Year 5 Kindness, Consideration, Service for Others Project

Dear Parents and Carers

Kindness, Consideration and Service for Others

The Year 5 students have been exploring our school motto and suggesting ways in which they can extend this into the wider Perth community.

There were three areas that the children identified as being of particular concern to them: homelessness, refugees and domestic violence. Learning around these ‘big’ issues was not focused on the inherent complexity of the issues themselves, but rather on how as students they could do something to improve the lives of those touched by these circumstances. As such this project is about ‘providing something nice to someone in need.”

In groups, students have prepared a video promoting their cause and are asking all Kapinara students to assist them, by donating to at least one of the three (more if they so wish) worthwhile groups of recipients. However, there is no obligation to donate to more than one.  Suggestions for donations included stationery items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wipes, soap, lip balm etc. Once all donations have been collected, the Year 5 students will make up Christmas boxes which will be distributed via the school.

Please help our Year 5 students to help someone else by donating to one or more of the boxes provided in the front office.

On behalf of the Year 5 students, thank you for your care and support.

Mrs Zaltmsan, Mr Hodgson, Miss Stewart, Mrs Dixon and Mr Watt, Year 5 Teachers

November 2018