Term 4 Sport Update

Term 4 Inflatable Soccer Week 2-8

Kapinara students are invited to play in the Inflatable Soccer competition at City Beach Primary School. The Yr 4-6 competition will be on Tuesdays and the Yr 1-3 competition will be on Wednesdays. Interested families are asked to make their own arrangements and then register with Mrs Smith by email on Louise.Smith@education.wa.edu.au advising of players, which parent will be the manager and a team name. The recommended size for a team is 7 players. Fixtures will vary between 3:30pm, 4:15pm and 5:00pm. When teams play at 5:00pm they are required to stay after the game to pack away the equipment. 

Term 4 Basketball Competition

There have been many students register for the Term 4 basketball competition! Mrs Smith will be creating the teams soon. Please understand that this competition is to allow new players to try out the sport and for existing players to work on their skills. On that note, where possible requests to keep teams the same as the winter competition will be honoured, but some teams may be mixed up if needed. Please contact Louise Smith sooner rather than later if you have any concerns. Your understanding and flexibility to accommodate any team changes is appreciated.