School Board

The Board exists to enable staff, parents and members of the community to engage in activities that promote the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school.

In collaboration with the school community and staff, we set a longer-term vision for the school, as detailed in our three year Business Plan.

Our vision at Kapinara is to help prepare children to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.  We strive to develop resilient children who treat themselves and others with respect, love learning, behave with integrity and think critically and creatively.

As a Board we always think of student outcomes first, and desire that all students have a zest for learning.  We are very keen to develop well rounded children, balancing academic pursuits with a broad range of other learning opportunities.  We have a proud history of academic, sporting, music and visual art excellence, along with the provision of a range of other extra-curricular activities.

We are cognisant of the health and wellbeing of all students and staff.

The Board is pleased with the school’s recent academic performance results, but we want to keep striving for ongoing improvement.  We are also pleased with recent parent and student survey results showing that the vast majority of students think their teachers expect them to do their best, feel safe at school and like being at school, but would like to see these results reach even higher positives in the future.

The Board actively seeks views and opinions from the broader school community in order to be as representative as possible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any one of us.

Our School Board members

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Elizabeth Blackwell: School Representative (Principal)

We have a new look School Board this year! We were delighted to have a record number of parent nominees from within our school community show an interest in, and commitment to, becoming a member of our Board.

In November last year, Board Chair Cherie Atchison, returned to Tasmania with her husband Dave and daughter Olivia. Our former Chair, Chris Higgs acted in this role during the last few weeks of 2018. This was also Chris’s final year with the Board as his younger son moved on to secondary school this year. Another long serving parent member, Lance Perry also completed his tenure at the end of 2018. On behalf of our school community, I wish to sincerely thank Cherie, Chris and Lance for the time and care they invested as Board members. I would also like to personally thank them for their support of the staff and myself.

This year we welcomed community Board members Vanessa Elliott, Taryn Landless and Jen Marschner, who have joined Dale Miller and Jen Mintz. We are grateful to Dale for taking on the role of Board Chair. We also have two staff members, Kim Knowles and Georgia Stewart, who have joined the Board this year. Together we are looking forward to finalising a new Business Plan, which will articulate the strategic direction for Kapinara Primary School’s next three years.

Kim Knowles: School Representative (Deputy Principal)

As a parent of two children, Luke (25) and Sophie (22) I have been on a number of School Boards and have always had a desire to use my experience as a teacher to achieve benefits for all students, not just my own. I taught for many years in both country and metropolitan schools and am an experienced Deputy Principal, with 6 years in Kalgoorlie and 3 years at Cloverdale PS. Most recently I spent four years at Statewide Services as Principal Consultant for Numeracy. In this role I worked with principals and school leadership teams across the state to implement all aspects of school review and school improvement processes, with a focus in Mathematics. During this time, I completed a Master of Business Administration, giving me broader perspective outside of the education fields I had previously studied in. I have now been at Kapinara for nine months and have been happy at being so welcomed into the Kapinara School community.
As an experienced educator I am committed to sharing my knowledge, experience and expertise with the Kapinara school community. As stated in The Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2016 – 2019, “at the heart of our drive for continued improvement is the creation of a ‘high performance – high care’ culture in every school.” As a newly appointed board member I bring with me a passion to exemplify a high performance – high care culture at Kapinara. 

Anna Trovarelli: School Representative (Teacher)

I started my teaching career in a small country town called Coomberdale in 1983 as a class room teacher.  I have had various roles in teaching including being a founding teacher in the Italian Immersion Programme at both Wanneroo Primary and East Wanneroo for some 12 years.  Whilst in this programme I was introduced to the world of Visual Arts which I adore!  I was fortunate enough to receive a posting to Kapinara in 2013 and really enjoy working with the parents, staff and most importantly the children.  Being on the Board has allowed me to be part of the school from a different perspective.

