Principal’s Message Week 2

Dear Parents and Carers

Anzac Day Service

Anzac Day and our Anzac Day service seem a long time ago, despite being only one week ago. I’d like to thank and congratulate the children in Mrs H’s class and in Mrs Jonklaas’s and Ms Filov’s class for leading us through such a thoughtful Anzac Day service.  Thank you to these teachers for their work with the students;  to Felix C’s mother Jo for playing the Last Post and the Rouse for us; to the many families who brought flowers; the parents who created the beautiful wreaths; and to Mr Sean L’Estrange MLA for sharing his thoughts and perspectives as a Defence Force veteran. I would also like to commend our students on their very respectful participation.

Scribblers Festival

Some very excited Year 3-6 students (and staff!) will be heading to the inaugural Scribblers Festival on Thursday. I smiled as I read the introductory paragraph on the Scribbler’s website (below) as it looks very much like our school purpose and our school vision. It reads

‘Developed with the input of internationally recognised creativity expert Paul Collard, CEO of Creativity and Culture in Education (CCE), the Creative Learning Program seeks to work with children and young adults in equipping them with the skills and confidence to approach the challenges of a changing world with lateral thinking ability, creativity, and resilience.’


In the next week or two the media will probably shift its focus from Gonski to NAPLAN. Our students, along with many others, will complete NAPLAN online (the exception being Year 3 Writing which will be pencil and paper).  Schools have paper versions of the assessments should something unforeseen happen. WA is actually well placed to oversee the administration of online assessments, given that our State has been administering OLNA in secondary schools for several years. As I have said many times, schools have a myriad of ways of ‘assessing’ children’s learning – ranging from informal strategies to check for understanding, which might be as simple as asking a question, to more formal assessments such as NAPLAN. Ensuring children are ‘ready for NAPLAN’ will be like any other day of being ‘ready for school’ – a good night’s sleep, breakfast and arriving at school in plenty of time will ensure we maximise children’s opportunities to learn and thrive.

Cross Country

This year Mr Hodgson has been teaching Physical Education to students from Pre-Primary to Year 2, and Mrs Smith to students in Years 3 -6. Aligned to this, we will hold two separate Faction Cross Country events (Term 2) and two separate Faction Athletics events (Term 3). The older children will complete the cross country event at City Beach oval and the younger children on our upper oval. The Year 3-6 cross country event is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday 6 June. We anticipate that the P-2 event will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 13 June.


On Friday we will farewell our Manager of Corporate Services, Ms Sandi Davies. Sandi has been an integral member of our administration team for over two years and on behalf of our staff and the broader school community I would like to sincerely thank her for the contribution she has made to Kapinara Primary School. We wish her every happiness and success.

Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell