Principal’s Message Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers

Special Events

Thank you to the children of 3H who hosted our recent assembly. They had several very important ‘Harmony Day’ messages for us. One of the messages was that, like a drawing created using a crayon of only one colour, our lives would not be nearly as rich if we were all the same. They also helped create a sense of belonging by asking everyone to wear orange, the ‘colour of Harmony Day’. It was interesting for Kapinara to be a sea of orange instead of a sea of blue.

Our next assembly is on the final day of term, Friday 12 April, and will be hosted by 4W. On the previous day we will host a small service to commemorate Anzac Day, which falls in the school holiday period. It will commence immediately after morning recess, and will be co-hosted by the Year 3 and Year 6 students.

The other event in Week 10 is the interschool swimming carnival at HBF stadium on the morning of Wednesday, 10 April. Our very best wishes to all those representing Kapinara.

Student Safety

Yesterday we had a small meeting to remind children in Years 1-6 of two key safety issues. The primary message was about safety on bikes. In the space of only a few days we have received reports of students travelling home in groups (that part is great), but crossing roads without checking for cars and cars having to stop in the middle of the road as a group of students crossed at the same time. Yesterday it was reported that there was a near miss near Holy Spirit Primary School after school. Those riding were identified as Kapinara students and they were allegedly not riding safely.

Following yesterday’s meeting, all students are aware that when they ride to school, they must follow the perimeter of the school until they reach the path leading down to the library, on Catesby St. At this point they are to hop off their bike and wheel it down to the bike racks outside the library. As of today, in the afternoons, students are expected to walk their bikes up the same path onto Catesby St, and then ride following the perimeter of the school as far as possible. I’m sorry if this causes inconvenience (or a lack of excitement because students are unable to ride down the grassy slope and skid to a halt at the bottom). This may be reviewed at a later date if a significant shift in behaviour occurs.  Today students were also reminded that they must have a hat each day. There are not too many things that students must be responsible for, but a Kapinara hat with their name inside is one of them!

School Board

Thank you to the many of you who took the time to consider nominees for the School Board and to complete the brief survey. It is now a requirement for all Board members to undergo a criminal screening check before they are announced as Board members and attend their first meeting. I would like to again thank each of the parents who stood as nominees, and to finally welcome new parent members Jen Marschner, Taryn Landless and Vanessa Elliott to the Board. We also have two new staff members, Kim Knowles and Georgia Stewart. Our Initial meetings will be particularly important as we shape the Business Plan that will take us through the next three years, as we prepare for our school review in late May.

Sound System

Last week we had a new sound system installed in the undercover area. We trust that this will mean a much better sound with much better coverage, particularly for those sitting or standing at the back or in the quadrangle. Thank you to the P&C, for their significant support in funding.

Best wishes for a safe and happy upcoming holiday break.

Elizabeth Blackwell