October Sustainability

It’s been  a busy few days for sustainability in the school. Thanks to the P&C for their hard work in the vege patch we were able to harvest amazing carrots and beetroots and turn them into delicious and nutritious carrot cake bliss balls and mixed juice. We unfortunately had to cancel the proposed beach clean up today but were lucky enough to have Kate Sputore, a Coastal and Marine Program Manager with Perth NRM, come and talk to the students about what they might have found at the beach. Marine debris, particularly single use plastic, is obviously a huge problem due to its impact on people and animals and their habitat, and the students came up with some fantastic ideas about ways we can help to reduce plastic pollution. The two activities linked very well as Kate’s key message on the way we can help the planet was to plant more plants! We look forward to continuing to work with the Adopt a Beach program on ways we can help to make our school more sustainable.
The Sustainability Team

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