Principal’s Message Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers

A huge assembly …

It was great to welcome so many to our assembly last week hosted by 3FJ .

The class shared what they had learned in the context of Science Week, highlighting the process inventors go through, including the challenges they face, to reach a final ‘workable product’. Congratulations to the students, who had scripted their own vignettes about Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Ada Lovelace. Congratulations too to those who were acknowledged for their running club efforts, and to those who received certificates from their teachers.

Cooper R received recognition for his speech on exercise, as part of the Cambridge Rotary public speaking event. Cooper was presented with a certificate by Mr Jeremy Wood, former President of Cambridge Rotary. Current President of Cambridge Rotary, Mr Peter Pearse presented the school with a Dymocks gift voucher. Thank you Cooper and Rotary. Cooper speaks in the Rotary Primary School district final this evening, and we wish him well!

I would also like to thank Maddie W and Ruby S for the combined speech they presented on KINDNESS, a cornerstone of our school motto, and something that can be easily overlooked among the pressures and ‘busyness’ of everyday life. We hope to be able to share their speech via our school website soon.


It was also great to welcome families to our two athletics carnivals. Congratulations to Mrs Smith and Mr Hodgson for organising these events, and a very sincere thank you to teachers and parent helpers who ensured things ran smoothly. Parents with children from Kindergarten to Year 2 are invited to complete a 10 second survey created by Mr Hodgson, to seek feedback on the junior carnival. Please click on this link

Selected students in Years 3-6 will represent Kapinara at the Interschool Athletics Carnival at Woodlands PS tomorrow. Go Kapinara!!

Basketball and Technologies

Today, students in Years 3-6 have participated in either a day of basketball or a movie making day (Technologies). The idea was to provide the basketball students who play out of school hours, with the opportunity to participate in the School Sport WA Basketball competition at Bendat Stadium, while providing an alternative enrichment activity for their non-basketball playing peers. Thank you to Ms Lauren Filov who has done a lot of work behind the scenes for the technologies day, and to Mrs Louise Smith who has done the work behind the scenes for the basketballers.


Please remember that dogs should be kept at the perimeter of the school only. We are inviting one of the Town of Cambridge Rangers to talk to our students about helpful and unhelpful ways of interacting with dogs and you will be invited to join us. In the meantime, please respect that one of the strategies we have in place to keep everyone safe at Kapinara, is that dogs remain at the perimeter of the school. It would be helpful if you could also remind anyone walking their dog on school grounds at any other time, to pick up any of the messes made by their dog. Your children deserve to play on an oval, playground and quadrangle that is clean.

2019 Enrolments

Please continue to advise us if your child will not be attending Kapinara PS next year. This is important information for our planning in terms of creating classes and determining budgets. Thank you to those few families who have already done so.

Planned Absences

I would like to thank families who have contacted me regarding planned absences from school. While I may not be in a position to authorise some of these absences, I appreciate the courtesy of being informed prior to the event, as do our teachers. It can also mean that disruption to others in the class can be minimised to some extent.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Town of Cambridge Local Schools Art Exhibition on Thursday evening, and many of you at next Friday’s assembly hosted by PP1 & PP2.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell