Protective Behaviours PP-2

Dear Parents and Carers

RE Protective Behaviours for Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2

As many of you will be aware, for the last few years Kapinara students have participated in a series of five Protective Behaviours sessions. Protective Behaviours’ learning focuses on empowering children with the strategies and skills they need in order to feel safe, be safe and stay safe. The ultimate aim of Protective Behaviours is to protect children from abuse, and the teaching of Protective Behaviours has recently become mandatory for public schools. If you are interested in learning more about Protective Behaviours, further information can be found at

Ms Ali Fisher, who has presented the series of lessons in many schools including ours, will be presenting the sessions again this year for children from Pre-Primary to Year 2. Teachers have participated in a range of professional learning around Child Protection, including Protective Behaviours, and are always present during the lessons, ensuring they are in a position to follow-up and support the children in their class. Ali Fisher will also send home written notes outlining what the focus of the lesson has been on a given day, so that you are also in a position to follow up with your child or children.

The total cost for the five Protective Behaviours sessions is $28.00 and we will add this amount to your term account. I’m cognisant of the fact that some families have more than one child and some families are paying for swimming lessons and/or squad this term. The staff and the School Board however, believe this to be essential learning, and Protective Behaviours will form half of the health curriculum students will participate in this term.  The program commences on Friday.

As with all matters, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above. Thank you for supporting the programs and initiatives at Kapinara.

Kind regards

Elizabeth Blackwell


5 February 2019