Principal’s Message Week 8

Thanks P & C

I am delighted to share both a photo and Sonja W’s clever drawing of the new swing in the Pre-Primary playground. This was one of the purchases that the school and P & C shared the cost of recently.
Special thanks also to the crew who turned up on Sunday morning to spread some of the free mulch we received a month or two ago. While our valued gardener Simon Dewar, does an amazing job, even he was going to take a long time to spread that much mulch! Thanks to the mulching crew!








Cross Country Events

Congratulations to our students in Pre-Primary to Year 2 who completed the 650m cross-country run last week. We were all very thankful for the great weather that afternoon.
We are also hoping for good weather tomorrow, when ten local schools participate in the Interschool Cross Country event being held at City Beach Oval. Best wishes to the 64 Kapinara students from Years 3-6 who are running tomorrow.

Annual Report

It sounds strange to say that you may like to view our 2017 Annual Report on our website, but the official version is now there to be viewed. School Reports or Annual Reports are a requirement of all public schools. They are primarily intended to provide information regarding how the school is tracking in terms of meeting the targets articulated in the Business Plan. Some, including ours, also capture some of the school’s programs and events. The 2017 Annual Report has a small but special section on Kapinara’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. We have printed a small number of these. If you are not a member of the School Board or the K50 organising team, but you would like a hard copy, please contact Gail Preston via

Deputy Principal

My highly valued colleague, Wendy Tusak, has worked in a number of roles at Kapinara, most recently in the Deputy Principal role following Michael Davey’s retirement last year. Her commitment to this role has been exemplary and she has been an enormous support to her colleagues, students, parents and particularly to me.
This term as required, we completed a recruitment process for a substantive Deputy Principal. This has resulted in the appointment of Ms Kim Knowles, an experienced deputy principal, who has also spent the last two or three years working with a range of schools in a consultancy role at State-wide Services. She will commence at the beginning of Term 3.
I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Wendy for the many qualities and skills she has brought to the role and to acknowledge her passion for, and dedication to, all things Kapinara. She will be taking some well-deserved leave in the coming months (she is going to be a grandmother again!). I’m confident that you will join with me in thanking her, wishing her well and eagerly anticipating her return. Thank you Mrs Tusak!

Student Reports

End of semester reports will come home with children early next week. These reports are a key part of the ‘Reporting to Parents’ process and as such they are intended to survive the journey home intact! The only comment directed to children are those written by me, and some written by teachers at the end of the general comment. On the website will be some information previously written about the reporting process. We will also include a glossary of common or newly introduced terms (most of the latter are likely to come from the Technologies curriculum over time); and the Learning Area Grade Allocation document that is made available at the end of each reporting period.
In summary, here are a few key points pertaining to student reports:

  • Please take particular note of the bottom section of your child’s report (Attitudes, Behaviour and Effort) and the general comment from your child’s teacher
  • Without taking anything away from the importance of high levels of achievement, please consider talking about the above section with your child
  • Each grade is assigned against an ‘Achievement Standard’ for each learning area and each year level. Students are only assessed on the part of the Achievement Standard that has been taught in the first semester
  • The grade each child receives within each learning area tells you whether your child has demonstrated achievement of the knowledge, skills and understandings contained in the Achievement Standard at a satisfactory, high, excellent or in some cases limited level
  • ‘Satisfactory’ = ‘achieving at the expected level for that year group’
  • Reports should reflect what your child has demonstrated independently, over time and in different contexts (unless otherwise stated)
  • There a range of reasons why your child’s levels of achievement may change from year to year and semester to semester. Your child’s teacher will be able to talk to you about your child and his/her achievement this semester.

Finally, striking a balance between providing parents with information that relates directly to the Achievement Standard and therefore the grade, and providing parents with information that you can interpret and that means something to you, is a signi?cant challenge. I am very open to feedback about this. Parents have a broad range of backgrounds, and something that makes sense to some won’t necessarily make sense to others. We are also aware that education, like most other disciplines, has its own lexicon/language. It’s something we try to be aware of in the reporting process. We may or may not be achieving it! We’ll be emailing a very brief survey out when reports have gone home, to try to see how closely we are hitting the mark.

Kind Regards

Elizabeth Blackwell