P&C News Week 7

Canteen News

Would you like to the be the Canteen Roster Co-ordinator in 2019? This role can be done entirely from home. If you would like more information, please contact Kate Cawley on 0488235175 or k-pcawley@hotmail.com.

We are looking for one volunteer this Thursday 22 November, 10.45am-1pm. There are also four upcoming shifts to fill – see the roster below. Please sign up if you are free. ? The signup link is http://signup.com/go/yVWgDYy (cut and paste this link). Your child(ren) will receive a free morning tea if you work for 2 hours or a free lunch if you work for 4 hours. Please complete a recess (white) or lunch (brown) paper bag with their order, without payment. Thanks to all volunteers for giving up your time!

Please contact Kate Cawley (P&C Canteen Roster Co-ordinator) on 0488235175 or k-pcawley@hotmail.com if you have any questions or need to change your shift. 

Term 4 2018           Canteen Volunteers
Wk 7 Class 2/3HS  
Tuesday 20 November Chelsey Mullally (8.45-10.45am), Michelle Lamb (8.45-10.45am), Nikki Little (10.45am-1pm) and Erica White (10.45am-1pm) 
Thursday 22 November Claudia Wink (8.45-10.45am), Nhi Do (8.45-10.45am), Chelsey Mullally (10.45am-1pm) and 1 shift required (10.45am-1pm)
Wk 8 Class 3FJ  
Tuesday 27 November Elissa Roberts (8.45-10.45am), Belinda Edmunds (10.45am-1pm) and 2 shifts required (8.45-10.45am and 10.45am-1pm) 
Thursday 29 November Bec Flavel (8.45-10.45am), Jane Tresise (8.45-10.45am), Lan Cao (10.45am-1pm) and Maiko Yatsufuji (10.45am-1pm) 
Wk 9 Class 4P  
Tuesday 4 December Jordy Veerman (8.45-10.45am), Gemma Salama (8.45-10.45am) and 2 shifts required (10.45am-1pm and 10.45am-1pm)
Thursday 6 December Wendy Atkins (8.45-10.45am), Mary Scott (8.45-10.45am), Jen Marschner (10.45am-1pm) and Erica White (10.45am-1pm)
Wk 10  
Canteen closed for cleaning  


Kapinara Uniform Shop Notice

Kapinara Uniform shop will be closed the last week of school for Stocktake.
Last day’s opened this year will be the 4th and 6th of December. We will be opened Friday the 1st February 9-11am prior to school starting in 2019. But you don’t have to wait until then!
Do you have a child starting in PP 2019, now is the time to start thinking about school uniforms.
We will have a special uniform open day the Wednesday 28th November after the PP parent information session. 3-4pm. We also have our regular open days of Tuesday and Thursdays morning 8.30-9am.
2019 Kindy t-shirts are in stock, and available at the uniform shop. We will also set up a stall on Monday 3rd December 9.30-10.30 on the Kindy capers day.
Thanks from Claire and Nikki
P&C Uniform Shop Managers