Principal’s Message Week 11

Dear Parents and Carers

School Board

At our most recent School Board meeting, a new Chair was elected, and we are very pleased to welcome Cherie Atchison to this role. Chris Higgs, who has been our Board Chair for the last four years, will support Cherie as he ‘hands over the baton’. On behalf of the Board and the school community I would like to acknowledge Chris’ contribution to our school. This takes many forms, but we are particularly grateful to him for his role as Board Chair. Thank you Chris.
At the next meeting of the School Board we will be considering the allocation of our budget for 2018. Unfortunately, government departments are bound by the timelines of Treasury, which is why we are only able to finalise our budget now. Having said that, we have been working with a draft budget (albeit a tight one) throughout Term 1. The Board plays an important role in ensuring that the way in which resources are allocated, enables us to effectively implement the focuses of our Business Plan this year.

P & C
Through the financial contributions of our parents and the great fundraising efforts of our P & C, we have been able to purchase a range of new reading materials for independent reading. Thanks everyone!

Our neighbours
In the last week we have received correspondence from a distressed neighbour. The neighbour had been offended by the behaviour of someone dropping a child at our school in the morning. While I appreciate that it can be difficult to park at pick-up and drop-off times, this is the situation at almost every school.  You may recall that we previously worked with parents and officers at the Town of Cambridge, to consider ways in which we could potentially improve the efficiency of the pick-up/drop off experience. This resulted in the extended ‘Kiss and Drive’ bays and some other minor changes around our school boundary. The ‘Kiss and Drive’ section of our boundary received another small modification in the last few months.          
Some of you who have a considerably longer experience with the school, may recall that for a number of years there has been a strong request for those in vehicles to move around the perimeter of the school in an anti-clockwise direction, at pick-up and drop-off times.  I believe that these measures  maximise our attempts to make the beginning and end of the school day as safe and efficient as possible. Please be mindful of our neighbours – particularly their driveways, which should enable them to enter and exit without difficulty at all times, and please do not double park—the risk of accident and injury is too great. Thanks for your cooperation.

Court Orders
This is just a reminder, to please ensure that we have copies of any Court Orders. Court Orders, like Psychologist’s reports and other confidential documents are kept in a locked filing cabinet separate from student files that contain more general information such as enrolment details, some medical information etc

Anzac Day Service
Our Year 3 students will be leading us in an Anzac Service on the first day of next term, Monday 30 April 2018. You are most welcome to join us at 10:50am.

Interschool Swimming
As Term 2 draws to a close, so too does Swim Squad. Congratulations to our many students who participated in Swim Squad and the Faction Swimming Carnival; and thank you again to Mrs Smith and her many parent helpers who helped make these the positive experiences that they were. On behalf of the school community, our very best wishes to our team of swimmers who will represent Kapinara at the Interschool Carnival tomorrow morning.  I hope some of you are able to join us at HBF stadium tomorrow morning.

On behalf of the Kapinara PS staff, my best wishes for a safe and happy holiday break.

Elizabeth Blackwell