Sports News Week 9

Athletics Report

Thank you to everyone who attended our athletics carnival last week. It was the first time we have attempted to put the event on over just the one day. We greatly appreciated the
cooperation from both the students and parents to start the day early with the jumps and throws, which enabled the carnival to run to schedule.

There were some brilliant performances by the students throughout the day. Staff worked
tirelessly to ensure the whole event ran smoothly and we really appreciate the help we received from parents to coordinate the field and running events. Thank you to the P&C for providing
delicious snacks and drinks throughout the day and a huge thank you to all those parents and carers who came to support their children and the event.

The overall faction winners of the carnival were Strickland. The champion girls and boys from each year group are listed below.

We are now looking forward to our students competing at the Interschool Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 24th September.  Good luck to all those competing on the day.

Ms Burrows

Year Group Champions
Year 3 Girls Champion

Runner Up

Arabella T

Meg W

Year 3 Boys Champion

Runner Up

Arki E

Jed P

Year 4 Girls Champion

Runner Up

Chelsea H

Stevie S

Year 4 Boys Champion

Runner Up

Owen M

Jeremy F

Year 5 Girls Champion

Runners Up

Stephanie W

Eve A

Year 5 Boys Champions

Runner Up

Will T

Cooper G

Year 6 Girls Champion

Runners Up

Sara L

Jessica W

Year 6  Boys Champion

Runner Up

Seb S

Jethro L