Principal’s Message Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers



Thank you for joining for us for our end of year ‘Beatlemania’ concert last week. Despite the particularly warm weather, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sparkle, the energy and excitement, and the trip down memory lane. Congratulations to our talented students, their musical coaches Ms Li, Mrs Berry and also Mrs Minissale and Mrs Loleva. I would like to thank all families for ensuring children were in costume ready to sing their hearts out, and those individual parents who assisted with costumes, the program, the sausage sizzle and the canteen. Finally, I’d like to thank our staff for their support behind the scenes. It was a lovely ‘almost end’ to the school year.

Volunteer Morning Tea

We look forward to welcoming to a morning tea, the many people who have so kindly given of their time and expertise to support and enhance our students’ learning. You are invited to join us in the STAFFROOM between 10:15 and 11:00am. Thank you for all you have done this year.

One family in particular who will leave Kapinara after many years, including many years of service, is the Leaman family. To Cass and Chris, please accept our very grateful thanks for the countless hours you have invested in the Kapinara community, across a range of roles and a range of years. You have been amazing!


Students in Years 2-6 once again were offered the opportunity to participate in ICAS – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools. Yesterday, I was privileged to attend the ICAS 2019 Medal Presentation Ceremony at Government House, where Toby W (Year 3) received a medal in the area of Science. Congratulations Toby! It was also lovely to catch up with former student Charlotte L, who received a medal for English. On Friday we will hand out all ICAS certificates. Those who received a High Distinction or Distinction for one or more ICAS assessments will be presented with their certificate at a brief assembly hosted by the student councillors. The remaining certificates will be presented to students in class. Previously we have presented Credit certificates at an assembly, but this year we have 127 and its forecast to be 40 degrees, hence the decision to present them in class.


Next Tuesday we will formally celebrate the graduation of our Year 6 students. The ceremony commences at 12:40pm. On behalf of the Kapinara Primary School community, I congratulate our Year 6 students and wish them every success and happiness as they Leave Kapinara for secondary school.

Contributions and Charges Schedule

Please find a link on this newsletter email to the 2020 Contributions and Charges Schedule. Like the Personal Requirements Lists for 2020, the schedule has been endorsed by the School Board. The schedule shows the MAXIMUM amount that families will need to ‘allow’ or budget for in 2020. Not all items in a given year level will be relevant to all children in that year level (Instrumental Music/PEAC etc)

You will notice that ‘Voluntary Contributions’ appear on the Personal Requirements Lists (Booklists) for 2020. These can be paid EITHER through OfficeMax or through the school office. At the most recent P & C meeting it was suggested that I explain why these contributions (school contribution and P & C contributions) matter so much, particularly given the comment we hear every now and then that ‘public school education should be free’ and that the rate of Voluntary Contributions was a bit lower this year.

Public schools receive a base allocation, and funding for however many students are enrolled ON CENSUS DAY in February. Schools do not receive any additional funding for student enrolments after that date (with the exception of those in high growth areas that need to create new classes of students during the year).

Schools then receive additional funding for each child requiring some additional support where English is an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D); or where they have been diagnosed with a disability (this doesn’t include diagnoses of ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia etc). Additional funding is also provided based on the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and the number of children from families with a low annual income. Schools also receive additional funding if they are in geographically isolated locations in WA. Kapinara therefore receives little funding in addition to the base allocation and per capita funding. We are fortunate that the majority of our families are in a position to pay the voluntary contributions, and do. This enables us to provide resources and opportunities that we might otherwise not be able to provide. It also illustrates why the funds and support we receive from the P & C is so very important, and so highly valued.

End of Year

With each week in Term 4, schools seems to gain more and more momentum. Unfortunately, it’s something on which we can depend each year! I’d like to thank families for their support in advising immediately of any changes to enrolment for 2020, for ensuring library and reading books have been returned, and particularly for ensuring term accounts have been finalised. Having said that, Gail and Sarah in the front office are currently spending time following up unpaid term accounts. We would be grateful if all accounts could now be finalised as a matter of urgency. Thank you.

We anticipate that the new system that will be in place from the beginning of next year, will enable families to ‘pay as you go’. However, items placed on student accounts that remain unpaid at the end of term, will result in no further amounts being added to term accounts, and new items will need to be paid as events arise. This will help our office to operate more efficiently, and our budgets to be balanced in a timely manner. As always, any families experiencing financial difficulties, are invited to speak to either Linda Wayman, Manager Corporate Services or myself.

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the staff, students and families who have worked together throughout the year to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children at Kapinara. My warmest wishes for your special family celebrations and a wonderful vacation break.

Finally, I extend a warm welcome to our families reading our newsletter for the first time, we welcome you to our Kapinara community and look forward to working with you next year.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell