Principal’s Message Week 3

Dear Parents and Carers

What’s Happening

  • Last week over 200 Kapinara students in Years 3-6 attended the Scribblers Festival at Scotch College.
  • Our children in Pre-Primary and Years 1 and 2, will have their opportunity to participate in a special ‘author’ workshop later this term, when Dr Cameron Stelzer -The Story Doctor visits Kapinara in Term 3.
  • Running Club and Choir also commenced last week.
  • This week, our students in Years 3 and 5 will complete NAPLAN. As I have said previously, schools have many ways of ‘assessing’ children’s learning – ranging from informal strategies to check for understanding, which might be as simple as asking a question, to more formal assessments such as NAPLAN.
  • As with any collection of data, what is important is that the information is used for the purpose for which it was intended. Concerns around NAPLAN usually arise when this doesn’t happen and/or when NAPLAN data is not viewed in a much broader context of student assessments, of which NAPLAN is only one part.
  • Ensuring children are ‘ready for NAPLAN’ should be like any other day – being ready for school and ready for learning is about having a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy breakfast and arriving at school in time to be organised for the day … and like any other day and any other task, the expectation is simply that you ‘do your best’.

Walk Safely to School Day

  • This Friday (17 May) is National Walk Safely to School Day, but we will be making Friday, 31 May Kapinara’s Walk Safely to School Day.
  • The national initiative is designed to encourage children and their parents/carers to walk regularly and safely to school; and seeks to promote road safety, the importance of physical activity and caring for the environment. It also o?ers an opportunity for families and schools to reinforce behaviours pertaining to pedestrian safety.
  • The P & C are taking a lead on this initiative, and will also take the opportunity to focus on the importance of healthy food and drinks, through the provision of a healthy breakfast. This has been a highly successful event in previous years, and I encourage all families to participate.
  • Please refer to last week’s and next week’s P & C newsletters for information, but note the new date!

Cross Country Events

  • Our Faction Cross Country event involving students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 is scheduled for Wednesday 12 June. Further information will be provided by Miss Burrows and Mr Hodgson.

Coming Soon

  • Communication from our School Board re the school song;
  • Communication seeking ideas from the school community to enable use of the lower oval to be maximised

Thank You and Hooray

Finally, a huge thank you to our P & C and those who actively support P & C fundraising events. The upgraded outdoor environment for the Kindy, and the works to retain and preserve the ‘slope’ on the lower oval are to be celebrated. Thanks to the Town of Cambridge for their donation of many plants. I would also particularly like to acknowledge the persistence and hours of research invested by parent Jordy Cain and Manager Corporate Services, Linda Wayman; and the coordination and oversight of our gardener/handyman Simon Dewar. Thank you all!

Best wishes

Elizabeth Blackwell