P&C News Week 6

Happy Sunday night, and welcome to the second half of term 1:

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone who came along to the Sundowner event on Friday night, and an even more massive thanks to the volunteers from across the year groups who gave their time to make sure everything ran smoothly. We hope you all had as much fun as we did 🙂

Election Day Saturday 13 March – P&C Sausage Sizzle, Year 6 Cake Stall Fundraisers

Election Day is this coming Saturday 13 March. If you haven’t voted already, we hope you’ll consider coming to vote at our school, where we’ll have not one by two fundraising activities – a cake stall hosted by the year 6 families to raise funds for various year 6 activities, and a sausage sizzle (including bacon and egg rolls) hosted by the P&C to raise money on behalf of the whole school.


To ensure the sausage sizzle runs smoothly, volunteers are needed to prep, cook and serve on our stall. Additionally we are looking for donations of all the items needed to run the stall – from bottles of tomato sauce, to bacon, sausages, eggs, buns and more.  To sign up as a volunteer, or commit to making a donation of required goods, please see our page on SignUp.com – https://signup.com/login/entry/997035724278538062

P&C Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 9 March at 7pm

The P&C will hold its AGM on Tuesday 9 March at 7pm in the Library. The meeting should run for approximately one hour, and will include elections for all office-bearer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as nominations for the P&C Executive and each of the committees/services provided by the P&C – Canteen, Uniform Shop, Grounds Committee (playground), Sustainability initiatives (in partnership with the school), school banking, fundraising and more. We would love to welcome new members, especially who may have skills and experience that could help us with our fundraising and community-building goals throughout the year. Should you have any queries about the AGM or the P&C in general, please contact us via this email or call Kate on 0437 005 173.

School Banking Has Resumed (Wednesday)

School banking has resumed, taking place every Wednesday morning from 8:30-8:45am outside the Uniform Shop. Even if you forget your bank book we can look up your registration details to help your child keep banking.  You can find more information about the CBA School Banking Program on our website at http://kapinaraps.wa.edu.au/parent-information/banking/ 

Uniform Shop (Tuesday and Thursday)

Normal in-person service has resumed in the Uniform Shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school (8:30-9am). You can still order online by downloading an order form from https://bit.ly/3cRaq1T and email your order to kapinara.uniform@gmail.com Orders will be packed by our volunteers and sent home with students via classroom teachers.

Canteen – WE NEED YOU!

Thanks to those who have already volunteered in the canteen this year, and thanks to all those who have signed up to help in the week their class is rostered on.  We manage our volunteer roster at https://signup.com/go/itHUFmZ Reminders will be issued a week in advance and the night before, and class reps will also ask for your support the two weeks a year your class is rostered to help.

Unfortunately, more volunteers are URGENTLY needed in order for the canteen to operate a full service.  This week is the turn of 5P (4 out of 8 volunteer spots remain unfilled, and there are currently no volunteers for Thursday lunchtime). Next week is 2JJ and only 1 out of 8 volunteer spots have been filled. Without an adequate number of volunteers on each day, the Canteen will need to either close or offer a very limited menu.

IF YOU CAN HELP, please volunteer at any time – it doesn’t need to be your child’s class’s week, and volunteers are NOT limited to parents only – grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, all can help.

Canteen volunteers can work either half shifts from 8.45am-10.45am or 10.45-1pm, or a full shift 8.45-1pm. Parents volunteering for a half shift receive a free recess for their child/ren, and those volunteering for a full shift receive a free lunch for their child/ren. Hand washing and following strict hygiene measures are of critical importance for all those who are volunteering.

Term 1 Canteen Volunteer Roster

Week 6 5P – 9/3 & 11/3
Week 7 2JJ – 16/3 & 18/3
Week 8 PP2 – 23/3 & 25/3
Week 9 4BH – 30/3 & 1/4

Term 2 Canteen Volunteer Roster

Week 1 2S – 20/4 & 22/4
Week 2 6D – 27/4 & 29/4
Week 3 3F – 4/5 & 6/5
Week 4 PP1 – 11/5 7 13/5
Week 5 5ZW – 18/5 & 20/5
Week 6 1C – 25/5 & 27/5
Week 7 3H – 1/6 & 3/6
Week 8 1/2 TB – 8/6 & 10/6
Week 9 3/4 D – 15/6 & 17/6
Week 10 1T – 22/6 & 24/6
Week 11 6L – 29/6 & 1/7

**If you are ill, please do NOT attend your shift. Let the canteen know via email to kapinarafamilies@gmail.com or call the main school number – as much notice as possible is preferred and if you can provide a replacement even better, but providing a safe and hygienic canteen service is our utmost priority. The canteen will adapt to manage this, and can do a reduced menu that day if needed.**

Thank you –
Your P&C