String Orchestra and Choir Year 4 – 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the year. This year we will be starting choir in Week 4 Term 1, instead of Term 2.

I will be holding choir ‘auditions’ in class in the next week, to give me an idea of children’s vocal ranges and tones, to assist me in the selection of appropriate repertoire. It is not a formal audition. All children wanting to join the choir will be able to.

Weekly Choir rehearsals will be held in on Thursdays, starting at 8.00am sharp and finishing at 8.30am.  Choir will commence

Week 4 Thursday, 27 February.

Please note this will include a commitment from families to ensure choir students (i) will have access to a full choir uniform; and (ii) are available to perform at least two key events out of school hours including:

  • The Soiree (formerly String Night); and
  • The Wembley Downs Fair

There is a myriad of benefits that singing in a group with your peers can bring to children. These include boosting self-esteem, lifting mood, creating a sense of teamwork, increasing neuro-connections that support academic achievement, developing the musical ear and having fun!

Kind Regards,

Sarina Li
MEd, BMus

Music Teacher
Kapinara Primary School
2 Catesby St