Principal’s Message Week 5

Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you and congratulations to Mr Watt’s class for hosting our assembly last Friday. They took us back a few decades with the Beach Boys and some smooth moves. Congratulations also to those students who received merit certificates and ICAS awards. We were particularly delighted to share Charlotte L’s (Year 5) success in English (reading comprehension). She received a High Distinction, which is awarded to the top 1% of students. We were also thrilled that over a dozen students received a Distinction in Writing (placing them in the top 11%) and half a dozen received a Distinction in English. Significant numbers received credits placing them in the top third of students who completed the assessments. We have recently been advised that from next year, ICAS will be offered online for students from Year 4.

Personal Requirements Lists 2019

Personal Requirements Lists (formerly known as ‘booklists’) will be available from next week. While OfficeMax is the preferred supplier again this year, and our school benefits when families purchase items through the company, items may be purchased anywhere. It is helpful if families could try to adhere to the brands of stationery items etc specified as they are usually selected for their longevity. Please be assured that considerable time and thought is invested in the Requirements Lists. We consider resources that we believe will best support teaching and learning programs at this point in time (2019). As such, the items will vary a little from year to year, and will differ among schools.

Charges and Voluntary Contributions

The School Board also considers and endorses the schedule of Charges and Voluntary Contributions for the following school year. Our Board did this along with the Personal Requirements lists at our Board meeting last week. It is a requirement that all public schools provide the schedule to parents at least two months prior to the start of the next school year, to enable families to anticipate and plan ahead for potential costs associated with school. The costs provided are maximum predicted costs, and in many cases the amounts will be less, particularly with regard to excursions/incursions. If families ever find amounts difficult to pay for whatever reason, please have a confidential chat with me.

Bike Education

A couple of people have recently asked about Bike Education. Wendy Tusak has previously run a five session Bike Ed program for students in Year 5. The program was dependent on parent volunteers, and the school paid to release Mrs Tusak from other duties. It had been becoming increasingly difficult to get the required number of volunteers, and after the much lower number of volunteers last year, we determined that it was no longer safe or practical to run in its current form. Having said that, we have been looking at a program called Let’s Ride that is available through Cycling WA and Sporting Schools. We will put a question about the program in the Parent National School Opinion Survey that we hope to make available in the next week or so. This will inform our decision making for next year, including which year levels are offered the program.

National School Opinion Surveys

I appreciate that completing surveys is often a chore, but this is the most efficient way for us to canvas our school community about what matters, and possibly what doesn’t. While it doesn’t dictate future planning it certainly informs our planning, particularly when we have information from students, parents and staff sitting alongside each other. As an example, we have continued to offer ICAS in the past two or three years based on feedback from families via the surveys. I am committed to making the survey as quick and easy to complete as possible, and in return I ask that you again make time to complete it. We value your feedback – positive or negative, but offered respectfully with a view to ongoing school improvement. Thank you for taking the time.

Finally, you are invited to join us for our brief Remembrance Day service, immediately after recess on Friday morning. In the meantime we are looking forward to the visit by author/illustrators Frane Lessac and Mark Greenwood on Thursday.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell