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Monday – Running Club
Tuesday – Orchestra Rehearsal
Tuesday – Cubing Club (lunchtime)
Wednesday – Choir Rehearsal
Thursday – Running Club
Friday – Walk to School Day
Friday – Assembly/P&C Appreciation Day

Monday – Running Club
Tuesday – Orchestra Rehearsal
Wednesday – Choir Rehearsal
Thursday – Running Club
Friday – Reconciliation Assembly – Moorditi Mob Performance

Year 6 Disco

What a fabulous night! Thank you to all those involved in making it such an extra special event, so good to see all the happy smiling faces enjoying the Hawaiian theme. A lot of fun was had by all!

Walk Safely to School Day

We’re taking it in our stride for National Walk Safely to School Day

This Friday, 19 May, marks the 24th year of National Walk Safely to School Day, an initiative which encourages children to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by walking to school. The event also promotes reduced car-dependency, greater use of public transport, cleaner air, and improved road safely awareness.

On Friday, you are invited to walk, cycle, skate, or scoot alongside your child/children to school. If you have to drive, why not park the car a few streets away from the school and walk the rest of the way? Once you arrive, we kindly ask that all bikes, scooters and skateboards are parked in the basketball court, where they’ll be secured for the day, and then enjoy a light healthy breakfast, courtesy of our fabulous P & C and the Town of Cambridge. Thank you to all our P&C parent volunteers for helping arrange another great event.

Coinciding with National Walk Safely to School Day, is National Road Safety Week. Let’s make the pledge to keep our roads safe and protect our children.

P&C Day WA

Please join us for an assembly on Friday morning to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional work of our Parents and Citizens’ Association. These volunteers are a shining light whose dedication and passion help to provide Kapinara students with the outstanding educational experience they deserve.

Lost Property

With cooler mornings, children have been coming to school wearing jumpers and jackets, but these items don’t always make their way home. It’s not limited to garments though; there are hats, drink bottles and even lunchboxes and shoes. If your child has misplaced a garment or personal item, please check Lost Property located outside the entrance to the top corridor.


Kapinara students wear their school uniform with pride whether they are at school or representing the school in the community. Wearing the full school uniform is important for quick identification onsite and offsite, but most importantly, it provides a sense of connectedness and belong to our school. Please can you ensure you send your child to school wearing the correct uniform, outlined in the Dress Code Policy, so we can continue to uphold the high standard of dress.

It is recommended children wear non-slip sports shoes or sandals. Footwear should be selected with safety in mind and be suitable for Physical Education lessons, general fitness, sporting activities and recess and lunchtime activities such as running and climbing on playgrounds. Socks should be plain white or black, and low or crew length.

Where a student’s hair is shoulder length or longer, it should be tied up. It is also important that hair styles don’t impact on learning or safety because hair is falling in a child’s field of vision. 

Plain, standard size stud or sleeper earrings are permitted. It is recommended that other more decorative jewellery is saved for casual wear and special occasions external to school. This is for safety reasons and to ensure valuable items are not lost or damaged. Other jewellery is not recommended to be worn to school. With the exception of dress up days or school assembly/drama productions, make-up, nail polish, sticker jewellery and temporary tattoos should not be worn.  

Kapinara Primary School Dress Code

School Visitors

Each day, we have many visitors to Kapinara for a variety of reasons. It is vital we know who is onsite in the case of an emergency. Whether you’re a parent, volunteer, relief staff, or an external provider, it is necessary to report to the front office, even if you are only going to be onsite for a few moments. We will ask you to sign in if appropriate, sign out your child if leaving the premises, or we will acknowledge that you are briefly on the school grounds, in case of an emergency. Visitors do not have to sign in if they are attending a whole-school event, such as an assembly or sporting carnival, but must enter the school through the front office in all other situations within school hours. Thank you.

Absent from School

With Winter fast approaching and the prevalence of sniffles, coughs and colds increasing, your child may become poorly and be unable to attend school. If your child is sick and needs some time to rest and recover, please notify the school via the Absent from School tab on the website, and again for any subsequent days until they return, fit and healthy.

Max and the Premier!

Max B in PP2 loves his footy, so much so that he wrote to the Premier asking for the ‘Gather Round’ to be held in Perth. Premier McGowan has written back to Max who proudly has shown us the letter he received.

Dear Max, Thank you for your letter received on 24 April 2023 regarding the AFL Gather Round held recently in Adelaide. I am glad to hear that you enjoy watching the football and I thank you for your advocacy for Western Australia. While the Gather Round is scheduled to take place in Adelaide until 2026, we are always looking for more ways to celebrate the achievements of football and all other sports in Western Australia. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me. Your sincerely Mark McGowan MLA

P&C News

Please click here for the latest newsletter from your P&C.

P&C Newsletter – May 2023


Australian Girls Open Day

Look no further than the Australian Girls Choir (AGC) because we encourage, challenge and inspire girls as they learn to sing, dance and perform. School aged girls are invited to come along to our June Open Day to try our fun and inclusive classes and learn more about being part of the AGC! Please visit our website to register to attend our free Open Day:

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