Georgia Stewart: School Representative (Teacher)


Dale Miller: Parent Representative

Hi, my name is Dale Miller and my daughter is in Year One and my son in Pre-Primary at Kapinara.
I am honoured to be a member of the Board, and will do all I can to represent parents’ ideas, views and concerns proactively and constructively. My particular interest is in assisting the school to develop our children into well-rounded people by nurturing their talents, social-emotional well-being and natural curiosity.
I work in the Department of Education’s central office as the Manager of System Performance, having previously worked in Evaluation, Aboriginal Education and as a psychologist in the WA Police Service. My qualifications include a Master in Applied Developmental Psychology,  Bachelor of Science (Hons), Graduate Diploma in Education and  Master of Business Administration.

Jen Wiggins: Parent Representative

I am a mother of three children; Maya, Noa and Evie, and in my spare time, I am a lawyer.  My family has been part of the Kapinara school community since 2011. Currently at Kapinara I have Noa in Year 4 and Evie in Year 2.  I would be honoured to represent the Kapinara Primary School community by working to ensure the continued success of Kapinara as a great environment to educate our children. I would be very keen to hear from the community to better understand the interests and concerns of other parents and work with the School principal and teachers to enhance the quality of education for all of our children.
As a lawyer I have worked in the corporate field assisting clients to manage their business affairs for over 20 years. Previously a partner at a large law firm, I have a great deal of commercial and management experience, including in the field of education.  Recently I acted for the State of Western Australia in the WA Schools public private partnership whereby the State contracted with a private consortium to design, build and maintain 8 new schools over a thirty year period.  I learnt a great deal about the interests and needs of schools during this period, and continue to advise the State when required in relation to this project.
I believe that in addition to being a Kapinara school parent, I would also bring a great deal of professional and valuable experience to the Board. 

Taryn Landless: Parent Representative

My name is Taryn and I have two children at Kapinara. Olivia in Year 4 and James in Year 1. Our family has been with Kapinara for the past 4 years.
Having obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, I was led into a career in the Banking and Finance sector. This is where I met my husband Roy.
Prior to raising our family, I worked as a Private Banker where my portfolio consisted predominantly of executives to the mining sector. During this time, I was also responsible for training graduates within the department and I studied towards an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services. I currently work as an Administrator at a property inspection company where I am responsible for liaising with property managers and private landlords, scheduling work and training staff.
My husband and I have made it a priority to be involved with Kapinara, whether it be as class representative, basketball coach or helping out at the school sports carnivals.
Being on the school board means that I can expand my contribution to the school. I pride myself on my ability to look at the big picture and am confident that I can help make decisions that are in the best interests of the children and families at the school.

Vanessa Elliott: Parent Representative

My name is Vanessa Elliott. Our eldest daughter Alessia is in Pre-Primary and we have a younger daughter Jordana who will commence Kindergarten in 2022.
I am a full time Mum at present. I really enjoy my role at home but also welcome this next phase of parenting by being part of the Kapinara school community and contributing to something greater than just our family unit.
I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Finance) and have spent the majority of my work life in Corporate Planning roles preparing business plans and budgets, undertaking financial analysis and process improvement projects, and implementing sustainability reporting, risk and asset management frameworks.
I look forward to the opportunity to act as a representative and contribute on behalf of all parents as a member on the Kapinara School Board. I feel that my professional experience closely aligns to the School Board’s activities. It will be a privilege to help maintain and build on what is already a strong foundation at Kapinara, to achieve the desired outcomes for all our children.

Jen Marschner: Parent Representative

I have long valued those qualities that make Kapinara a special place and will endeavour to uphold our school’s values with a respectful and collaborative approach. I have over 14 years of State Government Statutory Board and Committee experience through my ongoing involvement with the Heritage Council of Western Australia and have immensely enjoyed my career as an architect.
Our youngest daughter, Libby, is currently in Year 5.  I have been a member of the Kapinara School community since our son commenced in 2010, and our family has a long association with the school spanning back to the 1970’s when my husband was a student.
I have always been willing to ‘lean in’ and engage with our school community and I see a position on the School Board as an opportunity to represent the interests and priorities of parents in the strategic direction of our school, with a focus on achieving benefits for all our children.