Principal’s Message Week 7

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your understanding and support regarding the change of date for our Faction Carnival, and your response to the request for help on the day. We look forward to a great day on Monday. In the meantime please join us

  • this Friday morning for an assembly hosted by the children in Mrs Tombides’ Year 1 class, and a special performance by the choir; and/or
  • this Friday evening for another P & C Quiz Night

Invisible Cities

I’m delighted to be able to share images of the student artwork that was completed with Miss Trovarelli and Mrs Corradi, our Artist in Residence this term. If you haven’t seen the colourful clay houses ‘up close’ I encourage you to do so the next time you are at Kapinara. Children have really enjoyed showing their parents the house they created. If you look closely you can just make out their initials which have been positioned discretely somewhere on their artwork.

Planning for 2020

Just a reminder to please let us know if your child won’t be returning to Kapinara next year. While it seems fairly early, it is important information for our planning, particularly in terms of budgeting, and structuring classes. Thanks for your understanding in this regard.

If you know of any families who are yet to enrol their child in a Kindergarten program or similar next year, please let them know about the recent changes regarding immunisation. Legislative changes mean that schools and childcare centre are unable to enrol a child unless they have a current immunisation status of ‘up to date’ or evidence of an approved ‘catch-up schedule’.

Puzzles and Lego

We are reaching out to families who may have Lego and/or puzzles that you can bare to part with. Lego will enable students to extend their technology learning, particularly in terms of combining Lego creations with robotics, for example including slight and motion sensors, motors etc. We are hoping to add puzzles to a small number we have currently, as one of several options available to students at lunchtimes. For this reason, puzzles with up to one or two hundred pieces are probably best, as its difficult to store those that require long periods of time to complete. Donations will be gratefully received and can be dropped in at the office 

ICAS Assessments

The first of the ICAS assessments, being Science, will take place this Thursday, 5 September at 8:15am. Class teachers have a list of students (Years 2-6) who are registered for the Science assessment, and will remind them. If you are in any doubt however, send a quick email to your child’s teacher, or better still encourage your child to be responsible for checking with his/her teacher.

Sometimes in an effort to just ‘get things done’ and remove something from the long list of things we are trying to remember, we step in and do it ourselves. As a general rule however, we should try hard to avoid doing things for children that they are capable of doing themselves – whether its remembering their library book (they usually need it on the same day each week!); carrying their own school bag (they are rarely too heavy); or returning a permission slip. This is how they become increasingly independent and develop a sense of self-efficacy … over time. They won’t necessarily get it right the first, or even the second time, but they can do it.

Interestingly, after I wrote the paragraph above, the latest edition of Insight came through ‘Are you asking your kids to step up’ which you can access through our Parent Information tab on our website. If you are interested, there is a webinar in a couple of weeks, that can be accessed for free as we have a Parenting Ideas membership this year.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell



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