Principal’s Message Week 3

Dear Parents and Carers
It was a pleasure to welcome several new students and their families to Kapinara this term. Everyone has settled in, or in some cases, ‘resettled’ smoothly into this welcoming community.

Congratulations and thanks to Mrs Tusak’s Year 1/2 class for hosting our assembly last Friday. The children shared many of the interesting facts they had learned as they had been on a grand adventure, travelling around the world. For example, did you know that Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms?!
The class ended up in Egypt where they ‘walked like an Egyptian’ and sang The Mummy Song. Mr Sean L’Estrange MLA, our local member of parliament joined us for the assembly (you may have even seen his Friday Facebook posts which included the Year 1/2 class performing at assembly, and a shout out to teachers for World Teachers’ Day). He also presented the school with two copies of the book Charles Court I love this place

Wembley Downs Fair
Congratulations to Ms Li and our choir who performed at the opening of the Wembley Downs Fair on Saturday. It was beautiful weather and many families took the opportunity to spend time at the Fair. It was also great to see our students and their families representing their Scouts WA groups, to raise funds for their organisation.

Soiree (Strings’ Night)
Tonight everyone is invited to a Soiree at Churchlands SHS. The Soiree, previously known as the Strings Night, will feature individual and ensemble performances by instrumental music students and members of the school choir. It would be particularly valuable for those students who have submitted an Expression of Interest for the 2020 Instrumental Music Program, to come along. I hope to see many of you there.

Planning for 2020
Please continue to advise us as soon as possible, if your child will not be attending Kapinara next year. This is critical for our planning. Thank you, and thanks to those families who have contacted us already.

Your child
As I have done in the past, I invite you to let me know if there is any information that you believe is likely to impact significantly on your child’s learning and/or wellbeing next year. Many hours of thought, care and collaboration go into establishing class groups. Notwithstanding this, if you wish to make me aware of any additional information pertaining specifically to your child, please contact me either through the school office, or via email or phone in the next two weeks (no later than Tuesday 12 November 2019). This does not include requests for a specific teacher. Please contact me directly rather than speaking informally with your child’s teacher. An informal chat with your child’s teacher potentially places teachers in a difficult position, and information can be too easily misplaced or misrepresented. The main reason however, is that it may be necessary for me to make last minute changes to classes over the vacation period, and this is the only way of ensuring I have all the information I require.

Term accounts
Term accounts for students from Kindergarten to Year 5 should arrive by mail next week (Week 4). The accounts you receive will include all costs associated with this term, including Protective Behaviours sessions for Kindergarten children and swimming lessons for students from Pre-Primary to Year 4. Of course we welcome you popping in in the meantime to inquire about your child’s account and pay a little earlier.
Notwithstanding this, we would be very grateful if accounts could be finalised by the end of Week 7 (Friday 29 November) wherever possible. We hope to minimise what can be significant amounts of time in the office ‘following up’ unpaid accounts, thus freeing up time for the many administrative tasks that the end of the school year demands. Thank you for your courtesy, and support in this regard.

Today was the first day of the Loose Parts Incursion for students up to Year 5. In addition to the incursion offering students a unique play-based opportunity where they can let their creativity and imagination run wild, teachers will be able to observe how individual students and the class as a whole interacts with the materials. This will in turn enable us to determine whether we explore how similar opportunities might be provided for students on an ongoing basis. Some photos of Mrs Chipps’ class playing with the materials can be found on our website.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell