Sports News Week 4

Running Club Term 2

Week 1 saw the return of running club for its 4th year. I have been so impressed with the number of children and parents who have attended so far. The philosophy of the running club has always been to “Have a Go”. It doesn’t matter if you arrive late, complete one lap or 10. It is a great way to start the day and to improve your fitness and challenge yourself. If you are keen to try for the 100km club, please see target laps required for each year level.

PP/Yr1/Yr2    60 laps=100km
Yr3/Yr4         80 laps=100km
Yr5/Yr6        100 laps=100km

The cost is $10 to be paid to the front office. The $10 will cover participation medals and 100km medals.

Louise Smith
Phys Ed Teacher

5 ways to run at Running Club

Jog/walk 1 lap
Run 1 lap
Always alternate

Walk all the way, enjoy the morning with a few friends.

Every 5 cones run faster than normal
Every 5 cones jog slowly
Always alternate

Lap 1 easy jog
Lap 2&3 fast laps
Lap 4 easy jog
Lap 5 fast running

Run one lap
Do intervals
Finish with however many laps you want to.