Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Carers

I must confess, I am wondering where the last ten weeks has gone. Thank you for continuing to work with us throughout this time to keep our school community safe … and to ensure that the learning and wellbeing of Kapinara students has remained our collective priority. Like you, I am incredibly grateful to be living in Western Australia!

Family Survey

This afternoon you will have received an email from me, seeking your perspectives on the impact on your family, of some measures put in place in response to COVID-19. This was followed by an email containing a survey link. The survey should only take a few minutes, and will available until Thursday afternoon.

Semester Reports

As you will be aware from my message in Week 8, the Australian Government, in response to school disruptions, advised that Semester 1 student reports would not require ‘grades’ as they normally would. We have however, for two out of three strands of English and Maths, indicated whether each child is currently achieving at the expected standard, above or below. This is the case for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6. Most other learning areas contain a description of the key learning focuses for Semester 1. Please be assured that while this semester’s reports don’t contain ‘grades’ or indicate levels of achievement on a five point scale as they normally would, teachers have continued to gather and record information pertaining each child’s learning. This information, combined with information that will be gathered throughout Semester 2, will inform the grades your child will receive at the end of the year.

Kindergarten students receive a report based on key outcomes within the Early Years Learning Framework. This is an Australian framework developed for children up to the age of eight years, although most of our schools ‘shift’ to the WA Curriculum to guide teaching and learning when children start Pre-Primary.

It is the intention that semester reports will (under ‘normal‘ circumstances) provide parents with information about their child’s levels of achievement, their efforts and work habits, and their strengths and interests, at two key points in time each year. Please be aware however, that you can seek information about your child and ‘how he/she is going‘ at any point throughout the year. There are several ways to do this – you might simply send a brief email to check in; request a phone call or request a meeting with your child’s teacher. 

The survey sent today also contains a couple of questions about preferred times, if we were to arrange an afternoon/evening visit to classrooms and/or schedule parent-teacher meetings. It would be great to receive a response on behalf of most, if not all families.

My best wishes for a safe and relaxing holiday … close to home? 🙂 

Elizabeth Blackwell