Principal’s Message – Administration of Medication

Dear Parents and Carers

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some information regarding the administration of medication.

Upon enrolment of a child, parents complete a ‘Student Health Care Summary’ form. The form includes health information such as allergies and any other diagnosed conditions; emergency contact details; parent consent to share health information and what support, if any, the child needs at school. It is essential that these details are updated when there are any changes.

Students who need medical support at school must have a ‘Management and Emergency Response Plan’. Most commonly these plans relate to allergies and asthma, but may also include things like Diabetes and seizures.

Student Medication

  • School staff can administer medication to a student with written approval from a parent or carer. The exception is that parent approval is not required in an emergency such as unexpected anaphylaxis.
  • Long-term medication
    Prescribed or non-prescribed medication that a student is required to take during school hours due to an ongoing medical condition. This will be recorded in the student’s Health Care Plan.
  • Short-term medication
    Parents may request that school staff administer prescribed or non-prescribed medication for students for a short period of time (antibiotics, Panadol etc).  That is, for less than two weeks and/or for a condition that doesn’t require a long-term health care plan. For this to occur, parents must complete an Administration of Medication form, which is available on our website. For medication to be administered to a child at school, medication must be provided in its original packaging with the student’s name and the required dosage.


Best wishes
Elizabeth Blackwell