P&C News Week 8

Kapinara Community Patch garden– Bunnings is visiting to assist with the garden this Thursday 28th March at 9am. We would appreciate some helping hands for this event, please come along if you are free.

Banking- The final banking for Term 1 will be next week (Week 9).

Uniform Shop- Thank you to our fabulous uniform reps Nicky and Claire who have worked hard to provide the 2019 Year 6 leavers with their fantastic leavers’ shirts and jackets.

Canteen- HELP!

We are needing a volunteer for the early shift on Tuesday 2nd April to help out class 4W please. Anyone able to assist please sign themselves up on  http://signup.com/go/OFCPcFZ.
We are also in need of a volunteer in Week 10 for the late shift on Thursday 11th April to help out class 1T. Please sign up if you can.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who have helped in canteen in Term 1. The Term 2 roster is out now and your class reps will be emailing with details of shifts that your class are covering. See below for the term roster. The link for the Term 2 roster is http://signup.com/go/ivGRcyg



Term 2- assignment of canteen roster as follows:
Week 1- Class 3H
Week 2- Class 1/2 T
Week 3- Class PP1
Week 4- Class PP2
Week 5- Class 6D
Week 6- Class 6S
Week 7- Class 3FJ
Week 8- Class  1C
Week 9- Class 4/5P
Week 10- 2BJNext P&C meeting is next Tuesday 2nd April at 7pm in the staff room. Everyone welcome!

Easter Raffle 2019

This week, students from all classes across the school will bring home tickets to sell for the Pre-Primary Easter Raffle fundraiser on behalf of the P&C. Each student will have 5 tickets to sell as follows:  1 ticket = $2, 3 tickets = $5.

Prizes will include:
1 Large Easter Hamper
3-4 Smaller Hampers (depends on number of donations received)

Ticket stubs (with name and contact info of purchaser) and cash collected should be returned to the front office in the envelope provided by Thursday 11th April. Winners will be drawn and announced on Friday 12th April at the last school assembly for Term 1.
Money and ticket stubs will be collected from the front office by the Pre-Primary admin reps for deposit to the P&C, to be used in supporting the ongoing needs of the school. If anyone has any questions, please contact the Pre-Primary admin reps.
Thank you for your support of the Pre-Primary Easter Raffle!

  Entertainment Books

Kapinara will be fundraising by selling Entertainment Books again this year.  Books will go home for viewing in early Term 2.  However, books are already available for pre-order.  See below for details.

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