Principal’s Message Week 5

Dear Parents and Carers

Remembrance Day
Thank you to Mrs Powell and the students in 4/5P for leading us in a thoughtful commemorative service for Remembrance Day yesterday. Thanks too to the students in that class who sold poppies, and to families who purchased them.

Arts Night
We hope that most, if not all, families will join us at some point between 5:00 and 7:00pm on Thursday evening, when Kapinara hosts its annual Arts Night. It promises to be a balmy summer evening, and drinks will be on sale near the canteen, with nibbles courtesy of our P & C. This year, the Scholastic Book Fair coincides with Arts Night, and families will be able to visit the Book Fair in the school library between 5 and 6pm. Come and see some wonderful artworks, including the family sculptures made from recycled materials.

Out of School Hours Care
Just a reminder that we will host a short meeting at 6:00pm today to enable parents to talk to me, about the aspects of out of school hours care programs that they value most. If you are unable to make it, you are welcome to email me some dot points by 12:00pm tomorrow (Thursday). I have extended the timeline due to the newsletter being sent this afternoon.

Planning for 2020
Another reminder regarding planning for 2020. As per the invitation in the last newsletter, if there is something that you believe is likely to impact significantly on your child’s education, please contact me directly by emailing me at or making an appointment to see me via Gail or Sarah in the office by Wednesday 20 November. If your child won’t be attending Kapinara next year, and you haven’t already done so, please afford us the courtesy of letting us know immediately.

St Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal
This term we have two or three initiatives aligned to the ‘service for others’ component of our school motto. Over the next three weeks, we are asking families to pick up an extra one or two (non-perishable) items while shopping. The children in 3FJ and 3H will be promoting the collection. They will be displaying posters around the school and will also visit classes each morning to collect items. Items may also be placed in the ‘blue bin’ in the front office. Thank you for supporting this collection for those who may otherwise not be able to celebrate Christmas with some of the trimmings we associate with this time of the year.

Free Dress Day
Student Councillors, Honey W and Olivia Y, are coordinating a free-dress day in Week 8 to raise money for another group requiring support. Information from these Year 6 students will follow.

Bike Safety – Urgent
I urge all parents of children who ride to school, to remind them about the importance of strictly adhering to road rules, particularly when riding to and from school. In the last few days another community member visited the school to advise us that a significant number of Kapinara students are once again crossing roads in large groups and failing to look carefully for cars and pedestrians. One of the ‘hot spots’ is around Tilton Park, particularly where it intersects Empire Ave. The Year 5 and 6 students were very fortunate to access fully funded Bike Education programs this year, and should be well aware of road rules and the importance of adhering to them. Students younger than Year 5 will probably need considerable support from home, perhaps backed up by a ‘practice run’ on the weekends.

Without exception, everyone arriving at school by bicycle must follow the path to the entrance of Catesby St, alight at the top of the path, and walk their bikes to the bike racks. At the end of the day, bikes must be walked up the path (NOT the grassed bank near the playground). Please, let’s work together to keep all Kapinara students safe!

School Uniform
One thing our community does so well, is to ensure all students are in school uniform each day. However, in the last few weeks you could be forgiven for thinking it was ‘crazy sock day’. We would be grateful if families could return to ensuring children come to school in short, white socks so that our uniform remains … well uniform.
On days when children are participating in Phys Ed, fitness activities and/or wanting to spend their recess and lunchtimes climbing on playground equipment, they should be in sneakers/joggers. Thanks for your cooperation.

I look forward to seeing you at the Arts Night on Thursday.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell