivals.
Being on the school board means that I can expand my contribution to the school. I pride myself on my ability to look at the big picture and am confident that I can help make decisions that are in the best interests of the children and families at the school.

Vanessa Elliott: Chair

My name is Vanessa Elliott. Our eldest daughter Alessia is in Year 2 and we have a younger daughter Jordana who will commence Kindergarten in 2022.
I am a full time Mum at present. I really enjoy my role at home but also welcome this next phase of parenting by being part of the Kapinara school community and contributing to something greater than just our family unit.
I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Finance) and have spent the majority of my work life in Corporate Planning roles preparing business plans and budgets, undertaking financial analysis and process improvement projects, and implementing sustainability reporting, risk and asset management frameworks.
I look forward to the opportunity to act as a representative and contribute on behalf of all parents as a member on the Kapinara School Board. I feel that my professional experience closely aligns to the School Board’s activities. It will be a privilege to help maintain and build on what is already a strong foundation at Kapinara, to achieve the desired outcomes for all our children.

Naomi Taylor: Parent Representative

Chrissie Minissale: Teacher

Hello, I’m a passionate early childhood teacher.
I first trained as a Primary Teacher and spent many years working in junior primary classrooms throughout our wonderful state. I’ve worked in numerous metropolitan schools (Public and Independent), remote schools in the Pilbara and completed a few short appointments in District Offices.
I have two wonderful daughters, Sophie (22) and Anna (20). It was when I became a mother that my passion for very young learners started. As I attended playgroup sessions with my girls, I grew to love how the young brain learnt through play and it was then that I started wanting to find out more about the early years of a child’s education.
In 2007 I was appointed to Kapinara Primary School and in 2010 I went back to University to complete a Postgraduate in Early Years Education. Now I am full time in the Pre-Primary area and promote an environment of learning through play.
As a recently appointed Board member I bring with me my passion for Early Years Education and the importance of the foundation years of schooling being the building blocks to establishing a ‘high performance – high care’ culture at Kapinara. I am looking forward to working with the Board to explore future directions embracing and engaging the growing young minds of Kapinara students.

Kate Bardill: Parent Representative

I’m a parent to three children – two current at Kapinara – Molly in Year 3 and George in Year 1. Heidi will start Kindy in 2025, so we are and will be long-term Kapinara parents! I’m a full-time working mother with a stay-at home husband. We both do what we can to support the school community and I would relish the opportunity to support the school board in the future. Professionally, I am an operations manager of an oil & gas company. I manage a large blue collar work force and budget portfolio. I love leading a team and driving performance outcomes. My work challenges me to think strategically and with a governance mindset – attributes I believe will be valuable on the School Board. I have a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. I have a passion for STEM in schools and nurturing young, curious minds. I’m a mentor for young engineers and advocate for gender equality. I’d love the opportunity to support the school board and help shape Kapinara’s future.

Steve Hendry: Parent Representative

I am the father of two current students at Kapinara PS, Charlotte is in Year 4 and Harry Year 1. Both kids commenced their experience with the school though Kindy.

I am a Director, owner and adviser of a successful wealth management business, Redwood Wealth Alliance. I am a Responsible Manager (6 years) for our Australian Financial Services License, running our own license for over the last 20 years. We employ over 20 staff. I have a strong financial background and experience operating a business that has tight regulation and compliance requirements.

I have previously been involved with Collegians Amateur Football Club as a player, coach as well as acting as Secretary for 3 years. I have more recently been involved with the Wembley Downs Junior Football Club as an Auskick coach.