School hours and Attendance

Arrival at School

Parents are asked that children do not arrive at school before 8.15 unless participating in a before school activity. Children arriving early are to sit outside the staff room , with their bags until 8.15am. All students should be on the school premises by 8.40am. If a student arrives after 8.45am, they must present to the front office and obtain a late card to hand to their teacher.


FULL DAY  If your child is going to be absent from school, please complete the online absentee advice on our website. You will find this it the top right of our home page. Please include the reason for the absence. We are required to mark the absence as ”unacceptable reason’ should the information be incomplete.

APPOINTMENTS Should it be unavoidable to take your child out for an appointment or will be arriving late or leaving early, please also complete the online absence. Use the drop down box to advise that it is a partial absence and note the arrival or departure time. eg arriving 10.30am

Both absentees come through to Admin and are forwarded onto your child’s teacher/s.

UNEXPLAINED ABSENCES If we have not received an absence form by 10.30am and your child is absent, you will be sent an SMS to alert you. Please respond to this text with an absence explanation.

Bell Times

Start: 8.45
Recess: 10.50-11.10
Lunch: 12.15-12.55
Kindy Finish: 2.45
School Finish: 3.00

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