Principal’s Message Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers

Congratulations to 2/3D for an informative and entertaining assembly last Friday. You will find a link to a photo and some cool facts about the cosmos. The latter are captured in an excerpt from the poem the students recited. It’s quite common to learn something new at our assemblies lately.

Interschool Cross-Country (Years 3-6)

City Beach Primary School, who are hosting the Interschool Cross Country event have confirmed that it will go ahead tomorrow as planned. The schedule has been amended and the program is due to commence at 12:15pm, and be finished within two hours. All students attending interschool events are expected to travel to and from the venue as a school team. That is, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, such as a child coming immediately from, or going immediately to, PEAC, students must return to school with the rest of the school team. This enables us to maximise their safety and reinforce that they are participating as a team.

School Review

Our School Review has been postponed until next week as a number of staff are unwell, or in Miss Stewart’s case – injured. We hope everyone makes a speedy recovery.

NAIDOC Week Assembly

Please join us for a special NIADOC Week assembly on Thursday 4 July 2019. The assembly will be hosted by students in 3FJ. We are also privileged to have Professor Marion Kickett, from the Aboriginal Health and Education Research Unit, Curtin University, join us that morning. Professor Kickett will speak to us about the origins of ‘Welcome to Country’ and how this is connected to what we do today. You are invited to join us for this special assembly.

This year’s NAIDOC Week theme is Voice. Treaty. Truth. These were three key elements to the reforms set out in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life.


As previously advised, this semester we will send reports home electronically. It’s imperative that we have accurate email addresses, as a link will be sent to the email accounts we have on record. At the end of next week you will also be able to access Year Level Grade Allocations, some information about grade allocations, and a glossary. While we try to ensure reports can be read without the need to have a dictionary on hand, we recognise that some words and phrases that we commonly use with children, may not be familiar to parents. These are the ones we will include in the glossary.

My very best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday.

Best wishes