Principal’s Message Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers

I trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday break.

Swimming Lessons

Today the children from Pre-Primary to Year 2 commence the in-term swimming program. The costs associated with in-term swimming are simply the cost of the bus and pool entry. The Department of Education WA funds the teaching component.
If you have a child doing in-term swimming can I suggest you label EVERYTHING. Goggles and footwear are often the same or similar in appearance, and students are reluctant to ‘own up to’ lost underwear – even your child’s initials will help.

Parent Survey

For those of you who may be new to Kapinara this year, in Term 4 we ask families to complete a survey. Known as National School Opinion Surveys, there are similar surveys for parents, teachers and students (pitched at students in Years 5 and 6).
A section of the survey is mandated by the Australian Government and the items are of a very general nature, as they need to be to cover the scope of the full range of schools. Unfortunately, many items are open to interpretation. In the absence of anything ‘better’ however, we use several of the items to establish targets in non-academic areas within our Business Plan. For this reason, it is important to us that as many families as possible complete these surveys.
There is another section of the survey which allows us to develop items that pertain specifically to our school. This is the most economical way for the school and the Board to obtain feedback and perspectives from families regarding programs, events, initiatives etc.

Before and After School

Please remember that students are expected to arrive at school for an 8:45 start in class; which means that children are expected to arrive between about 8:30 – 8:40am. The expectation is that they sit and read/chat etc until classes are open. While some children arrive just prior to 8:30am, a small number appear to be arriving significantly earlier. Recently a significant number of children have also been remaining on-site for up to 30mins at the end of the day – these include younger children. This rarely poses a problem when a parent/carer is present, but increasingly this is not always the case.   
While we want children to become as independent as possible, we are concerned about children travelling to and from school before or after most other families are travelling to and from school. Travelling at the same time as others helps to keep children safe. Please ensure that if your child is staying to play with peers beyond 3:10/3:15pm that a parent or carer is nearby. This is also true for the playground adjacent to the upper oval. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Arts Night

Despite still recovering from the weeks of work invested in the Catesby St mosaic, Miss Trovarelli is keen for the students to showcase the artworks they have completed throughout the year. We therefore look forward to welcoming you to Arts Night on Thursday 25th October (Week 3). Please consider creating a family artwork … something that begins with ‘S’.


Please note that, due to Arts Night, the assembly hosted by 4/5W is now on Friday 2 November. We will also have a small Remembrance Day service the following Friday (9 November) at approx. 11:00am. 
We look forward to seeing you at Arts Night.

Best wishes.

Elizabeth Blackwell